419 One on One Duel 1

    Three days later, the first tournament was about to begin. Uncle Wang had kept his promise. He spent all of his effort to give Auron the best for his teammate.

    Uncle Wang had hired four mercenaries from four different mercenary guilds. He did this to avoid the mercenaries ganging up on Auron who was the only outsider among them. Because the four of them didn't know each other, they also silently agreed to everything that Uncle Wang had ordered.

    The 4 mercenaries that Uncle Wang had hired were level 300. When Uncle Wang introduced Auron who had a lower level than them, the mercenaries didn't show any different attitude. Even when Auron was made the leader for all of them, nobody disagreed.

    All of the mercenaries had thought that Auron was the young master of this village. So, despite the fact that they mocked Auron's level, but nobody voiced their dissatisfaction.

    Meanwhile, Auron also kept up with Uncle Wang's arrangement. He acted like a young master and behaved arrogantly. He knew that the mercenaries would obey him because of his connection with Uncle Wang. If they knew that Auron was also hired just like them, all of them would obviously rejected Auron as their leader.

    During these past three days, Auron had used the time to get to know his teammate. Just like Uncle Wang's original target for this competition, he had wanted to at least claim a victory in the one on one duel or group fight. Because of this reason, Uncle Wang had hired mercenaries who specialize in battle.

    The four mercenaries' class was cleric, mage, swordsman, and thief. This was the ideal class composition for the group fight. Uncle Wang also thinking about Auron when he was hiring. So, the swordsman that he hired was the tanker type who had high health points.

    Auron began training with the four of them as soon as they got to know each other. They mainly practiced on fighting as a group. As they only had a little time, they used their time wisely.

    As time passed by, their coordination was getting better. Unfortunately, two days were not enough to perfect their coordination.

    The first tournament was about to begin. The first tournament's theme was one on one duel. Each group would send one of their members to participate in the battle.

    Auron as the group's leader went to the referee to take the lottery to determine his opponent. Then, Auron got number six which means his group would face the one who got number 5. Number six also means that he would go the last during this tournament.

    Of course, going last would have its advantage. They could observe their opponents and also prepared longer than the first group.

    Auron went back to his group. As the leader of the group, Auron had the right to decide who would go to participate in this battle.

    Auron took a glanced at his opponent's group's member. He had tried to determine his opponent's class. However, their opponent was not careless. Each of them had tried their best to disguise their class.

    Auron could not help but ask his teammate's opinion. The one on one duel was the fastest among the four themes. If you lose, then you would be eliminated. No excuses allowed.

    Auron looked at his teammate. Then, he asked, "Who do you think should go?"

    Each of them looked at each other. The cleric shook his head. Obviously, he would not go in this one on one duel since he could only support.

    The mage also followed the cleric in opting out. He knew that there was some close combat mage that excelled in one on one duel. But, he was not a close combat mage. So, he also opted out.

    This left the group with the swordsman, the thief, and Auron as the options. From the start, the thief had already shown his don't care attitude with this one on one thing. He had only come here to participate in the group fight.

    The thief raised his hand and said, "Not me!"

    Then, the swordsman had volunteered to participate in this duel. However, from the training in the last two days, he had already seen that the swordsman was really the tanking type. He didn't have any damage.

    If the swordsman had to participate in the duel, he surely would not be able to kill his opponents. He would only become a punching bag for his opponent.

    Auron decided that he was the one who was going to participate. Of course, although the swordsman was dejected, no one objected to Auron's decision.

    With that said, the tournament had begun. The first match was between a player village against an NPC village. Although the player guild who controlled the village was not within the top 100 guilds, but it was still a strong guild. The battle ended quickly with the player village win.

    The player village had won by a huge margin. They overwhelmed the NPC village and crushed their opponent.

    Then, the second match began. This second match was quite a match. It was a battle between a swordsman and a thief.

    The thief tried to overwhelm the swordsman with his speed. However, the swordsman turned out also the agile type. So, the battle between the two of them could be said a battle of speed.

    Unfortunately, the thief was faster since there were many thieves' skills that increased speed. Seeing that he was lost in terms of speed, the swordsman changed his strategy. He didn't throw away his speed, but he used some strategy to corner the thief.

    In the end, the thief still won by a small margin. With the thief win, the second match had over. It was now the time for the third match.

    Auron took up the stage. His opponent also took up the stage. Then, he glanced at his opponent. A man in his twenties showed up. As soon as the man showed up, he took out his weapon, a bow.
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