422 One on One Duel 4

    The smug expression on Auron's opponent vanished. He looked at Auron, who already stood up.

    In a fit of rage, Auron's opponent charged at Auron. However, this time, he was being more careful. The situation didn't favor him. He only had less than 40% of his health left. On the other hand, Auron still had around 80% of health left.

    Although their difference in equipment was vast, he knew to defeat Auron was not as simple as it looked. It could be seen from the fact that he could only reduce 20% of Auron's health despite his significant damage.

    Auron's opponent's team leader sighed and shook his head. Fortunately, Auron's opponent had realized his current situation. He thought that, after this, he should discipline this member of his.

    Auron had realized the change in the opponent's movement. He knew that the enemy had understood the situation he was in right now.

    Auron had pretended to be weak and made his fighting style messy. He pretended to be panic in front of his enemy and let the enemy thought that he was on the winning side. However, in truth, everything was under Auron's control.

    Sadly, everything didn't go well. Even though Auron pretended to keep pretending against an enemy with quite good equipment was not easy.

    Auron had done well in the first five minutes. Unfortunately, everything would not go well as expected, the last blow that Auron took was pure because of his mistake. What's more unfortunate was that the previous strike made the enemy realized the situation.

    With the situation changed, Auron threw away all of his pretenses and used all of his strength. Facing the charging enemy, Auron prepared to dodge. He knew if he clashed with his opponent, he would be the one that lost the clash.

    Auron jumped to the side to dodge the attack. Not only dodging, but Auron also unleashed his [Wind Slash].

    Auron's opponent saw the [Wind Slash] and stopped charging. He had to preserve his 40% health. Auron's opponent also used [Wind Slash]. Both [Wind Slash] clashed and canceled each other.

    The clashed [Wind Slash] made a loud boom sound. Under this sound, the audience went wild.

    Auron's opponent frowned. He knew that his [Wind Slash] should be stronger than Auron's. However, everyone could see the result. It canceled each other.

    While frowning, Auron had already taken the chance and charged towards his opponent. Auron's opponent saw Auron charging and blocked the attack with his ax.

    At that time, Auron's opponent just realized something. A purple glow was shrouding Auron's weapon. Yes, Auron had used [Weapon's Aura] and increased his damage. This was why Auron's [Wind Slash] could cancel his opponent's [Wind Slash].

    With the [Weapon's Aura], Auron's strength could match up with his opponent's strength. However, he could only hold the enemy's power and not overpowering him.

    Auron's opponent's weapon started to be shrouded with a purple aura. It was Auron's opponent's turn to use the [Weapon's Aura].

    With the new power from the aura, Auron's opponent pushed Auron's back. Auron jumped back. However, his opponent didn't let him ran away.

    Auron's opponent swung his ax, which Auron blocked using his sword. Auron was losing the clash, but he still could hang on.

    Meanwhile, Auron's opponent was still barraging Auron with attacks. Auron was trying his best to block the attack despite the difference in power.

    After a minute under the enemy's barrage, Auron's weapon's glow started to dissipate and vanished completely.

    Auron's opponent swung his ax horizontally and tried to chop Auron's in half. Obviously, Auron would not let that happened. He put his sword to block the attack.

    Unfortunately, the difference in power took effect. Moreover, Auron's [Weapon's Aura] had gone. During this last clash, Auron was blown away and almost got out of the arena.

    The audience went wild once more. An exciting battle stirred up their excitement. Meanwhile, at Auron's side. His teammate shook his head. They didn't even worry about Auron's condition and knew that this would be the result. Only the tanky swordsman that seemed worried about Auron's situation.

    Auron had to quickly get up, his opponent had already attacked him once more. Auron definitely would not want to fight the enemy by lying down on the floor.

    Once again, Auron was under a continuous assault from his opponent. Auron was on the defensive side.

    Under this barrage, Auron's health was reduced slowly. From 80%, it decreased to 40%.

    Fortunately, Auron also didn't idle. He also reduced his opponent's health quite much. His opponent had 25% of his health left.

    If looking at the number, Auron still had the advantage. However, if looking at the bigger picture, if this situation continues, he would be the one that lost the battle.

    Auron had to change his strategy. However, he knew that it would be not easy. Moreover, he already experiences the enemy's set equipment. Even his high attribute could not keep up with the epic grade set equipment.

    If only Auron was on the same level with his opponent, he believed that he would still manage to fight his opponent to a standstill despite the difference in equipment.

    The battle went on-both of Auron's and his opponent's health reducing. However, Auron's health reduced faster. Fortunately, he had advantages at the beginning, or else he would already have no chance to win.

    After several minutes going on, finally, Auron's health was the same as his opponent's health, which was 10%.

    Although both of them had the same health, Auron's opponent didn't look panic at all and still felt confident. Meanwhile, Auron's brain had working hard to look for a way to win this battle.

    Auron gritted his teeth. He had no choice but to do one last thing. He could not use his mage's spell because it would expose his secret.

    However, there was one spell that he could use that would be hard to be identified even though he used that spell.

    Auron secretly used this spell, [Wrath].
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