719 True Demonic Transformation

    The group of people seated around the table jumped up in confusion at the old man's revelation.

    "He managed to bring magic to Earth?! But... How?!" Xenia asked with a confused expression, while Eisen smiled softly, "Don't worry, it's nothing all too major. And maybe 'Magic' is the wrong term, rather, it's 'Mana' itself. But only a dozen MP worth or so. But even then, it's a start, and we don't know how long it's going to take until two digits of MP become three, and until three become four." Eisen explained.

    But as he spoke, instead of facing the other people that were looking to him for answers, Eisen's eyes were locked with the pair of floating eyes in the air, that he was only able to see through that special soul's abilities.

    The fact that he was able to see the connection between the worlds by connecting the soul's visual abilities with Eisen's own 'Truth Seeing Eyes' was a great discovery. He only wanted to see if it would work out, and if it didn't, he would have just made some lenses that were infused with it instead to make up with it.

    Eisen looked at these eyes that were certainly Samuel's own, and watched the person hiding behind them squirm just like Eisen wanted them to. He wanted them to become truly horrified by realizing that Eisen knew every single small step they took.

    Eisen wanted them to become paranoid and terrified, simply because the old man disliked them. It didn't have a particularly use, really. It wasn't part of one of Eisen's plans to beat Samuel in this. This was only for his own self-satisfaction.

    It might be a bit sadistic, but Eisen didn't care. He wanted to do this, so he did it. Maybe Eisen became a little more selfish while in the Underworld. Some of the memories showing signs of returning would surely show Eisen in-depth what life in the Underworld would be like, something that would surely make him rather selfish for a while. Maybe that shone through a little...

    Eisen hoped that he was going to be fine and that side-effects like this wouldn't be a thing anymore once he remembered all of his memories, but for now, he had to deal with it. Not that he minded too much right now.

    He rather enjoyed guessing how panicked the person behind these eyes, Samuel, had to be right now. The old man took a deep breath and looked at the other sitting at the table, "I'll explain everything a little more in the Guild-Room tomorrow or so. Or on the other side. Where we won't have any... Onlookers." The old man smirked, and kept making eye-contact with the floating eyes.

    At this point, Samuel seemed to have finally understood that Eisen was actually able to see them, and that this eye-contact wasn't just a fluke. The eyes moved back for a moment, before the old man formed a small pebble in his hand through his element and flicked it through one of the eyes with a soft smile on his face.

    Now, Eisen finally turned away from the eyes and slowly stood up. His eyes were slowly going blurry at this point because of how long he has been awake. He could feel the strength in his body decreasing, and he even received a bunch of notifications about permanent stat-debuffs as well that would last until Eisen slept properly.

    "I think I need to rest for now." The old man said with a smile, "Now, I don't know what exactly is going to happen, but it surely will be something interesting. Becoming a 'True Demon' seems like a rather big deal, doesn't it?" Eisen pointed out.

    Eisen stepped past the people seated here, that were still confused over what Eisen just revealed to them a few moments ago. But luckily, he already written a few notes on this subject and left them in the Guild Room where the others should be able to get any sort of information they may need on this subject.

    And depending on how things went, although Eisen wasn't particularly counting on it, he would be able to log off while he was transforming into a True Demon. Then he could just tell the others all the information that he needed to.

    Eisen took a deep breath and stepped through the castle to his bedchambers. Once there, the old man felt like he shouldn't let the others, like Caria, Melissa and Sal come in there with him, despite the fact that they wanted to sleep next to him again.

    "Please, I don't want anything to happen to you guys." The old man said with a smile on his face, before raising his head. Behind these three children stood Kiron, his sword placed onto the special spatial-sheath by his side and his hand placed onto the grip.

    "I don't care what you say, Grandfather. I will stay here and keep watch while you are in there. In case you need my help for some reason. Maybe the transformation will make you vulnerable somehow." The Half-Dragon pointed out, and Eisen slowly placed his hand onto the Knight's head, "Thank you, Kiron. I appreciate it. If you notice anything going on, then just try to wake me up. And if you're really worried about me and can't manage to wake me, let one of the other Originals know. They'll come and wake me on the other side." The old man explained.

    Kiron immediately nodded his head, "Of course." Slowly, Eisen turned around and stepped through the large doors of his bedchambers, before hearing the Half-Dragon say something else from behind him, "Please... Just be careful, Grandfather."

    "Of course. I'll just be taking a quick nap." The old man smiled. The door to his bedchambers closed behind him as Eisen took off his suit and laid in the bed, "Serio, Girland." Eisen said quietly, and the two Core Guardians immediately appeared at the foot of his bed.

    "Yes, your Majesty?" The two of them said in tandem. Eisen looked at them, "Make sure to turn on the protection for the 'Demon's Domain'." Eisen told them.

    Immediately, they nodded their heads and each walked over to one of the two statues placed at the sides of the room. They placed their palms onto the statues' chests and activated the enchantments carved into them.

    The moment they did so, magic circles formed around Eisen's bed and chains started to tie him down into it.

    At the same time, the room's walls created thick barriers to keep whatever Eisen would create in here.

    The reason why he did this, and the reason why he was so worried about this the whole time, was rather simple. As a 'True Demon', one had access to either one of the two paths, or both like Eisen did. During the initial transformation, this went out of control, however.

    That is why the former Eisen created this system to hold Eisen back while he was going through this initial transformation.

    If Eisen was a Demon of the pure Path of Yang, this transformation would be rather positive. The 'Domain' that Eisen would create would be one that allowed life to sprout and creation to run rampant. But at the same time, every living thing in near him would be overwhelmed by this force and die.

    On the other hand, if he was a Demon of the pure Path of Yin, the transformation would obviously be negative. Everything would fall to dust around him burn to ashes, while every living thing would have its life drained out of it and also die.

    Of course, Eisen could have always stayed somewhere else for this transformation then. But no, his body stayed active during this transformation, Eisen simply couldn't control it himself. He would most likely seek out any place that he had a deep connection to, which would probably mean this town and those that he cared about here. And in either of those situations, this would be catastrophic.

    That fact was just strengthened by the fact that Eisen was a Demon of both Yin and Yang. Instead of draining or giving Life to those around him, Eisen would make everything go into a state of complete 'Chaos'. Living creatures would completely lose their mind, depending on their exposure, they may never recover, and everything around Eisen would enter an artificial cycle of death and rebirth, making anything and everything impossible to recover.

    At least, that's what Serio and Girland explained to him as a warning for this transformation.

    This room was especially made to hold Eisen back and to make sure that he would be unable to leave no matter what he did. The chains should probably hold him down the whole time, but if they didn't, the numerous layers of barriers should do the trick.

    Of course, the former Eisen placed a lot more special things into this room for the purpose of helping the current Eisen out with all this, although the current one didn't really know most of those things. Neither did Serio and Girland, or at least they didn't tell Eisen about them. Maybe to stop him from figuring out ways to counteract them if they were based on surprising the old man.

    Either way, slowly, Eisen closed his eyes and let himself drift off into sleep. And soon, his consciousness faded.

    [Congratulations! You are now beginning your transformation into a True Demon of Yin and Yang! After this transformation, you will receive your privileges]

    [Transformation will finish in: 24 Hours]

    Eisen saw those notifications in his mind. And somehow, instead of finding that he was sleeping like normal, he just stood in a deep black empty space. Slowly, the world in front of Eisen formed. Or rather, the sight from Eisen's eyes was projected into this dark world.

    But all that he could see was the ceiling above his bed, nothing else. That meant that the chains were doing their job at least. The old man could hear the chains rustling around against each other though, echoing through this dark space the whole time.

    Meanwhile... Eisen didn't have much to do. He could just sit here and do nothing the whole time, but that seemed like a bit of a waste. He couldn't log out either... Which was really annoying.

    Seemed like Eisen had to stay logged-in the whole time for this. So, he had to look for something else to do.

    Curious about whether or not that might be possible, Eisen thought about his memories that he was slowly unlocking, and one after another, the glowing lights filled out this dark space as if they were a couple dozen stars floating above his head.

    At least he had time to go through these now.
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