Chapter 197 Three Seeds and Lilia

    Chapter 197 Three Seeds and Lilia

    Although Master Yuelun's voice was not loud, he had no intention of hiding what he said. Therefore, many Knights had actually heard his words.

    Therefore, after Devitt led Yuelun in, the news of Master Yuelun being here to look for someone spread out very quickly.

    "Looking for someone?" Edger was stunned for a moment. He suddenly recalled how, three months ago, Huang Lin had gone to the Sacred Mountain to look for the Holy Orison to get him to help treat Fang Xingjian.

    Back then, none of them had felt that the Divine level expert would be willing to step forth for Fang Xingjian. But now, the Holy Orison's chief disciple had come to Great Western City and was claiming that he was looking for someone.

    Next to him, Rota let out a soft surprised cry and asked, "Could it be that he's here to look for Fang Xingjian?"

    Edger was the first one to rebut, "You must be kidding. What kind of character is Lord Holy Orison? He's someone whose single word would be able to affect the situation of the whole Empire. How could he really step out to help treat Fang Xingjian?

    "Moreover, even if he is looking for Fang Xingjian, he would not be coming to the Great Western City. No one knows where Fang Xingjian has fled to. Do you guys still think that he'll actually come to participate in the Regional Selection?

    "It's merely a coincidence. Stop making wild guesses."

    Edger did not believe that Yuelun was here to look for Fang Xingjian. He led Rota, Hamil and Ralph toward the manor's hall. As for Manny, since he could not be bothered with Edger, he left by himself.

    Edger looked at the three talented students alongside him and once again reminded them, "Remember, later on, don't forget the aristocratic etiquette I've taught you. Otherwise, you won't be just be losing your own reputation, but the academy's as well.

    "You might not be able to encounter such a setting even once throughout your entire lives. You guys better make sure to be extra cautious."

    Under Edger's lead, the three of them were extremely cautious, feeling as if they were country bumpkins entering the city as they headed toward the manor's hall. On the way, they saw that the path was layered with white-colored jade, and that there were golden-rimmed lamp posts on both sides. On the top, there were lamps, up to a hundred of them lighting up the whole path, and making it look as if it were daylight.

    Some sort of medicine had also been added into the lamps. They were releasing a light relaxing fragrance, making one's vital energy and blood very warm and comfortable.

    Such a highly luxurious setting made the three of them feel as if their arms and legs were tied together as they advanced. When had they ever come across such a setup before? The money spent on this pathway alone would probably be sufficient to buy their entire clan!

    Even Edger who was in the lead became increasingly cautious, lowering his head, and not daring to look around randomly.

    At that moment, another horse carriage stopped at the entrance. It was Kirst's City Lord, who alighted in his tuxedo. Behind him was Lilia, wearing an evening gown. It revealed a large part of her snow-white skin around her chest and back, while the lace on the ends and on the little hat she was wearing made her seem slightly cheeky and pure at the same time.

    Although her four limbs were not quite thin, when matched with Lilia's sweet face, they made her seem cute and lively all the more.

    It was just that she was wearing a reluctant expression.

    Kirst's City Lord told her in a soft voice, "Alright, Lilia, stop throwing a tantrum. Today is the day when geniuses from countless academies are gathering in the same place. Later on, go out and make more friends."

    "Not interested," Lilia replied coldly. "I'm not interested in talking to them."

    Kirst's City Lord helplessly shook his head. However, his eyes suddenly lit up as he pointed to a white-haired white-bearded pale-faced man who was walking toward the hall with a gloomy expression, "Look over there! That's Wei Leng, the guy who attained Heaven's Perception at first transition!"

    Wei Leng... This name was a name which had gained great reputation in Great Western City for the past half a month. It was because he had attained Heaven's Perception even before he had gone through his second transition.

    His story was very simple and sad.

    For the past ten or so years, Wei Leng had lived a very ordinary life, picking up martial arts and cultivating just like any ordinary Knight. And just like any ordinary Knight, he had also gotten married to a young lady from a small aristocratic clan and lived a very peaceful life.

    Other than his great love for his daughter and family, there was nothing strange or unique about him. That was, until that day one month ago, when he had gone back home and had found out that his wife, daughter and parents had all died in a fire.

    That night, his hair had turned white overnight, and he now looked as if had grown older by twenty years.

    It was also because of that night that his heart felt dead. However, he ended up chancing upon Heaven's Perception, the realm that everyone dreamt of attaining.

    Kirst's City Lord shook his head in pity, remarking, "How tragic. But to be able to attain Heaven's Perception before the second transition without the help of any resources, he's a true genius. It's just that his talent had not been uncovered before this.

    "Together with that snotty brat who transitioned into a Shadow Death God and Astral Ancestor's grand disciple, the three of them are the hot favorites of this year's Regional Selection."

    Lilia pouted, Fang Xingjian's image flashing in her heart. When Kirst's City Lord looked at Lilia's grieving expression, he felt truly helpless.

    He had deliberately brought Lilia here in order to make her forget Fang Xingjian.

    Fang Xingjian had lost his sight and had disappeared after kidnapping Kaunitz. Without the academy's support, and having no powerful background behind him, no one thought well of his future.

    The father and daughter pair walked to the manor's hall without another word. Crystal lights four to five meters tall were hung up on the ceilings, and there were up to a hundred maids walking about in the hall, preparing food and drinks for each guest.

    Kirst's City Lord suddenly broke into a smile and shouted, "Haha, David, long time no see! You've grown increasingly handsome."

    "Uncle, you're the one looking as if you've always been only thirty years old."

    What a graceful handsome man!

    The one who had spoken was a young Knight with his golden-colored hair all combed back, dressed in Knight attire, and with eyes the color of the ocean.

    He was the City Lord of Mongul's second son, and the relations between both families went way back.

    Kirst's City Lord broke into a satisfied smile when he saw him. "Are you participating in the Regional Selection this time around as well?"

    "Yes. I probably won't be able to get into the top three, but I'm still hoping to fight to get into the top five." His words sounded very humble, but the high spirits and confidence reflected on his face were overflowing. His eyes turned in Lilia's direction and he greeted, smiling, "This must be Lilia. I remember playing together when we were kids."

    Seeing that Lilia was not saying anything, Kirst's City Lord smiled, picked up a glass of wine and left saying, "I'll go greet a few acquaintances. This is Lilia's first visit to Great Western City. David, help me take good care of her."

    "Uncle, don't worry." David smiled and watched as Kirst's City Lord left. He then turned to Lilia and said, "Your father has the intention to bring us together, but you don't have to look so put off. Am I that ugly?"

    Lilia threw an angry stare at him and said, "Don't talk to me. If not I'll shout 'molester'." She then turned to leave.

    David smiled, shaking his head. But watching Lilia's backview, his gaze showed interest. He felt that this lady seemed to be very natural and did not put up a facade, being  very different from those pretty and coquettish b*tches he had come across in the past. Therefore, he chased after her.

    In another place, Fang Xingjian had arrived outside the manor, alongside the fat Valen.

    Valen told the guard, "We have something very important to tell Governor Devitt."

    The guard shook his head and said, "The Hundred Blossom Banquet is being held today. No one can enter without an invitation." As he said this, he looked toward Valen and Fang Xingjian with a disdainful expression. It was obvious that he thought they were people who wanted to sneak in.
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