412 Upgraded Volcano Field 1

    Currently, it was the start of the seventh day since the training had started. Right now, Auron was on the seventh floor. So, everything was going as scheduled.

    If Auron could maintain this pace, at the end of the training, he should be on the lowest floor. However, Auron would think about that later on. He was already satisfied with what he gained until right now.

    Auron had no problem if the training had to end right now. However, since he still could continue, he would try as best as he could and raised his rewards.

    Auron used 10 points to raise attributes like what he usually did and kept the 4 points. Then, he prepared for this floor.

    Before Auron could walk, another fireball shot out to the air and flew towards Auron. Except for the gravity, there was one other thing that was different from the second floor, the fireball intensity.

    If, on the second floor, each volcano would launch a projectile every 5 minutes. Then, on this floor, each eruption would shot randomly once in 3 up to 5 minutes. This random shot would make it difficult for the soldiers on this floor to predict when the volcano would become active.

    Just like what happened to Auron right now, he had to keep his awareness as he didn't know if a fireball would land on him or not. Even when he was in the middle of fighting, he still had to keep his awareness of his surroundings.

    After dodging the last fireball, Auron quickly moved from where he started. Not long after he was walking, Auron saw a woman who was fighting against six monsters at once. Auron recognized her, it was Julia.

    The number of soldiers here was fewer compared to the previous floor. Moreover, it was still dawn, so there were not many soldiers present.

    Julia was a strong fighter, so despite surrounded by these six monsters, she didn't flinch. She killed one monster. However, three other monsters came.

    Julia was busy fighting against the eight monsters when another two monsters came at her. The number of monsters started to increase around her.

    Meanwhile, Auron, who was nearby, also got impacted. Three monsters, who were going to Julia, changed their target when they saw Auron.

    Auron prepared for battle. The number of monsters nearby started to rise up. Even though Julia had killed many monsters, but the number of monsters was not decreased; instead, it stayed on the same amount.

    Right now, the number of monsters around Julia was 9 monsters. Meanwhile, on Auron's side, right now, he was also busy with 5 monsters.

    Auron was amazed by Julia. He had only fought with 5 monsters, and he had started to get overwhelmed. Meanwhile, Julia, currently, was fighting against 9 monsters at once, and she still could maintain her health.

    Although Julia's level and equipment had an effect on the difference, Auron still could see that there was something he could learn from her. In specific, on how a mage fighting in a crowd.

    Auron was impressed with how Julia fought. However, right now, Auron didn't have time to admire Julia. He focused on the five monsters in front of him.

    Two minutes later, Auron defeated two out of five monsters in front of him. During the fight, he got hit once. After defeating two monsters, he glanced at Julia.

    Auron saw that Julia's approach was more aggressive. She attacked and ignored her defense. In the end, she killed five monsters. However, she got hit three times in return.

    Then, when Auron was about to focus again at his battle, Auron saw a fireball coming at Julia. He also noticed that Julia was not aware of the fireball coming at her.

    Auron shouted to warn Julia, "Watch out!!!"

    As Auron shouted, the monsters around him also attacked at unguarded Auron. His vest's health reduced by three points.

    Julia heard someone shouting at her. Previously, she aware that there was someone else nearby. However, she could not see the person's face carefully as she still occupied by the monsters around her. Hence, she didn't recognize the person was one of her groups.

    Thanks to that shout, Julia began to see at her surrounding. Then, she realized the fireball was coming at her. She immediately jumped back as hard as she could.

    The fireball landed on Julia's previous spot. This fireball crashed on the ground and made a small explosion. Julia, who had jumped back, was a step late. Although she successfully dodged the immediate impact, she could not avoid the blast and got blown away.

    Julia crashed on the ground. Meanwhile, the monsters who surrounded Julia previously died as a result of the fireball.

    However, the monsters that died was a small portion of the nearby monsters. As Julia laid down on the ground, the monsters who were not impacted by the fireball, approached the laying Julia.

    Auron, who saw this ignore the monsters near him. He immediately used his movement skill and moved to Julia's location. Then, he jumped and used [Ground Slam].

    Since Auron was using his mage character's dagger, the damage from this skill was not that great. However, the shockwave created managed to blow the nearby enemies away.

    Auron didn't stop right there. He used [Earth Wall] to block the monsters from one direction. Then, Auron looked behind him to see Julia's condition.

    Julia was awake, and she knew that the man had helped her to pass this crisis. Because of that, Julia quickly stood up and started to escape with Auron.

    Auron also knew that the situation here was not good since it was already surrounded by many monsters. He led Julia and escaped together.

    Five minutes later, Auron and Julia had escaped the crisis. However, they still kept on running for a few minutes more before slowing down.

    Auron asked Julia, "Are you okay?"

    However, Julia didn't answer Auron's question. Instead, she looked Auron from top to bottom. Then, she asked confusedly, "You are a mage, but didn't you just use a swordsman's skill?"
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