414 Upgraded Frozen Field 1

    Day eight.

    All of Auron's characters were on the eighth floor. Everything seemed to align with the timeline. However, Auron knew that he could arrive on this floor with such a short time was due to his luck.

    If Auron didn't help Julia on the seventh floor, it would take a day longer for him to arrive on this floor.

    Just like the volcano field, this floor, frozen field, also got upgraded. As soon as Auron arrived on this floor, he had difficulty breathing. The gravity's pressure also landed on him.

    This gravity's pressure made him sunk more on the snow below him. Auron's feet had sunk until the snow was 10 centimeters above his ankle.

    Auron had to give more effort to lift his feet and took a step forward. Then, he had to move his other feet, or else he would sink once again.

    Not long after, Auron found a monster. He took out his sword and prepared for battle. Unfortunately, when he was about to swing his sword, his feet sunk under the snow. This made him lose balance, and his attack met empty space.

    The lone monster attacked Auron, who was off guard due to him losing balance. Auron, who was falling down, saw the monster coming at him. He raised his sword.

    Fortunately, Auron reacted quickly. The raised sword managed to block the monster attack. However, the monster didn't stop attacking.

    Auron blocked the monster attack while he could not move. If he tried to move, then he could not focus on the monster's attack. Fortunately, the monster was simple-minded. It didn't know how to use strategy. So, the monster kept on attacking Auron from the front.

    Auron had blocked more than two attacks from the monster. When the monster wanted to launch its third attack, Auron saw an opening. He stabbed his sword to the monster's stomach.

    The sword pierced through the monster's stomach. Blood splattered on the snow and dyed it red. Auron raised his sword with the monster still in hanging on the sword. Blood dripping from the dead monster.

    Auron dropped down the monster from the sword. Then, he separated the monster's legs from its body. After Auron took its legs, a few seconds later, the mutilated monster disappeared.

    Auron used this chance to get out of snow and moved once again. Not too far from Auron's location, he noticed a big lake. However, the lake was frozen.

    On top of the lake, Auron saw two monsters at the edge of the frozen lake. He decided to approach them.

    The two monsters noticed Auron approaching them and immediately charged at Auron. However, Auron didn't directly engage in battle with them. He was still on top of the snow. Auron wanted to fight against them on top of the frozen lake.

    Auron was afraid that if he fought the monster on top of the snow, he would sink once again and felt the same situation as the previous battle.

    The monsters charged Auron front his front. Auron had chant a spell previously. So, when the monster was close to him, he immediately launched the chanted spell, which was [Earth Wall]. Since the field here was snowy, the [Earth Wall] that appeared from the ground was made of snow.

    With the [Earth Wall] blocking the monster's charge, Auron moved diagonally forward and moved to the frozen lake. When Auron stepped on top of the ice, a crack appeared. Auron's weight, combined with the increased gravity, made him heavier.

    Fortunately, the crack on the lake stopped. It still could hold his weight, although his increased weight.

    The two monsters who lost Auron turned at their backs in the direction of the lake. Then, they charged once again at Auron.

    Auron, who was on top of the frozen lake, moved a little bit away from the lake's edge. Each time he took a step, a crack appeared under his feet.

    Behind him, the monsters were still chasing on him. After a few steps, Auron stopped and turned back. He was ready to face the two monsters.

    One monster jumped up and attacked at Auron. Meanwhile, the other one still charging at Auron and wanted to bit Auron's legs.

    Auron moved sideways to avoid the monster who was in the middle of the air. However, the monster didn't give up. Using its claw, it stretched its little arm and tried to attack Auron with its claw.

    Sadly, Auron had moved away from the monster's attack range. Its arm could not reach Auron. Meanwhile, the other monster had already arrived at Auron.

    Auron, who saw the approaching monster, bashed his sword on its back. The monster was cut in halves. The sword bashed the ice as well, which formed another crack.

    The jumping monster landed safely behind Auron's back. Then, it immediately attacked Auron once again.

    Auron, who had finished killing one of the monsters, turned back and faced the incoming monster. He held his sword tightly, and he was ready to split this monster into half, just like the other one.

    However, Auron realized there was a new monster coming from his southeast. Calculating by its speed and distance, the two monsters would arrive at almost the same time. So, if Auron focused on the monster in front of him, then the other monster would hit him.

    Auron wanted to use one of his area skills. However, on this frozen lake, he was afraid that if he used one of his skills, then the ice would collapse and he would drown under the cold water. He still didn't know whether that would happen or not, but Auron chose the safe path and didn't use his skill.

    With the two monsters coming from a different direction, Auron fled to his west. This way, the two monsters had to change course to chase him, it would also make the two monsters coming from one direction.

    Now, the two monsters had come in the same direction, Auron didn't waste any more time as he immediately slaughtered them. Then, he collected their legs. He didn't forget the first monster's leg that he killed.
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