417 Gold Mine 2

    A sweet and sour taste filled Auron's mouth. As Auron's chewed the fruit, he became more interested in this unique fruit. Auron never tasted this kind of flavor.

    Auron could not help but ask, "What is it called?"

    "Kalberry," The man answered.

    Auron looked at the man's stall. He realized that there were still many Kalberry left on the booth. Such a great fruit, but not many people buy it. Auron was confused and asked, "Why there were still many Kalberry left? Was it not popular among the citizen?"

    "It could not be said not popular. This was a unique fruit that you could only find it here. But, you can see yourself, there are not many people who lived here. Travelers also still rarely passed by this small village. Moreover, almost every citizen here had their own Kalberry trees at their home."

    Auron immediately got an idea. Why didn't he use this opportunity to get the distribution right of this fruit? He believed that this fruit would become famous.

    Auron asked, "I have a friend that would be interested in these fruits. Do you want to see him?"

    The man's eyes were happy, "Really?"

    This man was the only one who sold fruit in this village. Hence, he also tried to sell different kinds of fruits. However, Kalberry was the one that filled up his storage. Sadly, the fruits that filled his warehouse the most were difficult to sell.

    When Auron offered this opportunity, the man got excited. "Sure. When will your friend come here?"

    "Ehm, it is already night. If he hurried, at most, he would arrive here at 10 pm. Maybe, you could leave me your address, and we will visit you tomorrow at your house. Or, we could visit you when you are selling your fruit at noon."

    "Sure... Sure... Thank you. You can come to visit me anytime."

    "Great! I will contact my friend. Can you give me the sliced fruit for my friend to taste?" Auron asked.

    "No problem... Here, take this and this and also this." The man was so excited that he gave many different kinds of fruits. Then, the man left Auron excitedly.

    Auron was left dumbfounded. His hand was full of fruits. In the end, Auron accepted everything and fled the scene. He continued to explore the village.

    While exploring, Auron didn't forget his promise. He immediately called Roan and told him to come to Convid Village.

    As his best friend, Roan didn't ask anything and immediately went on his way to Convid Village. He didn't forget to invite everyone in the Dragon's Den to come along with him.

    While waiting, Auron explored the village once more. He could see that the security in the village was still lacking. However, Auron knew that this village was still in development, and they would become bigger step by step. Moreover, the Fourth Prince was backing this village.

    At night, there were not many activities on the street, only some adult men who volunteered to patrol the village. Auron went back to the inns. However, he didn't go to sleep. Instead, he stayed on the first floor, which was the bar.

    The light was still on, and there were around 8 people inside the bar. It was not much, but this place was the busiest in this village during nighttime. Auron took a seat and talked with the bar owner.

    As Auron was talking with the bar owner, the people around him heard their conversation. They were curious and joined in the conversation. From a conversation between two people, it became a group conversation.

    Since it was still a small village, their relationship was tighter. Each person knew everyone around here, and they talked to each other. When the people knew that Auron was an outsider, they welcomed him enthusiastically.

    Moreover, when they knew that Auron was one of the participants in the gold mine competition, they respected Auron more. All of the people inside the bar gave Auron their blessings.

    Time passed by, the morning came. People started to leave one by one. The bar would also close soon. There was only Auron, Roan, and the people from Dragon's Den inside the bar as well as the bar owner.

    Auron paid up the bill and brought his best friend to his room. Roan brought Keiran and Jedi with him since the other still busy with their own matters.

    "Here, taste this!" Auron took out the Kalberry.

    During the previous night, he was immersed in the conversation with the villagers. So, even though that Roan and the others came, he didn't have time to bring the Kalberry out.

    The stall's owner gave Auron 5 Kalberry, which means Roan and the others each got one whole fruit. Roan, Jedi, and Keiran tasted the fruits. All of them had the same reaction, just like when Auron ate it for the first time.

    Keiran was the one who got shocked the most. He came from a wealthy merchant family, and he had tasted many different kinds of fruits. However, this was his first time eating this kind of fruit. He had been wondering how this fruit could be still unknown.

    Auron didn't have to explain his intention at all. Roan riffled Auron with questions, "Who sells this? Where does he live? How much he sells this? How many can he produce this in a day?"

    "Whoa... Relax, bro. Here is the address. I don't know the detail, but you can ask him yourself. I cannot accompany you since I have to meet with Uncle Wang about the competition."

    "Okay," Roan took the address then, immediately grabbed Jedi and Keiran, and, without further ado, went to the address.

    Auron was left alone once again. In a day, he had been left out twice. The previous day, he was left alone by the fruits stall's owner and now by his own best friend.

    Auron could only shake his head. He never knew inside a businessman's mind. Auron exited his room, and he went to Uncle Wang's residence.
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