Chapter 187 Buy, Buy, Buy (Part I)

    Chapter 187 Buy, Buy, Buy (Part I)

    Appearing before Ferdinand, Fang Xingjian said, "I want to spend all of my money within a day to buy equipment, medicine, and various useful supplies."

    Ferdinand was stumped for a moment. However, seeing how serious Fang Xingjian was, he did not say much and just nodded and said, "Alright, follow me."

    Therefore, Fang Xingjian followed Ferdinand through the streets of Kirst. After making many turns, they eventually arrived at the opening of a waterway and continued to make many turns after entering it. About five minutes later, Fang Xingjian could hear loud sounds of commotion.

    Ferdinand smiled and said, "Kirst is the Great Western Region's bright jewel and has accumulated countless goods from the western coast. However, many of the goods are prohibited for sale by the government and thus, there is the black market."

    Fang Xingjian passed by him slowly, controlling and sending out the breeze-like sword Qis. Countless people in the underground black market shuddered, feeling as if the temperature had dropped.

    The bustling market also appeared in Fang Xingjian's consciousness.

    Ferdinand asked, "So how about it? What do you want to buy first?"

    "Weapon. I need a sword." Fang Xingjian patted the normal steel sword on his waist and said. He had long wanted a good sword but had not come across any. He only used ordinary steel swords which would shatter easily if he exerted more strength.

    Ferdinand smiled and said, "Follow me."

    As he went through the crowd, Fang Xingjian's brain kept on recreating the scenes he had passed by. The place was filled with martial arts practitioners holding onto swords and sabers. Amidst the densely populated alley, there were all sorts of stalls.

    Some of them had various meats and leathers of unknown sources.

    Some of them were filled with various bottles containing medicinal ointments and drugs.

    Some of them were even selling live ferocious beasts. There was a huge wolf which was four to five meters long, a bear about the size of a tank, and a large gorilla with three heads which kept on bellowing toward Fang Xingjian as he passed by.

    Various novel items that Fang Xingjian had never seen before were now constantly appearing before him, causing him to be a bit surprised.

    In the past, he had focused on cultivation and did not have spare money with him. This was the first time he had come to a black market like this.

    However, Ferdinand appeared to be very familiar with this place. After making a few turns, they had already entered an area filled with sounds of blacksmiths at work.

    Looking toward the many roadside stalls with people blacksmithing, casually placing the weapons about, Ferdinand said in a soft voice, "These small stalls only sell ordinary weapons that are not intended for non-Knights. I'll bring you to a good place which sells Empire's Divine Weapons."

    Fang Xingjian nodded and followed Ferdinand to the entrance of an enormous shop. It resembled a huge stone building that had been embedded into and carved out of the walls. Before he could even get close, he could feel a surge of heat gushing toward him, as if he had arrived at the mouth of a volcano.

    Upon entering, rows upon rows of weapon racks could be seen. Fang Xingjian casually picked up a longsword and could see a cold gleam shining with faintly imprinted grains. With just a quick look, there would be a sharpness piercing his eyes. It was obviously extremely sharp.

    This was a longsword that had achieved the peak of cold weapon [1] workmanship. Although it was not an Empire's Divine Weapon and had no grade, it was much better than the longsword Fang Xingjian had.

    Ferdinand led Fang Xingjian with great familiarity and called out, "Come out and receive your customer. A big customer has arrived!"

    A strong man with a shiny and bare upper body walked out. He was like the strongest bodybuilder on Earth. When he saw Ferdinand, he spoke with great annoyance, "It's you again, darned brat. You only look and don't buy. I've no time to entertain you."

    Ferdinand smiled and said, "Hehe, I'm not the one buying. It's my friend." Ferdinand pointed to Fang Xingjian who was behind him and said, "A real big customer. No need to bring out the ordinary goods. I know that boss has a few pieces of Empire's Divine Weapon here."

    The strong man's brows twitched and said, "Empire's Divine Weapons are items that are prohibited from sale. We don't sell them here."

    Ferdinand broke into a smile and took out ten security slips. These were slips of paper which were used for trade and were given by the bank after Ferdinand had helped Fang Xingjian to deposit his money into a bank.

    However, the Empire had yet to establish a bank which operated throughout the country.The credibility of such security slips all depended on the credibility of the bank itself.

    However, this was still much better than having the two of them lug around a chest of money.

    As for the secret auction of the parietal bones, because it was a secret transaction and a situation which required both parties to have a one-to-one exchange, it was naturally settled with ready gold.

    Looking at the numbers on the security slips, that boss' gaze swayed a little.

    He shouted out in his heart, 'A sucker! A great sucker!'

    He immediately adjusted his expression and appeared before Fang Xingjian, beaming with smiles and said, "I wonder what kind of weapon this sir requires? We have everything here, blades, spears, staffs, armors and even helmets. Feel free to state whatever you need."

    "I want a sword," Fang Xingjian said, "It must be an Empire's Divine Weapon, and it'd be even better if it's an Inferior Divine Weapon."

    The strong man frowned, "We don't have Inferior Divine Weapons here but as for Empire's Divine Weapons, we do have two level 9 longswords. Please follow me in to take a look."

    The two of them followed the strong man to the interior of the stone hut, walked to a secret door, and then entered again. They arrived at a secret chamber filled with weapons.

    There were a total of twelve strong men guarding the place, which obviously stored the shop's highest quality weapons.

    The strong man took out two longswords and brought them to Fang Xingjian.

    He first drew out a blue-sheathed longsword and proudly introduced, "This sword is called Fiery Thunder. The sword's body is made from a combination of thirteen types of alloys and in terms of its flexibility, toughness and sharpness, it's the best amongst level 9 Divine Weapons. Furthermore, there's a pattern carved by the master blacksmith himself, filled in with fire paste. It can create high temperatures and slash through enemies with just a slight abrasion with the air."

    As he said that, he swung the longsword, creating hints of sparks that flew off the blade.

    He then picked up the sheath and said, "The sheath was also carefully forged. Not only does it have a fire resistant protective layer, it also comes with a large amount of fire paste. When the fire paste on the longsword is use up, you just need to return it to the sheath to fill it up again."

    Fang Xingjian nodded, then looked toward the other sword and said, "Then what about this?"

    The strong man  put aside Fiery Thunder and picked up that pitch-black longsword which exuded a strong smell of death. He appeared to be even prouder, "This one is even better."

    As he gradually unsheathed the longsword, a soft cry came from it. Upon hearing this cry, even Ferdinand felt a bit irritated.

    [1] A weapon that does not use fire or explosives.
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