411 Gravity 2

    Auron arrived on the sixth floor. Then, the weight from his equipment doubled. However, since it was just a cloth armor, the pressure was still maintainable.

    Before looking for any monsters, Auron tested his spell work first. He chanted a simple [Fire Bolt] and aimed at a rock on the ground in front of him.

    Unfortunately, the [Fire Bolt] missed the target. Although the effect on a spell was not a much as an arrow, it still had some impact on it. It landed quicker than it supposed to be.

    Auron walked forwards and looked for the monster. Since it was a night at the outside, the number of soldiers inside the floor was reduced.

    Not long after, he found two monsters. Auron chanted an [Earth Spike].

    From the ground below the monsters, a spike made of the earth grew and spiked up towards the monster. Aiming this earth spike was easier compared to flying projectile like [Fire Bolt]. However, the gravity still had some effect on the [Earth Spike].

    It's forming, and piercing speed was noticeably slower than usual. Fortunately, Auron's target was a weak monster. So, even though the speed was slower, but the monster could not dodge the [Earth Spike].

    One of the monsters got pierce by the spike. Meanwhile, the other monster ignored its dead friend and jumped at Auron with its mouth opened wide.

    Auron took a side step, and with the back of his dagger, he hit the monster's head hard. The monster crashed to the ground. Then, Auron swirling his dagger and stabbed at the monster's back.

    Once Auron had collected the heads, he moved to look for other monsters. There was nothing on this floor. No trees, no big boulder, only flat land.

    Auron looked towards his west direction. There was nothing. Then, he looked at his east direction. At far away, he saw a small shadow.

    Auron knew that it was a monster. Without wasting any more time, Auron quickly departed to the east.

    It turned out the monster was not alone. There were two other monsters with it. These three monsters quickly noticed Auron's presence and took the first action.

    The three monsters charged at Auron madly. Auron was calm. Previously, he would only fight against two monsters at most. However, right now, as he already had the confidence in his spell and his fighting skill, Auron took a step forward.

    He tried to challenge these three monsters. As the monster took the first action, Auron was taking defensive action. He summoned his [Earth Wall] and blocked the monster's charge. Then, he went to the right.

    Auron thought that the monster should have split into two groups. Unfortunately, Auron was wrong. The monsters didn't split and took the left path.

    Auron, who was taking the right path, didn't find any enemies. Then, when he turned back, Auron could see these three monsters.

    With its small body, the monster's movement speed was fast. They were already closed to Auron.

    Auron didn't have any other options except fighting. The monster, at the foremost, jumped at Auron. It wanted to attack Auron using its claw. Meanwhile, the other two monsters already prepared to pound Auron as well.

    Auron raised his dagger and blocked the first monster's attack. Then, with a sweep, he swung his right leg to sweep the other two monsters. One of the monsters got kicked. However, Auron missed the other one. The free monster bit Auron's right leg.

    Auron's free hand took the first monster and thrashed it away. Then, he used his dagger to stab the monster, which bit his right leg.

    The kicked monster stood up. However, Auron didn't let it took any action. Before the monster could do anything, Auron had grabbed at the back of its neck. Then, he raised the monster up in the air.

    The monsters struggled at Auron's hand. It tried to claw Auron. However, Auron took the first action, it slammed the monster to the ground. Then, Auron stomped its body before ending its life with his dagger. One monster left. Auron easily finished the last one. With that, 3 heads added to his collection.

    One hour passed by. Auron's progress was quick. He already collected 25 heads in just an hour. It was already one eighth from the needed quest.

    Another hour passed. 25 more heads added to Auron's quest's progress. If everything continued with this pace, he needed 6 more hours to complete everything.

    Auron was satisfied with the collection speed. Because of that, Auron didn't slow down or rush.

    Auron had completed his quest when the dawn came. In fact, Auron was a little bit quicker than he had predicted. Auron spent less than 6 hours to gathered the remaining [Smole]'s heads.

    With everything settled, Auron went to the portal and submitted his quest. Along the way, he could meet some players still trying to complete their quest. He also met with some monsters along the way that he killed. However, he didn't collect their heads as he didn't need it anymore.

    A few minutes later, Auron had submitted his quest and teleported to the next level. A scorching heat greeted him. Not only that, but a fireball also flew towards him.

    Auron, who just arrived on this floor, got shocked by the sudden fireball. He immediately used his movement skill and moved away to dodge the fireball.

    Fortunately, there was no one around, or else they would be suspicious of seeing a mage using a movement skill.

    After dodging the fireball, Auron didn't immediately hunt for the enemy. He looked at his attribute first. He wanted to see the rewards he got.

    "It should be more than the previous 5 floors, right?" Auron thought.

    When Auron saw his current free attributes points, he smiled. From the previous floor, he got 4 more points. Which means each of his characters contributed two points.

    From this Tower Training, Auron already got 14 points. It was equivalent to one level.

    "This training is really superb!" Auron was so excited.
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