410 Gravity 1

    Auron's clothes still wet because of the rain when he arrived on the sixth floor. However, it was not for long because the clothes magically dried by itself.

    When Auron arrived on the sixth floor, a heavy pressure landed upon him. It was because of the gravity field. Starting from the sixth floor onwards, the scenery was the same as the five previous floors.

    What made it different from the previous floors was gravity. On the sixth floor and above, the gravity was three times from ordinary.

    Everything became heavier. Even Auron's armor and sword became heavier than it supposed to be. This slowed down Auron's movement. He had to put more energy just to raise the same sword. Auron took a step forward. His steps were heavier due to the weight.

    The sixth floor took the same scenery as the first floor, an empty field. What fortunate was the number of the monsters here was not as many as the previous floor. There were only 200 monsters each time it spawned.

    Due to the size of the field and the number of monsters, this made the place felt emptier. Auron looked around him and could not find anything. No monsters and no other soldiers.

    Auron checked his quest. It was the same as the first floor's quest to collect the [Smole]'s head. However, the number had gone doubled. He needed to collect 200 of them. Fortunately, this floor was not as chaotic as the first floor with 30 thousand monsters.

    Auron walked several steps forward and found a pair of men and women fighting against five monsters. Auron saw them pretty struggling fighting against five monsters.

    The man was a swordsman while the woman was an archer. She took cover behind the man at the front and assisted the man. Unfortunately, the woman was still not used to the gravity. Her arrow kept on missing the target.

    It flew and fell to the ground, not too far from the woman. However, after several tries and putting more energy into her bow, she managed to hit once and twice. From this point, the two of them became more adept.

    It was fortunate that the two soldiers were in perfect sync and had great teamwork. They managed to fight against the five monsters perfectly. If not because of the gravity things, they would already kill the five monsters.

    Auron left the two soldiers to find a monster for himself. Not too far from where the two soldiers, Auron, found a monster. He immediately took out his sword.

    The speed of Auron taking his sword out was obviously slower than usual. Fortunately, the monster was also impacted by gravity. But, the effect was lesser due to its small body.

    To overcome this gravity issue, Auron had to take the initiative quicker than before. Which was why, when the monster charged towards Auron, he already slashed his sword.

    Just as he thought, his movement was slowed. Unfortunately, Auron was still not accustomed to the changed gravity. His previous slash had missed the target.

    Auron's slash was too quick. So, before the enemy could arrive at him, the slash already went passed the enemy. Fortunately, Auron's was not that far from

    The monster had leaped and aimed at Auron's head. Auron, who missed the target, quickly turned his body sideways and jumped back. The monster jumped passed Auron.

    Auron quickly gripped his sword again and slashed towards the monster's back. This time, he was on target. The monster, who landed on the ground, turned around only to meet with Auron's sword.

    Auron pondered for a bit of his recent fighting experience. Then, he collected the monster's head.

    Auron knew this one battle was not enough for him to adapt to the gravity. So, Auron walked to look for another enemy.

    One hour passed since he arrived at this place. During this one hour, he had fought with another four monsters. After these four battles, he more or less had adapted with the gravity on this floor.

    Since he had already adapted with the gravity, Auron became braver. He searched the enemy more actively. Auron even fought against two enemies at once.

    However, Auron still took care of his health carefully. He only fought at most with two enemies at once. If he met with more than two enemies, he would escape from them and look for other enemies.

    Another hour passed, Auron had killed 20 monsters. It was only 10% of his quest's goal. Auron quickly looked for another enemy.

    Several hours lasted. Auron had spent more than 10 hours on this floor. Although the number of monsters not that many, the number of people on this floor also not that many.

    There were around 74 soldiers that were currently on this floor, including Auron. Because of this, Auron was not in any dangerous situation. But, his quest's progress also great.

    Currently, Auron had collected 180 heads. 20 more heads and he could go to the next floor. It seemed this floor was not that difficult compared to the fifth floor.

    With 20 more heads left, Auron predicted he would need one or two more hours before he could complete his quest. If that happened, he would only need half a day to complete this floor while on the previous floor, he needed for more than one day.

    Thankfully, everything went as what Auron had expected. He completed his swordsman's quest in another two hours.

    Auron quickly went to the next floor's entrance and submitted his quest. Then, he went to the next level, excitedly.

    And, just like the second floor, A volcano scenery greeted the arrived Auron on the seventh floor. But, Auron didn't continue to hunt. Instead, he went to the rest area and switched to his mage character.

    During him playing the swordsman character, Auron didn't even use any spell from his mage. So, he didn't really know the gravity impact on the spell. Fortunately, his mage character used a cloth armor. Auron could still move freely due to the lightweight.
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