418 Gold Mine 3

    Auron knocked on Uncle Wang's residence's door. A few seconds after that, the door opened. Uncle Wang was the one who opened the door.

    When Uncle Wang saw the man who knocked on his door. He immediately recognized Auron.

    "Good morning, Uncle Wang," Auron said.

    "Good morning! Please come in!" Uncle Wang said.

    Auron followed Uncle Wang inside his house. Inside the house, Auron met with Uncle Wang's daughter. He nodded at Uncle Wang's daughter and took a seat.

    Uncle Wang sat in front of Auron. Then, he began, "Thank you for coming. If you come, I reckon you have agreed to participate in the upcoming tournament?"

    Auron nodded, "Yes. But, can you explain more detail about the tournament?"

    However, before Uncle Wang could explain more, his daughter interrupted them and served the two of them teas. Then, she left the two of them alone.

    "Thank you," Auron said, followed by a smile from Uncle Wang's daughter. Then, Uncle Wang began to explain.

    The gold mine competition was participated by 6 nearby villages, and Convid Village was one of them. Each of the villages would send a group of 5 people that were going to represent them.

    Each of them had to be under the level they had agreed upon, which was level 300. They could send their villagers, hire mercenaries, or asked help from travelers as long as their level did not pass 300.

    The six groups had to participate in 4 types of tournaments. Each tournament had a different theme. The number one place from each tournament would get 25% of the produced gold from the gold mine. So, if one village could win all four tournaments, they would get all the gold produced by the gold mine.

    Of course, getting four tournaments was not easy. The four themes of the tournaments were one on one duel, group fight, monster hunting, and herb collecting. With these different themes, some villages only focus on one of the tournaments. So, their participant was made up of specialized people at one skill.

    Uncle Wang, as the leader of Convid Village, wanted to grab the reward from one on one duel or group fight.

    "So, have you invite other people?" Auron asked. He just came here because of the invitation, so he thought that Uncle Wang had already invited other participants.

    However, to Auron's surprise, Uncle Wang shook his head. "Since you have agreed to participate in the tournament, I will leave the matter of the other participant to you."

    "You can find your teammate by yourself. I just hoped that you could claim one win and gave us some portion of the gold mine."

    "Really? But what about their requirement?" Auron confused.

    "Don't worry, just say it, and I will try my best to fulfill their requirement." Uncle Wang answered

    "But, if you could negotiate with them, please do so. I will remain forever in debt with you." Uncle Wang added with a smile.

    With that said, Uncle Wang concluded the conversation, "If you have any more questions, please don't be shy to ask me."

    Auron exited Uncle Wang's house. Now, he had a new mission to recruit his teammate. He only had less than three days before the first tournament starts.

    Sadly, his friend, Roan, and Jedi could not participate since their level was over the limit. Moreover, their character was not suitable for battle. The one that was still inside the level limit was Keiran. Unfortunately, Keiran had rejected the offer when Auron asked him the last night.

    Auron wanted to get back first the inns. However, on his way back, Auron arrived in front of the fruit's seller. The fruit's seller was in front of his house. In front of him, there were Roan, Jedi, and Keiran.

    All of them were smiling happily. It seemed that their business matters ends in a happy ending.

    Without further ado, Auron approached them. Seeing the newcomer, all of them welcomed Auron excitedly, especially the fruit's seller. This opportunity was given to him because of Auron. So, he was really grateful to Auron.

    Auron did some small talk before leaving with Roan and the others. The fruit's seller didn't forget to leave some present for Auron and his companion to take.

    Auron and his friends went back to the inns. On his way, Auron asked Roan, "How was it?"

    "It was great!" Roan happily said.

    "This fruit was a masterpiece. I believed that it will sell like water. The problem was the man's output was not that much. He said that he would ask for help from his friends and other villagers."

    "But, for a start, the man's output was enough. How was your end?" Roan asked back.

    Auron started to explain at Roan. He also asked Roan if he had some friends to introduce to him.

    Sadly, Roan's answer was just Auron had expected. He didn't have anyone to introduce within the level limit. All of his friends were above the level limit. This was also the same with Jedi and Keiran.

    Auron started to get a headache. He also didn't have any acquaintance within the level limit. Auron went back to the inns. He tried his last chance by asking the bar owner. He knew that the bar owner would have more acquaintance. But, the bar owner also didn't have any acquaintance.

    With all of these depressing answers, Auron also didn't know how to search for his teammate. Moreover, Convid Village was just a small village. There were no mercenary guilds here.

    In the end, Auron had to give up in trying to find his teammate. He was really hopeless. At night, Auron went back to Uncle Wang's residence once more.

    Auron told Uncle Wang about his concern. He asked Uncle Wang to find him his teammate. Uncle Wang also knew about Auron's matter. Since this was also concerning the village he leads, Uncle Wang decided to help Auron to find his teammate. He asked Auron to come back tomorrow evening to be introduced to his teammate.
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