Chapter 178 Selling Bones

    Chapter 178 Selling Bones

    "Did you hear? Someone is buying remains of first transition Knights."

    "Mmm, I heard it's that big aristocratic clan who wants to buy a large number of remains to refine something."

    "Hehe, to hell with the big aristocratic clan. It's the academy who wishes to collect remains to forge Inferior Remains Divine Weapons and help the students in the upcoming Regional Selection."

    Next to the table, two merchants exchanged glances and quickly left.

    Similar news were spreading through the whole of Kirst through various underground channels.


    On the other end, in an underground room, Anthony pinched his nose, his face pale as he looked at Ferdinand, who was cutting up and polishing the corpses. He felt as if he was about to puke.

    "What are you doing?"

    Ferdinand's expression did not change as he continued to work on the corpses and said, "Other than their bones, the other parts of first transition Knights can't be used to make Remains Divine Weapons.They're useless.

    "Although these black people are black, their bones are white, just like ours.

    As long as we polish them up a little, no one will be able to tell that they were Garcia's Great Warriors."

    Anthony turned his head, not daring to continue looking at what Ferdinand was doing. "I'm asking what use is it?"

    "What use?" Ferdinand lifted his head, looking at Anthony as if he was looking at an idiot. "Garcia's Great Warriors are much weaker than our Empire's Knights. When you compare their bone remains with the bone remains of Empire's Knights, which do you think will sell at a better price?"

    Ferdinand shook his head helplessly, "If not for the fact that the remains of Conferred Knights are too different from those of the Knights', I would even be able to pass these off as Conferred Knights'."

    He then pointed to the pile of bones which had already been polished and said, "Alright, take that pile away. Take it to the location I told you of. Someone will offer you two thousand gold for them. You just need to sell it to him."

    "Two thousand gold? It can sell for that much money?" Anthony asked with wide-open eyes. "From what I know, the bone remains of a normal level 19 Knight can only be sold for about one thousand gold or so. The bones still need be to be processed and combined with other materials to actually make a Remains Divine Weapon.

    "And yours is a counterfeit."

    He tapped the counterfeit remains and shook his head, "If it was me, I would pay at most six hundred gold for it."

    "Hehe, then it's right. Everyone will feel that two thousand gold is too much, that's why they'll be tricked." Ferdinand smiled.

    Anthony frowned, but understood after thinking about it. "You're laying the ground? Buying what you sell?

    "Will it work?"


    "Have you heard?"

    "This time around, Governor Devitt plans to choose a person to be his disciple from the ten who'll pass the Regional Selection."

    "The Governor is looking for a disciple."

    "Is that true? Where did you hear the news from?"

    "How could it be false? The person who becomes the Governor's disciple will be able to gain great power and authority. Hehe, otherwise, why do you think so many people are buying bone remains?"

    "Oh? I heard that someone bought one set for two thousand gold yesterday."

    "Hehe, someone also said that they would be buying one in the east district today."


    Ferdinand looked at Hylong helplessly and said, "Hylong, I'm sorry. I'm going to leave this rib bone for myself."

    Hylong stood up immediately and said furiously, "Ferdinand, what rubbish are you talking about? Haven't we agreed that you'll let me have it?"

    Ferdinand touched the remain affectionately and sighed, "But this is my ancestor's remains, passed down in the clan. Not only is it strong, more importantly, it is very meaningful to me. Moreover, this is a rib bone, and is the best material for a spearhead. It's just right for me and my spear arts."

    Hylong spoke in a panic, "You can't go back on your words! We agreed on the deal for seventy gold! Are you planning on raising the price?"

    "It's not that I want to raise the price." Looking at how anxious Hylong was, Ferdinand spoke with great hesitation, "Barbara isn't letting me sell. She said that she has something important to discuss with me. It's with regards to the upcoming Regional Selection. I think... I think it's related to the Governor."

    Hylong's eyes narrowed and he asked, "What did you say?"

    Ferdinand laughed out loud, "Look, Barbara is here."

    Barbara walked over and headed straight to Ferdinand, tugging him and said, "Ferdinand, don't sell that rib bone yet."

    Hylong said angrily, "Are you kidding me? We've agreed on the deal and the price. How can you just say that you're not selling?"

    Barbara let out a cold laugh and asked Hylong, "Hmph, you must be here to take advantage of Ferdinand, isn't it?"

    Hylong asked, a bit meekly, "What do you mean?" He turned to Ferdinand and said, "Alright, I'll make it ninety gold. That should be fine, right? The rib bone is mine to keep now."

    With that, he turned, taking the rib bone from the table, and left.

    After seeing that he had left, Barbara pouted and said, "I didn't know Hylong was this rich. He couldn't have sold the shops under his clan to gather the money, could he?

    "Tsk, he should go take a look at himself in the mirror. He thinks someone like him can pass the Regional Selection? " She then reached out her hand to Ferdinand and said, "The five gold we've agreed on. Give it to me."

    "Take it yourself." Ferdinand stroked his chin and thought to himself, 'Seems like the profit is better if they are sold individually. It's a pity that there's not enough time. We can only change our method.'

    On the other end, Hylong left excitedly, holding onto the rib bone and thinking to himself, 'It's a pity. Now the money I have won't be enough for me to sign up for Fang Xingjian's class.

    'But with this rib bone to make my spear tip, I can get my father to help me find what I need to forge an Inferior Divine Weapon. With that, my battle prowess will increase by at least 50%.'


    In the underground room, Robert looked at the incomplete set of bone remains and asked, "Weren't there fourteen sets? Why is there one more now?"

    Ferdinand grinned and said, "I noticed that a complete set of remains would look too new. If there are some parts missing, then the people will think that these have some age, and they won't suspect Garcia.

    "I wanted to sell some of them individually to some poor fools. But it seems that we don't have time. Therefore, I just put them together to form one set and sell it to people who don't know any better."

    Robert shook his head while looking at Ferdinand, mourning for the many deceived people.


    In Fang Xingjian's study, Manny was holding onto a book and reading, "The human body is an internal world, and the universe is a large world. Heaven's Perception requires an exchange of one's will with the world's will.

    "But the world cannot talk, so we must learn how to interact with the world. Each increasing stage in the Ten Heavenly Barriers allows a deeper understanding of the world's will."

    Manny nodded and said, "This Lobuche's words have a charm to them. The world has a will of its own? Just like humans?" He smiled and told Fang Xingjian, "I heard that you've been crazily earning money from teaching classes?"

    Fang Xingjian turned to him and asked, "What about it?"

    "If you have your mind set on the parietal bones, you can give up on it now." Manny sighed, a hint of disappointment flashing in his eyes. "That item has been reserved."
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