413 Upgraded Volcano Field 2

    Auron had escaped from the monster's encirclement. However, right now, he was in an awkward situation.

    During the previous situation, Auron was anxious when Julia got hit by the fireball and got surrounded by the monsters. Emotions started to take over his mind and made him did what he already did.

    Right now, after everything was calming down, Auron also started to wonder why he did that. If he thought it carefully, Julia was not in a perilous situation. Even if Auron didn't do what he did, he believed that Julia could still escape the case even though she had to sacrifice some points on his vest's health.

    Now, because of his actions, his secret was revealed. Although it was only to one person, this was a player. If Julia decided to leak Auron's secret, he would be a wanted man to all of the players.

    Not only that, as a player, no matter how many times Auron killed Julia, but it also could not stop her from leaking Auron's secret. Moreover, at this point, Auron could not kill Julia.

    Auron gasped at Julia's question. He didn't want to answer, but he could not escape this situation without doing anything. Meanwhile, Julia kept looking at Auron with a curious look.

    "I... I..." Auron stuttered.

    Julia had known that the mage in front of her was a player. However, she actually was not a greedy person. She knew that everyone had a secret. Even she had a secret that she kept herself.

    Actually, Julia was not asking Auron to say his secret, she just asked out of curiosity. If Auron decided not to answer her question, she would not pursue further. Sadly, Auron didn't know this, though.

    Auron was thinking hard on how to answer this question. Should he answer truthfully, or should he evade the question?

    In the end, Auron answered shortly, "I just did."

    Then, silence permeated between those two. Auron was sweating, waiting whether Julia would press him with another question or not. Meanwhile, Julia stared at Auron.

    After a minute, Julia relaxed, "Okay. You have your secret. If you don't want to answer, that's fine. I was just curious."

    Hearing that sentence, Auron breathed a relieved sigh. Then, he heard Julia's second question, "Thank you for saving me, but why do you save me? I could escape that previous situation by sacrificing 5 or 6 health."

    Another question that Auron could not answer. He sweated profusely. Auron's eyes began to look around as he was thinking about the answer. He also didn't know why he acted that way.

    "Ha... Ha... Ha..." Julia giggled, seeing Auron's reaction.

    "Relax a bit. You don't have to answer it if you don't want to. Anyway, thank you for helping me." Julia thanked Auron once again.

    "How is your quest's progress?" Julia asked.

    Auron answered, "I just arrived at this floor not too long ago and haven't collected anything. The previous situation was the first monster that I encountered on this floor. Unfortunately, due to the fireball, I could not loot the item."

    Julia pondered for a bit, before saying with a smile, "I needed 5 more items to complete my quest. Let me help you after I finished. Take this as my way to thank you for your help."

    Seeing Julia's smile, Auron confused. Was this really the woman that their group said was fierce. The one in front of him looked kind and angelic.

    Auron didn't say anything and just nodded. With that, both of them continued to hunt together. This was really helpful considering the previous situation.

    Since Julia only needed 5 more, the next 5 monsters' loot went to Julia. After that, all the following loot went to Auron's mage.

    Auron's quest's speed increased significantly. Previously, Auron thought that he would need at least one day to finish the quest in one of his characters. Unfortunately, that was not the case right now.

    Julia was powerful. In only three hours since they went hunting together, Auron had completed half of the quest's requirement.

    During their hunt, Julia was like a big sister that protecting her little brother. She would defend Auron as if he was weak and could not do anything. This protective action was further increased when Julia knew that Auron only had 33 healths left on his vest.

    Until this moment, Julia still had 83 health left on her vest. Auron was amazed by that result, considering Julia's way of fighting.

    Julia's way of fighting was more to the aggressive type. She kept on attacking and attacking. On the other side, Auron's way of fighting was more to the calculative type. He would use the most efficient and less risky way to fight.

    Julia would block every enemies' attack or clashed head-on with the attack. Meanwhile, Auron would dodge or avoid the attack if he needed to instead of exchanging attacks.

    Everything went smoothly. With Julia's help, Auron completed his quest on his mage character for seven hours.

    "Let's go to the next floor," Julia suggested Auron.

    Then, they went inside the next floor's portal. Before parting, Auron didn't forget to say his gratitude for helping him and said that he hoped that he could get another chance to hunt together once again.

    It was just small talk. Since every time they entered a new floor, they would arrive at a random location. So, it would be rare for a group of people would arrive at the same place. Moreover, Auron wasn't going to continue using his mage character. He needed to work on his swordsman.

    Auron went to his swordsman character and started to collect the quest's requirement. After finishing his swordsman character, he just realized the big difference when he hunted alone and went along with Julia.

    Auron's mage character completed the quest in 7 hours with the help of Julia. Meanwhile, Auron's swordsman character took almost 20 hours to finish his quest.

    With Auron's way of fighting, he moved more carefully. This made Auron would avoid fighting against more than five opponents at once.
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