470 Potion-Spell

    With a smirk on his face, Eisen nodded his head as he looked at Morrom next to him, "That's exactly what I'm trying, yes. I don't know how well it's going to work, but it could be worth looking into. I mean, if this works, once I can use elements to make items, I could technically use Bree's 'Support' mana as a base for potions. It should be a great asset." The old man said, all the whilst Bree opened her eyes wide in excitement and ran up to Eisen's side to take a closer look at what he was making.

    "Whooa! That sounds so fun!" She exclaimed, and Morrom slowly nodded his head, since he really shared that opinion completely, "It really does... Usually, no matter what shape mana takes, you would basically just be taking in raw mana again. Like, you can try to chew on crystalized mana, and your body will re-absorb it, albeit with a bit less than you originally put into making it... That is the same with liquified crystalized mana, but I truly wonder what it's like in the form of an item..." Morrom muttered quietly, and Eisen just slightly chuckled as he started to mix together some ground-down herbs and even crystalized-mana powder to replace mana crystals, and then mixed everything with the mana that Eisen assigned to act like water.

    Soon, the pure white liquid turned dark green through the herbs, before Eisen started to boil the 'water' away, resulting in a rather viscous dark green liquid as well as the rest of the white mana that was pulled back out of it in two separate containers.

    And with a smile on his face, Eisen quickly grabbed another piece of crystalized mana and assigned it to act like glass, just to use transmutation to turn it into a bottle, filling the 'potion' into it before pushing a small piece of crystalized-mana, assigned to be like cork, onto it and then saw it as finished.

    [Dexterity Potion-Spell]

    [Quality - Perfect][Rank - 0]

    [Description] A Potion-Spell created by the Omni-Craftsmaster Eisen. It was made nearly exclusively out of pure mana, causing the way the potion acts to change. Instead of having to actually consume it, it is enough to interact with the bottle and wish for consumption.

    [Effect] +5% Dexterity for 30 Minutes

    [Magic Craftsmanship reached Level 100 in Rank 0, upgrading to Rank 1]

    [You can now use elemental mana to create items]

    [Due to ranking up your Magic Craftsmanship skill, you gained +1 INT and +1 WIS]

    Eisen looked at the notifications in front of him and then waved them to the side, before throwing the potion over toward Denmir, who had just started working as well, and grinned at him, "Try it out." The old man suggested, and Denmir tilted his head to the side before he shrugged and started pulling the cork off, although Eisen stopped him from doing so.

    "No, no, don't drink it. Concentrate on the bottle as if you're manipulating mana, and just think of the effect applying to you." Eisen told him, and Denmir raised his brows surprised, "Huh?" The Dwarf asked with a frown and then held the bottle tightly before doing just that, and soon, the bottle fell apart into nothingness before Denmir moved his fingers around a little.

    "It worked?" He asked, and Morrom immediately started freaking out over this, "Holy **, a potion you don't need to drink? Isn't that a huge advantage in a fight?" The Half-Elf asked, and Eisen immediately nodded his head in response, although he then started moving his fingers through his beard.

    "Hmm, I'm sure especially Brody would appreciate it, but he can't use mana..." The old man muttered to himself in thought, and Morrom turned toward him confused, "Huh? Can't use mana?" He inquired confusedly, and Eisen nodded his head in response.

    "Oh yeah, Brody's a Demon-Orc Halfling so he couldn't really use mana outside his body, so at some point it became a different type of energy. I mean, he's the only one that can use the Maroon-Steel weapons I made, so that's a good part, I guess. But otherwise it seems a little inconvenient since he can't use enchantments at all." Eisen explained, and just when he did, Denmir turned around immediately and stopped working, "Ye made items with Maroon?!" The Dwarf asked with obvious passion for the material, and Eisen raised his brows slightly surprised.

    "Yeah, I did. Actually, I didn't only make items with Maroon, but also Margon. Sigurd is actually made using it." Eisen explained as he handed the potion-brew kit back to the Core Guardian in question, since he really just wanted to try that part of it out for a bit, and it immediately started smirking brightly while both Denmir and Morrom stared at it.

    "M-M-Margon..?" Morrom stuttered quietly, "Like the fictional material? Something legendary like that?"

    "It's not fictional at all, Morrom. Maroon nullifies all magic, but if you put in all six basic elements into it at once, it will start absorbing them and after a mass amount of it will turn into Margon. At that point instead of nullifying magic and mana, it starts turning into a superconductor of sorts." Eisen explained, and before he knew it, Morrom squatted down in front of Sigurd to take a look at its body, although the Core Guardian itself obviously felt uncomfortable at that, so Eisen pulled him up by the back of the collar again.

    "I'll show you some of it later, alright? I only have a tiny chunk of Margon left, and a little bit of Maroon as well, but I'll let you play around with it, alright?" The old man suggested, and Denmir and Morrom immediately started nodding excitedly like little kids, before Eisen turned toward Bree, Sky and Sigurd.

    "Can I ask you three to set the stall up in our spot? It should still be reserved for us. If not, then just go see people in the guild again and tell them you belong to me." Eisen said, and just when he did, he remembered that he forgot something rather important that he had to take care of as well... He meant to meet Jaz and Garon and show them the proof for who he was... But he didn't do that yet so they probably assumed he just left after messing with them, so he had to get that done later.

    With a deep sigh, Eisen scratched the back of his head and then looked at the five Half-Dragons in the room, although out of them, he was rather focused on the four that Eisen didn't make proper weapons for yet, and then called out to the first one amongst them that he would make items for.

    "Argon, come over here." Eisen told him, and the Bronze Half-Dragon quickly came rushing over, before the old man crossed his arms, "Do you have any other notable combat-related skills beside hand-to-hand combat? So other weapon proficiencies?" The old man asked him, and Argon slowly shook his head in response, "Not really, actually. I mean, I tried some other things out, so I have low-rank weapon based skills, but Hand-To-Hand combat is the highest rank." Argon explained, so Eisen nodded his head in response and started to mentally come up with a design for a weapon if that was the case.

    "Then show me the types of moves you use most often." The old man suggested, and Argon tilted his head to the side surprised and scratched his cheek, "Just in here?" He asked, and Eisen nodded his head in response, "Mhm, and if you can, try to use your mana in the same way that you usually would use your holy energy. This is so that I know what to focus on." Eisen explained, so Argon quickly understood and did as asked, demonstrating a few moves that Eisen closely inspected with the help of Mana-Copy and his mana-sight.

    To Eisen, it seemed like while Argon was technically fighting with his hands, what was far more impressive was his footwork. Since Argon's fighting was based on heavy, albeit slow, attacks, he had to be quick on his feet to make up for that. And most of the time, the thing that he relied on during combat seemed to realy be his holy energy that he would practically shoot out of his hands.

    It was slightly similar to how Brody made use of his Yin and Yang energies, actually. And so, Eisen came up with a conclusion for the item, and quickly enchanted a mana-crystal with Argon's Prayer skill to somewhat generate a little holy energy, or at least integrate it into the actual item Eisen would make for him to enhance that a bit. Of course, he also did the same using Argon's Hand-To-Hand Combat skill so that he could make use of this as well.

    "Alright, then let's get started." Eisen said with a grin as he took a look at the materials currently available to him, and to his luck, Denmir actually allowed him to use whatever materials he could find in the storage, so he didn't really need to worry about such things for now.

    And so, the thing that Eisen did first was to get some Bronze, which he swiftly folded the Prayer-Enchanted mana-crystal into, and then made use of the Holy-Energy that Argon himself chose to give Eisen for this, which the old man quickly folded into the Bronze, which soon changed the metal's color into a pale-brownish tone, and Eisen then repeated this same action, just with Steel instead of bronze to get a more stable base for everything.

    And so, the old man split off parts of both of these chunks of holy-metal, and turned both of them into flat sheets before placing the hot bronze-sheet on top of the hot steel-sheet, hammering them together while flattening them even more to make sure both parts of the metal were properly attached to each other. Of course he used a little bit of transmutation to support that as well.

    Then, the old man got started on punching out small scale-shaped pieces out of this double-layered metal sheet, enough to cover two gauntlets and boots, and then got started on constructing the gauntlet- and metal-boot-bases in a layered manner using the holy-steel, before enchanting the metal bases to then place a layer of the holy-bronze onto those bases, although just very thinly.

    Then, Eisen chose to make use of the marble-workstation that Sigurd luckily left here to mass-enchant the scales that he punched out with enchantments to increase the flow of holy energy, and gave each of them the prayer ability-enchantment. At least that was the case for the gauntlets' scales.

    The scales for the boots, however, gained enchantments to increase movement speed as much as possible and to increase maneuverability. After placing those scales onto the items they belonged to, Eisen finished the Paladin's Gauntlets and Boots.
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