340 Domain

    'The pressure has vanished.'

    When Roudin canceled the Atmospheric Durress, Izroth immediately felt the difference in his speed change. However, even though the gravity pocket-like pressure was no longer there, a new kind of pressure seemed to form the instant Roudin stretched his arm forward.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "You must think that you stand a chance against me, right? This is my own error for giving you a spark of hope. I admit, I underestimated you, but that's all there is to it. In the end, it's impossible for you to defeat me. Let me show you the clear difference between those with a Domain and those without." Roudin stated as a giant shadow appeared in the sky that blocked the source of light over the land he and Izroth stood on, as well as the surrounding sea.

    The moment that giant shadow appeared in the sky, the still waters of the Boundless Sea started to become restless and somewhat wild. Not only that, but the overall quality of the air in the atmosphere felt as if it became incredibly thin, making it difficult to breathe.

    Izroth looked towards the sky with a calm expression on his face. He did not understand a thing about this Domain that Roudin mentioned, however, he did not have much time to sit and ponder. He was not the only one in the Boundless Sea who could see this spectacle unfold before his eyes. Even those located in other regions could see the massive object that was descending down towards the Boundless Sea.

    'A mountain peak? No, it's...'

    In the sky above the Boundless Sea, a massive upside-down mountain was currently falling down from above! The peak of the mountain was on a direct collision course for the small island that Izroth and Roudin were on. If something that large struck the Boundless Sea, forget the small island, it would cause a massive tsunami to occur and wipe out a large portion of participants within the Boundless Sea region!

    If that happened, then there would be dozens or even possibly hundreds of participants who had no idea how they died. How tragic would that be?!

    However, the one facing this danger firsthand was Izroth. Out of everyone in the Boundless Sea region, he was the sole individual who was face to face with the person behind it all. But, even though his speed had returned, it was as if he was being locked in place and forcibly pulled towards the object in the sky.


    Meanwhile back at the platform...

    At the moment, Zushuatri and Kayn were viewing the magic screen as they watched the events that were unfolding in the Boundless Sea region.

    "So that's Roudin, hm? I heard that brat actually got his hands on the title of Indomitable Mountain. It looks like it's not just for show. To comprehend a Domain to this extent at that age, for a human, it's a pretty grand feat. Not to mention, it's a Mountain Domain, one of the main upper eight. If I remember, during the last selection of the second team there wasn't a single person capable of using Domain." Kayn said as he observed the battle going on between Izroth and Roudin.

    "Indeed, the batch this time around is filled with many interesting youths. To not only learn, but greatly comprehend one of the main upper eight Domains, he could be considered a genius even among other geniuses." Zushuatri said with a gentle smile on his face.

    "I already mastered my Domain when I was five years old. What genius? It isn't really all that difficult." Kayn stated.

    Zushuatri, however, shook his head and responded, "You are a special case, third younger master. Even when compared to other true dragons, in terms of pure talent and being gifted, none are your equal. This is not empty flattery, but simply the truth. To compare yourself to a young human male is unthinkable."

    Of course, Kayn knew that the talent he possessed was abnormal. As the second Star Devouring Dragon to appear in the long history of the Mortal Realm, he understood his difference when compared to others. After all, the first and only other Star Devouring Dragon was none other than the first true dragon brought into existence by the world itself. The father of all dragon bloodlines, the Celestial True Dragon.

    The Celestial True Dragon was the only dragon who had the word "true" in their name. This was due to the fact that, unlike humans, true dragons were not named by their parents, but granted their true name by the world since their true name contained actual power. But, for convenience sake, some true dragons would choose a name for themselves if they ever ventured out in the world.

    For example, Kayn's true name was not actually Kayn and it was just something he made up himself. His true name was, in fact, Star Devouring Dragon. Of course, this information was not something well known to those who were not true dragons themselves or outside of the epic or legendary realm in terms of strength.

    Kayn went silent for a bit before he said, "Still, are you sure it's alright not to do anything? I know there's a barrier between each of the regions to protect and prevent participants from crossing over into other regions, but this also means that those within the Boundless Sea region are in grave danger. Not to mention, there are two of your students there, right? If you like, I can go personally stop it and-"

    "Thank you for your generous thoughts, third young master. However, I must decline your help as it is unnecessary. That young man's domain is not as untamed as you may think. The original agreement remains unchanged. You will not join until the final thirty minutes of the selection." Zushuatri said with a heartwarming smile on his face.

    "You're no fun, old man Zushuatri." Kayn said as he turned his attention back towards the magic screen.

    He then continued, "I never expected that he would be capable of forcing Roudin to move. I thought his luck had run out and he would be as good as dead after stepping onto the island. Maybe he'll give us another surprise. Isn't that right, Sphinx? Though I guess he can't hear me right now anyways."

    At the moment, one of Zushuatri's eight students Sphinx was lied out on the platform located not too far away from Zushuatri himself. His mouth was open and his eyes were widened and rolled back. Although his physical wounds had already been healed, he had yet to regain his consciousness. This was the result of his fight against one of the participants in the selection. Just like Izroth, that participate was a special exception who was also allowed to take part in the selection.

    Since his students were not participating for a spot on the second team, unlike other players who were killed during the selection, a special and powerful magic formation in the Sky Palace would persevere the life of his students if they brushed hands with death. Of course, he never expected that one of his students would be eliminated at such an early stage in the competition.

    However, to Zushuatri, this was a good sign. This meant that the individuals who participated in the second team selection this time around were truly at a different level than the ones who participated in the previous years. Maybe it was possible that this time, they would not have to suffer another humiliation like in recent years.

    "As I said before, the batch this time around is filled with many interesting youths. This includes those two." Zushuatri said.


    Somewhere in the Boundless Sea region...

    "Domain? Hm... It's someone with a main upper eight Mountain Domain. They aren't even trying to hide it. Interesting, I didn't think there would be a single person in this selection who would be worth my time taking a look at. If that person is forced to use their Domain, then they must be fighting against someone very capable." A woman with a fan held over her lower face said as her gaze was already set on the source of that Domain.

    A person was desperately crawling away on the ground as they spoke in a shaken voice, "S-spare me... Please, I-I'll do anything so just spare-" However, before another word could leave their mouth, small and thin cuts appeared all over their body and clothing. At the next moment, the person crawling on the ground fell motionless as their body was swept away by a powerful gust of wind towards the Boundless Sea.

    Right when that person's body fell into the Boundless Sea as if smelling the blood in the water, a pack of monsters that lurked in the water emerged and began to fight one another over who would reap the reward before them.

    "I thought I already told you, don't talk to me. It's disgusting." The woman said to herself as a light gust of wind swept under her feet and lifted her into the air. She did not need to use the bubbles to get from one place to the other which gave her a huge advantage in a place like the Boundless Sea. She was currently headed straight towards the location of Izroth's and Roudin's battle. This single woman had already eliminated 102 participants without mercy. That was more than 10% of the entire selection participants! She was none other than one of Zushuatri's eight students, Sage.

    "Wind Domain: Breath of Quiescent Squalls."

    One squall the size of a small fist appeared behind Sage. This squall did not seem dangerous at all. It was almost as if it were asleep and lying dormant. Not too long after, five squalls appeared... then twenty... then one hundred... It continued to manifest itself until there was an uncountable number of small squalls the size of a small fist that filled the entire space behind Sage and followed her through the skies.


    'It's an entire mountain.'

    The first thing Izroth did was to make sure that he was not unknowingly swept into some kind of illusion. After all, for someone to summon down a mountain of that size from above was absolutely insane! Without hesitation, Izroth consumed a mana potion. Since it took practically all of his mana to use just one of the Call of the Thunder God skills, he made sure to purchase some good quality mana potions.

    After Izroth consumed the mana potion, his mana was once again back to full. There was nowhere for him to retreat from this attack as the descending mountain was simply too massive to avoid. Therefore, he was left with two options, fight or run away. Of course, his choice was obvious.

    'If I tried to counter this mountain with my second sword form, then it would definitely end poorly.'


    Roudin felt a gentle breeze blowing in his direction that seemed to be coming from a source quite far away. A frown appeared on his face as he furrowed his brows. For just a split second there, he could have sworn that he felt the presence of another Domain nearby. However, it may have simply been his imagination since it had practically disappeared the moment it showed up.

    "To have such strong control over a Domain, it has to be one of them... In that case, I won't take any chances and end this before they arrive." Roudin said to himself as the mountain peak rapidly descended and arrived right above Izroth. There was nowhere to escape!

    Izroth's gaze was fixated on the mountain peak that appeared mere centimeters away from his face! There was an overwhelming pressure that made him feel even heavier than when he was under the influence of a level two gravity pocket. Any ordinary person would have probably been crushed by the pressure of the mountain alone!


    The massive mountain crashed into the ground as if there was nothing there to halt its path. The moment it made contact with the small island, it caused a tsunami to form in all directions that were hundreds of meters tall. At this rate, every participant within the Boundless Sea may be swept into the waters or affected by the frightening impact.

    As for Izroth who was at the very center of the attack and was its main target, he was currently nowhere to be found!
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