407 Forest Field 3

    Although Auron did not meet with the monsters all the time, it was better than waiting passively inside the rest area.

    Three hours passed. During those three hours, Auron got a pretty good harvest. He killed 20 monsters and made 40 progress on his quest.

    As the rained had stopped, Auron could not see any monsters. So, he got out of the hole. Auron took several steps before got an idea.

    As this was a rare opportunity, Auron had wanted to make this place as his hunting base. When the rain started, he would have to come back to this place once again. However, with this many identical trees all around, it would be difficult to find this tree. Hence, he had to mark this tree first before leaving.

    With that in mind, Auron turned his body. However, what he saw surprised him. The hole was gone. He tried to search behind the tree and all the trees nearby. But, he could not find anything.

    This missing hole made Auron sighed. "Surely, this training would not be this easy." Auron thought inside his mind.

    What Auron had thought was correct. The hole was actually provided by this place. It would appear and disappear at random trees. And, the amount of that hole would only be 10% of the whole population of trees.

    The hole would appear 5 minutes before the rain started. So, if the training participant was fortunate enough, they could find the tree with a hole. The hole would last until 5 minutes after the rain had stopped.

    If the person inside the hole didn't get out after the 5 minutes passed, then they would be forced teleport to a random place. As Auron got the initiative to get out by himself, he was not teleported.

    Unfortunately, Auron didn't know about this information. That was why, when he found the hole was missing, he got panic. However, not long after, he calmed down as he pondered, "Is this the helping tool?"

    Actually, Auron had done his homework. He had searched for every information about the Training Tower. On this particular floor, Auron got the information that there would be a helping tool to help them finish their quest.

    However, what had stated in that information was not about a hole. Instead, it was a lure trap. On this floor, a randomly lure trap would appear throughout the forest. If the training participant encountered and acquired it, they could use it to attract a [Smole] from their hiding.

    The lure trap worked 100% effective. So, when they used that trap, at least, a monster would be attracted by the trap. This way, even when it was not raining, they could use the trap to progressed in their quest.

    With this information, Auron's first objective when coming to this floor was to look for the trap that randomly appeared. However, not long after he arrived here, the rain started. So, he had to postpone his idea.

    Then, the rain stopped. Auron gave all of his efforts to look for the trap. However, it was futile. He could not find a single trace of the traps.

    At first, Auron thought that he was really unlucky. Then, he found the hole in the tree. He felt that he finally came up with a new way of completing this floor. When he saw the hole was gone, he finally realized that, right now, the helping tool was not the lure trap but the hole in the tree.

    Auron changed his objective from looking for the trap to looking for the hole in the tree. Since this helping tool was new, there was no information about it. So, Auron didn't know that this hole would only appear 5 minutes before the rain started.

    Auron was looking for the hole. He looked at each tree carefully, so he didn't miss out on any hole. Of course, he still didn't forget about his mission here. He was also looking for any monsters around.

    Sadly, looking for a monster was really difficult. Almost one hour was up, and he could not find any trace of the monster.

    However, Auron was very fortunate. While he was looking for another hole, he finally found one when it was about to rain.

    This hole location was quite far from the previous hole he could find. As Auron found the hole, he directly went and waited inside.

    Not long after, the rain started to pour down on all of the forests. Auron had been on this floor for about 8 hours. He was really fortunate to quickly find the helping tool four hours after he arrived on this floor.

    There were around 420 soldiers on this floor. Not all of them could find the helping tool just like what Auron did. There were even some soldiers that already desperate and planned to stay at the rest area until the training was over.

    Auron got the chance to progress in his quest during this rains. Unfortunately, his harvest was not as good as the previous one.

    During these three hours, he could only get 20 eyes. Auron was disappointed, but he still thought positively as not everyone could progress as far as he could.

    The rain stopped, and Auron once again came out. Then, he went to look for another hole. These repeated activities happened 8 more times, which equivalent to 1 day 8 hours. Combined with the previous 8 hours, Auron had spent a total of 1 day 16 hours on this floor alone.

    Fortunately, that long time he spent was not futile. He finally managed to complete his quest on his mage character. Auron was happy as he got another free attribute point.

    When the rains were stopped, Auron went out and went to the next level's portal. He submitted the required items before his vest was glowing, and he could use the portal.

    After teleporting to the next floor, Auron felt an oppressive atmosphere. However, he ignored it first as he quickly used the rest function and switched to his swordsman character.
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