421 One on One Duel 3

    Auron walked up to the stage. Meanwhile, his enemy, as soon as the referee called them, he stood up and jumped to the stage. Auron's enemy was the one who mocked him previously. He landed on the stage powerfully. A crack appeared on the stage's floor where he landed.

    Auron's opponent wanted to show off his strength. Moreover, the audience favors him more compared to Auron. With the difference in levels and power, no matter where you looked, Auron would be the one that lost. Moreover, his opponent's body was more burly compared to Auron.

    Auron tried to calm his mind. He knew there was around 40 levels difference between him and his opponents. But, with the 'cheat' he had, he should already cover the gaps in attributes. Sadly, the opponent had rather powerful backing.

    It was shown with the opponent's superb equipment. It was a complete epic grade equipment set. Not only that, but the opponent also used all of his accessories slots.

    Auron walked up to the stage. Along his way, his opponent already tried to intimidate Auron using the audience's cheer.

    To set his mind right, Auron didn't see his opponent. Instead, he looked at the ground in front of him. One step at the moment, he took the stair led to the stage.

    Then, under the audience's cheer, Auron and his opponent faced each other. At this moment, Auron looked straight at his opponent's eyes. His opponent had the same height as him, which made Auron could see his opponent's eyes easily. Meanwhile, Auron's opponent kept on mocking him and making gestures to intimidate Auron.

    This was the last match for one on one duel tournament. Whoever wins this match would become the winner and the village which they represent would get 25% of the mine's profit.

    Uncle Wang, who was seated at the VIP seat, looked calmly at the match. As the one who had the Fourth Prince's backing, he actually didn't really care about the mine. As the loyal servant of the Fourth Prince, he wanted to help the Fourth Prince to forge a good relationship with Auron.

    Auron's opponent had the same class as him, swordsman. And, he was also a strength type swordsman.

    A battle between an all-rounded swordsman and strength swordsman was about to begin. Auron could be considered as an all-rounded swordsman because of his attributes.

    The referee looked at both contestants and asked them to be ready. Not long after, the referee blew his whistle, which indicated the start of the match.

    Auron's opponent took out his great ax. A strength type swordsman usually would choose one of the three weapons with significant damage, spear, ax, and hammer. And, among those three, the ax was selected the most.

    A spear had the most significant damage, but its attack speed was rather slow compared to ax and hammer. Meanwhile, the hammer had the highest attack speed, but its damage was the lowest among the three.

    With the ax in hand, Auron's opponent wanted to end this match as soon as possible by using his [Charge] skill at Auron.

    Auron had seen his opponent's arrogant attitude and his confidence. From those two, Auron could know that this was what his opponent was going to do. Auron calmly jumped to the side.

    However, he didn't launch any attack as the opponent's madly swung his ax. Instead, Auron widened his distance with the enemy.

    Missing his target, the opponent charged at an empty spot. He immediately turned towards Auron and chased him.

    This time, Auron didn't intend to dodge the attack. Instead, he faced the attack and blocked the ax with his sword.

    Bam... The high strength of Auron's opponent could be seen with this one clashed. As Auron blocked the attack, Auron lost the clash and had to use both of his hands to stop the ax from advancing further.

    Auron's opponent didn't stop right there. He lifted his ax into the air and prepared to slam it once again.

    This time, Auron didn't let the opponent did that. Auron used [Shining Cut] and unleashed three sword slashes before moving away.

    The opponent was taken by surprise that Auron could launch an attack after receiving his powerful strike. He was one step late to block the attack. Three sword slashes landed on his armor.

    Auron's opponent looked at his health. Then, he laughed. Auron's three attacks only reduce 2% of his health. It was all thanks to the epic grade equipment that he wore.

    Seeing Auron's low damage, Auron's opponent became more aggressive. Auron still assessed the situation calmly despite his small damage.

    The audience's cheered up, vigorously seeing the intense battle. Under the riot of the audience, Auron's opponent attacked aggressively.

    This situation kept on going for 5 minutes. Under the audience's cheer, Auron's opponent's spirit kept on going up. His attack became more varied and deadly. In his eyes, there was only one thing, Auron.

    Although Auron's opponent's spirit was high, his teammate didn't have the same expression as him. The current situation didn't favor them.

    Under Auron's calm and careful attack, currently, Auron's opponent's health was in the 50% mark. Meanwhile, Auron's health was still at the 90% mark.

    What made Auron's opponent's teammate worried more was the fact that Auron's opponent didn't realize he was the one on the losing side. The leader of the team shouted to his teammate to remind him of the situation.

    However, the sound of five people shouting was lost to the audience's cheers. Auron's opponent could not hear anything at all and kept on keeping attacking Auron.

    At one moment, Auron's opponent cleanly hit Auron and blown Auron away. He reduced Auron's health by 8%. He felt strong and scoffed at Auron.

    Then, he looked at his teammate. At that time, he realized something. His teammate's expression was not good.

    Noticing the strange situation, Auron's opponent looked at the situation thoroughly. Then, he realized the real situation. He was on the losing side rather than the winning side.
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