416 Gold Mine 1

    It had been a day since the Tower Training had ended. Auron had got quite a good harvest from the training. He got 22 free attributes points and had used 20 of it. Meanwhile, he saved first the two leftover points.

    After allocating the free attribute points, Auron looked up at his character's status. A popup window appeared and showed his character information.

    [Sword Of Life]

    Level: 260

    Exp: 80%

    Hp: 107600

    Mp: 132750

    Strength: 625

    Agility: 516

    Vitality: 488

    Intelligence: 845

    Dexterity: 570

    Luck: 275

    Critical chance + 1%

    Elemental Understanding:

    Fire: 5%

    Earth: 2%

    Water: 2%

    Wind: 1%

    Attribute point: 2

    Auron saw his status. Both of his health and mana had surpassed the 100 thousand marks. However, he was quite disappointed with his current health. Hence, Auron decided to allocate the two points to vitality.

    In his current situation, Auron's mana could support his mana expense during a battle. Sadly, as a swordsman, his health was not that much compared to the other swordsman.

    Auron had decided for several levels onward, he would change his intelligence and vitality allocation. So, every time he leveled up, he would give two points in his vitality and one point to his intelligence.

    After settling everything, Auron continued his journey. Currently, he was on his way to Convid Village.

    Convid village was the village where the Fourth Prince's former aide, Uncle Wang, was governing.

    As soon as the Tower Training had ended and Auron was about to leave the military base, an army staff had given him an envelope. Inside the envelope, there was an invitation for him. Auron read the sender, and it turned out Uncle Wang was the one who sent it for him.

    The kingdom had prevented any of its subordinate villages or towns or cities to attack each other even just to procure the mine or anything valuable. That was why the kingdom decided to create a competition to avoid unnecessary bloodbath. The winner would take the gold mine's right for several years until the next competition began.

    This competition was not used for this gold mine. There would be a competition for every mine or resource that needed to be divided.

    Convid Village was invited to one of the competitions for a gold mine near it along with the other 5 villages. Among the 5 villages, one of them was managed by a player guild. Meanwhile, the others were controlled by noble or retired veteran soldiers.

    Despite the fact that the invitation came from Uncle Wang, but Auron knew that the Fourth Prince was behind all of this. After the Fourth Prince learned that Auron had such a mysterious secret, he had spent all of his effort to coax Auron.

    Unfortunately, Auron didn't take everything for granted. Just like, when he was given a village to rule. He declined the offer, but as not to offend the Fourth Prince, he changed the request until he got the opportunity to join the Tower Training.

    Auron thought that everything had over. However, he never thought that the Fourth Prince still tried to rope him in by using this opportunity.

    However, Auron knew that the Fourth Prince had still sensible. The Fourth Prince knew that Auron didn't like to be forced to do something. Hence, in this tournament, the Fourth Prince just hired Auron to be a fighter. In return, The Fourth Prince would not give something huge. It was just an average salary for a hired mercenary.

    Auron thought for a bit and accepted the offer. He felt that this was an opportunity for him. Although Auron had more than 10 years of experience, but he actually always had a thirst for battle. He liked to battle with different kinds of people.

    The salary that the Fourth Prince gave was a slightly above average, but it was still on the limit of the average wage. Hence, he knew that the Fourth Prince also took a step back.

    Since Convid Village was still a village, there was no teleportation portal. That was why Auron had to use another means of transportation. Auron chose to go using a carriage. He paid several silvers to go to this village. It was quite a bit pricey considering that the village was still new and there was still no proper road built on.

    It took Auron 6 hours to arrive at this village. When Auron arrived, the sun had just set. Auron decided not to bother Uncle Wang and went to the nearby inn.

    Since it was just a small village, there was only one inn here. That inn also merged together with a bar. The first floor was a bar while the second floor was lodging for guests.

    The village's situation was not that crowded. There were only less than 40 people totaled in this village. Fortunately, when Auron arrived at the inn, there was still an empty room for him to rent. Auron quickly rent the room and paid the deposit for 1 silver.

    After securing his lodging, Auron went to the outside of the inns and decided to take a walk for a bit.

    The village's environment was warm. People greeted each other when they met outside. Kids were playing around on the street without afraid. It was just like that the outbreak of the ancient ruins never happened.

    Auron passed by a man who was packing up his fruit stall. When passing by, Auron took a glance at the man's things. At the corner of the booth, he saw something unusual.

    Auron approached the man's stall and asked, "What is this?"

    The man was startled and turned over only to find Auron pointing at one of his fruit. He took out his knife and picked up the fruit. Then, he sliced the fruit that Auron pointed at and said, "This was our specialty here. It was sweet and sour at the same time. Here, you can try it!"

    Auron took the sliced fruit and tasted it. He could not help but murmured, "Interesting!"
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