420 One on One Duel 2

    Archer was a rare choice for a one on one duel. However, an archer could win in a one on one duel.

    An archer could use two kinds of bows. One of them was a crossbow. The crossbow's range was short, but it could shoot rapidly. This weapon was suitable for a close combat fight.

    Meanwhile, the weapon that Auron's opponent took out was not a crossbow. It made Auron confused.

    The referee was about to begin the match, but Auron's opponent didn't have any intention to change his weapon.

    "Match 3, Start!" The referee starts the match.

    As his opponent was a range class, Auron had to close the gap. So, he went forward and charged at his opponent.

    However, to Auron's surprise, the opponent didn't do anything to avoid Auron's attack. Then, he raised his hands and opened his mouth, "I give up!"

    Auron stopped his attack. This incident was unprecedented for him. It was already weird for his opponent to use his bow in a close combat battle. However, he gave up as soon as the match began.

    The referee looked at Auron's opponent's way. Then, he declared, "Match 3 over! The winner goes to Convid Village!"

    "We will take a 10 minutes break before we begin the next round of matches!" The referee said as he went down the stage.

    This kind of incident was not surprising for the referee. The referee was dispatched from the military, and he had already led many competitions like this, and this was not his first time seeing a match ended like this.

    Usually, the village's goal, who gave up the match like this, was not on the fight theme tournament. This kind of team would also give up on the group fight and focused out on the last two themes, monster hunting, and herb collecting. This suspicion was increased further because of the group's job composition. Their group consisted of 3 archers. With three archers, it was apparent that they aimed at the monster hunting.

    Auron went down the stage. He received this result happily. His group could advance further without doing anything. If only all of his matches like this, he would be pleased.

    "You are very lucky!"

    "You are awesome, leader!"

    Auron's teammate jokingly said to Auron. Auron didn't reply to their joke and just sneered. Then, all of them waited for the next round to begin.

    10 minutes later, the referee stepped up. Since there were only three teams left, there was one team that would directly advance to the next match. And, that team was the team from the first match, the player team.

    Meanwhile, Auron's team had to participate in one more match to get into the final. Just like the previous match, Auron was the one who went on the stage. Auron's opponent was the thief who was the winner of the second match.

    As the two contenders were ready, the referee began the match. As soon as the match started, the thief charged towards Auron. He used the same strategy that he used when he fought the swordsman from his previous match. It was because Auron didn't have any match before, so he could not see what kind of swordsman Auron was.

    What's more unfortunate was Auron, also the agile type, and he was faster than the swordsman he fought previously. Fortunately, the thief had a level advantage. His armor also was the best rare set armor that a level 300 thief could use.

    With these bonus advantages, Auron's speed was slightly lower than his opponent's speed. However, this small difference in speed was because the thief didn't use any of his movement's skill.

    The thief was charging at Auron. Auron took out his sword and blocked the thief's dagger. The thief had known that Auron could prevent his attack. So, as soon as Auron blocked the attack, the thief had used [Turn Back].

    With this skill, the thief immediately teleported to Auron's back. Then, he followed with [Back Stab]. Auron didn't have any time to react to this combo. When he was about to turn around, the attack already reached his back.

    Fortunately, Auron's defense was not low. Moreover, he also wore a set of swordsman equipment that increase health massively.

    The thief damage was not that low. However, compared to Auron's health, it was not mean that much. Auron didn't want to be a punching bag. It was his turn to attack. Auron brandished his sword and followed it with [Bash].

    The attack was avoided by the thief. However, the [Bash] hit the thief. Moreover, the [Bash] skill stunned the thief. Two seconds stun was a great way to increase his advantages.

    Auron didn't waste these two seconds. He used another skill, [Death Hack]. A series of slash was launched at the stunned thief.

    The thief could not do anything and just received all of the attacks. These attacks reduced 30% of the thief's health. Actually, Auron's damage was not that serious. However, the thief's health was not that many, to begin with.

    The thief used his speed and intended to overwhelm Auron. However, Auron didn't let that happened. He pressured his opponent to exchange attacks with him.

    Getting overwhelmed by Auron's attack, the thief made several mistakes that Auron used to increase his advantages further.

    In the end, Auron had won the match. Although he only won with a slight margin, but a win still a win.

    Auron walked down from the stage. He had 10 minutes preparation before the final match began. Meanwhile, Auron glanced at his next opponent.

    The opponent sat relaxed. He saw Auron glanced at him, but he didn't care. He had seen Auron's performance, and he felt that Auron was not worthy of being his opponent.

    Auron's next opponent scoffed at Auron and mocked him. He raised his thumb and turned it down at Auron. Then, he laughed at Auron.

    10 minutes passed by. It was the time for the final match to begin. Auron stood up from his seat.
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