415 Upgraded Frozen Field 2

    Time passed by, Auron had been on the eighth floor for eight hours on his swordsman character. As Auron climbed higher, the number of soldiers became more few. Hence, with the ratio of monsters and soldiers on this floor, Auron had to fight an unfavorable battle.

    During these eight hours, Auron had run away from more than five battles because of the ratio between soldiers and monsters. At first, Auron relaxedly fought against one or two monsters. However, suddenly, a quite of number came approaching him.

    Auron still tried his best to kill these monsters. However, the stream of monsters didn't end. Auron even had to take some damage. In the end, Auron had to escape without getting anything. This made his quest's progress halt for quite a few times.

    After these eight hours, Auron had only completed two-fifth of his quest. He still needed to kill around 120 monsters more.

    Unfortunately, the current situation was not that good. Monsters roaming around in a group of five and the distance between each group were close to each other. If Auron insisted on fighting, he would get surrounded before he could eliminate one group.

    Right now, Auron was waiting inside a small cave. When he was escaping the monsters, he accidentally found this cave. However, at that time, Auron could not go inside yet since he was still chased.

    Fortunately, using his movement speed, Auron could lose his pursuer. After losing his pursuer, Auron went back to the cave. He had to observe the situation first before continuing his quest.

    Inside the cave, Auron looking at the situation around him. The situation was impossible for him to continue his quest. If this continued, he would only waste his time.

    Auron racked his brain hard. When he was thinking, a chilling wind went inside the cave. It made the temperature on the cave dropped even further.

    Auron realized this weird situation. The wind blew harder as time passed by. Five minutes after Auron felt the wind the first time, the wind was unbearable. Auron had to move deeper inside the cave.

    Sadly, it was a small cave. Although Auron went deeper, he was still close to the cave's entrance.

    A snowstorm began to blow around Auron's location. The temperature dropped even further. Auron was shivering hard. He summoned [Fire Bolt] to warm him. However, it was no use. The fire also began to freeze.

    However, Auron didn't give up. He chanted [Fire Bolt] continuously. Fortunately, the snowstorm didn't take long. It only lasted for another five minutes before the temperature slowly went back to the average temperature on this floor.

    The snowstorm was one of the things that differentiate between the upgraded frozen field with the normal one. If the training participant was caught in the snowstorm, they would immediately be teleported to another place, and their health would decrease by 5 points.

    The fortunate thing was the snowstorm rarely appeared on this floor. It would appear every 12 hours on this floor. Hence, it would appear twice a day. Also, it would travel around to every place on this floor. After it moved to every area, it would disappear.

    Since it needed to cover a vast place, the snowstorm only lasted for five minutes in a location before it moved on.

    After the temperature went back to normal, Auron didn't immediately go out of his cave. He stayed for another three minutes before going out.

    Because of this snowstorm, some part of the cave's entrance was covered by the snow. Auron, using his sword, cleared the snow. Then, he went out of the cave.

    What Auron saw was devastating. Trees, branches, monster's corpse, and rocks were shattered and scattered around. However, there was still a fortune. There were many monsters bodies around.

    Auron didn't waste any more time and went to the nearby monster's corpse. However, before he could loot it, the corpse disappeared. Not just the corpse, but the broken trees, the shattered rocks were also disappeared. Then, a few seconds later, the missing trees and rocks went back to the places it was before.

    Sadly, the monster's corpse completely gone. Auron had to wait for the monster to spawn once again.

    After this wipeout, a second later, the monster began to spawn slowly. Auron took this chance to look for monsters before the number of monsters overwhelmed the soldiers.

    A monster appeared near Auron. Without wasting any more time, Auron went to the monster and killed it.

    Time slowly passed, Auron slowly collected his quest. In the end, Auron completed his swordsman character's quest in 23 hours.

    Auron changed to his mage character and started to complete his quest. Since Auron knew the monster's behavior here, he could shorten the collecting time. However, it still took 20 hours for him to complete.

    With both of his characters finished their quest in more than 20 hours, Auron could not move further as the training's time had almost ended.

    When Auron finished his mage character's quest, there was only an hour left before the training closed. With that much time, he obviously could not complete the required quest. That was why Auron decided to wait in the rest area until the time was over and enjoying all the facilities there.

    Auron never thought that he could achieve such a feat in this training. He was already pessimistic for his mage character when it only had 30 health left. He believed that the mage would be eliminated. But it didn't happen. His mage character could complete the eighth floor and gained him several points.

    During this training, Auron got 22 free attributes points. It was equivalent to two levels for him or four levels for the ordinary players.

    For Auron, this was a great reward. It could shorten their distance with the upper-level players who got the backing of their guild or even noble around the kingdom.

    The training was over, both of Auron's characters was summoned at the outside. There was no closing ceremony or some sort of that. They just had to give back the vest that they wore to the staff, and they could just go wherever they wanted.
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