408 Forest Field 4

    Currently, it was the fourth day and almost 5 days after the Tower Training started. There were slightly over 5 days left until the training ended.

    From over 3000 soldiers that participated in this training, right now, only 1500 soldiers left. This training purposed would filter the soldiers who had the fighting capability and not. Although having a high level gave some advantages to this training, but relying on the level alone was not enough.

    From those 1500 soldiers, most of them were on the sixth floor, one floor above where Auron's swordsman currently located. However, there were some that still on the third and fourth floors. There were even some soldiers that already on the sixth floor.

    Auron opened his eyes and he was in the rest area. Currently, he was using his swordsman character.

    Auron immediately used the return function to go back to the fifth floor. He arrived randomly inside the forest.

    There was still half an hour left before the rain started. Without wasting any more time, Auron immediately went to look for the hole.

    Since he knew the way to clear this floor safely, Auron would not do this the hard way. He went up to every tree to find the hole. Sadly, everything would not always go as expected.

    During these thirty minutes, Auron did not manage to find any hole. As it was already more than one day, more and more people also began to realize the hole in the tree.

    The competition changed from finding the monsters into looking for the hole in the tree. As the number of the hole was few, the competition was fiercer. Auron managed to find three holes. However, all of them were already occupied.

    Because Auron could not find any hole during these thirty minutes, he went back to the rest area. He was waiting patiently in the rest area while resting.

    Although his swordsman still had a lot of health left, Auron didn't want to take the risk. He knew the next level was more difficult than the current one. So, he wanted to use the rest of his health for the next few levels.

    Auron waited until the rain was over three hours later. During his wait, Auron was not idle. He was practicing for [Fire Combination]. The skill that only he, a player, had learned.

    During his free time, Auron would use the chance to learn this skill. However, just as he thought, it was difficult to learn this. He had thought that only went his fire elemental understanding raised to 50% that he could use this skill to combine some basic fire spell.

    Of course, everything was only what he thought. Auron never knew the truth since he could not use it yet. Raising fire elemental understanding was pretty difficult. Since he was starting over, his fire elemental understanding just only reached 4%.

    The difficulty was laid on the fact that only he, himself could raise the elemental understanding. It was no use to let the AI learned this since it would completely impossible to increase.

    However, Auron was not in a hurry. Right now, his priority was to raise his level first. He wanted to get to level 500 first and, now, he was halfway reaching that goal.

    Fortunately, during these three hours, his fire elemental understanding increased by 1%. His waiting was not futile.

    Auron stood up from his seat. He was getting ready to go out once again. A few seconds later, Auron arrived at a location somewhere inside the forest.

    When he arrived here, Auron didn't notice anything special. Then, just like what he usually did, he began to search for the hole. However, when he was about to go looking, he noticed a strange hole.

    The hole's size was only enough for a human. However, that was not the strange part of the hole. The strange part was the hole was not on the tree. Instead, it was on a cliff near him.

    The hole was also nearly hidden under the wild vine on the cliff. Besides, there were several trees that hid the hole as well. Auron was fortunate enough to notice this hidden hole.

    Auron approached the hole slowly. As this was not raining yet, there were no monsters around. So, it was safe. However, Auron still carefully approached the hole.

    Auron didn't find anything special about this hole except it was hidden completely. He entered to hole carefully.

    Auron took the narrow path inside the hole. One step... Two steps... Auron entered a long and narrow path. It was so narrow that it was difficult for him to turn his body around. However, Auron kept on going inside.

    After five minutes of walking, Auron was confused. He met a dead end. At first, he thought that he found some sort of monster's base. However, he only met a dead end.

    Auron tried to knock the wall. Maybe, he could find some secret door or something. After knocking several times, he could not find anything.

    With a dejected heart, Auron left the place. He had wasted more than 5 minutes to find nothing.

    Fortunately, when Auron was exiting the hole, he found a monster who was entering the hole. Auron didn't miss this chance and immediately engaged in battle.

    Auron took out his sword. Then, he slashed it to the monster. The monster was caught off guard and could not block the attack.

    This one attack immediately reaped the monster's life. Auron looted the eyes and went on. However, when he was not that far from the hole, he could see another monster coming towards the hole.

    "What's wrong with this hole?" Auron thought.

    "Isn't it just a dead end?" Auron was confused by the monster that kept on coming towards the hole when it was just a dead end.

    Auron blocked the monster from entering the hole. Although he was confused by this sudden situation, he also felt grateful. Usually, it would be difficult enough to find one or two monsters, but right now, he already killed five of them.
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