405 Forest Field 1

    It was the third day since Tower Training had started. Auron arrived on the fifth floor. He looked at his surrounding.

    Right now, Auron was inside a lush green forest. Big and tall trees were scattered around him. When he looked above, only a glimpse of light from the sun could get through the tree's leaves.

    All of the trees around him had a big trunk. The tree's roots even came out from the ground. Moss covered some part of the tree's roots and made it slippery. Auron could even feel the moist temperature on this floor.

    As far as Auron could see, he only saw trees and roots. He could hear the sound of fighting at another place, but he could not even see any [Smole] around.

    Auron looked at his task. He needed to collect 800 [Smole]'s eyes. Auron frowned, looking at his quest. The number was insanely rose from the previous floor task.

    800 eyes mean Auron needed to kill at least 400 [Smole]. If it was like at the first three floors, then 400 [Smole] would be easy to find. He just needed to be careful to not get surrounded. However, Auron could not even saw any trace of [Smole] around him right now.

    Auron knew this fifth floor would have the same difficulty as the fourth floor. On the first three floors, the challenge was placed on the fact that the training participant could get surrounded. Besides that, the place's weather also raised the difficulty a little bit.

    Meanwhile, on the fourth floor, the difficulty was placed on the fact that they had to make a correct decision also their patience in finding the enemies.

    Auron guessed that it would also be difficult to find any enemies on this floor. His suspicion was enhanced by the fact that he could not find any monsters around.

    Auron guessed was correct. On this fifth floor, the monsters were different from the previous first four floors. If on the other floor, they would actively attack the training participant, on this floor, the monsters would hide and passively engaged in battle.

    The monsters would choose to run away first if they could. When they were cornered, then that was the time they would fight.

    In this forest, there were many hiding places for small monsters like [Smole]. They could hide between the tree roots, or they could climb the tree and stay at one of the branches.

    Auron started to move around. Since he could not see any monster around, Auron tried to look for them. At the same time, he wanted to learn about the environment around here. He wished that he could learn something and find where the monsters would hide.

    When Auron took a step forward, the weather suddenly changed. Water started to drop from the sky. Then, in just a few seconds later, the rain turned torrential. The once slippery roots became more slippery due to this rain.

    Not only that, but this heavy rain also limited his sight. Previously, Auron could see far away. However, right now, seeing the path in front of him was already tricky.

    Auron could do nothing and continued to scout around the area. He took his step carefully as he didn't want to fall down.

    Unfortunately, Auron was surprised by a shadow moving in front of him. The shadow moved fast and approached him. Auron could not distinguish the shadow.

    Auron could only recognize the shadow when that shadow was in front of him. That shadow was [Smole], the quest's monster he had to fight.

    Actually, the [Smole] on this floor was not a scaredy-cat that only knew how to run. Instead, they knew when to run and when to fight. And, this rain was a good cover for them to attack as their vision was not limited by the rain.

    The [Smole] moved fast under the shade of rains. Auron hardly followed the [Smole]'s movement. Moreover, the trees gave the monster advantages. From his left, the monster moved to his right, then it went back to his left.

    Then, from his left, the monster jumped straight to Auron with its mouth open and claw ready. Fortunately, although it was hard, Auron managed to see the monster's movement. He raised his right hand, which held the dagger to block the monster's attack.

    As soon as the monster's attack met with the dagger, Auron used his left hand and pounced on the monster's back with all of his might. The monster fell down and crashed to the ground hard.

    The monster still not dead. Then, using his dagger, Auron stabbed the monster from above. After killing that monster, Auron quickly collected its eyes.

    This rain was an excellent cover for the [Smole]. Inside this rain, its level of danger rose significantly. Auron had wanted to back to his rest area. However, it was too late.

    Another [Smole] jumped from Auron's back and hit him. Auron, who realized late, retaliated. He grabbed the monster from his back and slammed the monster to the ground. Then, with his dagger, he killed the monster.

    This situation happened five times more before it finally ended. As soon as no monster's attack anymore, Auron collected five more eyes from the corpses on the ground. Then, he used the rest function on his vest.

    With a wet body, Auron slumped down to the ground. He looked at his vest and saw its health had gone down once again to 30. However, on the bright side, Auron had collected 18 eyes.

    The rain really limited his vision, which made his fighting power reduced a lot. Meanwhile, the monster was an agile type that needed to be followed everywhere it goes or else they could attack whenever they wanted.

    During the 5 encounters, Auron could only kill the monster after getting hit once by the monsters. This was why his vest's health reduced a lot in such a short term.

    Auron had to wait until the rain stopped.
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