Chapter 223 Pantheon Monument Observation (Part II)

    Chapter 223 Pantheon Monument Observation (Part II)

    Heaven's Perception allowed Fang Xingjian to see within a ten-meter radius. Therefore, even though he was blind, he could still see the diagrams on all four sides of the Pantheon Monument clearly.

    At the start, he only felt that the diagrams on the Pantheon Monument were a bit familiar, but when he saw a diagram that was like a scoop, his heart skipped a beat.

    "The Big Dipper?"

    He started to recall the many constellations and star charts back on Earth. He had learned these things many years back when he had been attending school. However, his memories of them were very faded.

    Despite this, Fang Xingjian was, after all, a Knight with a level 5 mental cultivation method. His brain's memory and calculation abilities had far surpassed what they used to be. Although his recollections of star charts were very distant, they were still stored in his brain. His mind started to work like a calculator, retrieving details a bit at a time and digging out all his memories with regards to the star charts.

    One minute, two minutes, ten minutes... After half an hour, he started to recall slowly and gradually. He remembered that class about five years ago, when his geography teacher had been explaining about star charts and constellations.

    Although this memory was still hidden in his brain, they had long since become blurry, and it was almost impossible to recall any of it.

    However, having attained level 5 in his mental cultivation method, the memory, calculation and contemplation abilities of his brain had improved greatly. After spending half an hour recalling, he finally succeeded.

    He had not only recalled the basic introduction his teacher had given back then but also the four star charts that had flashed on the powerpoint slides.

    'Ursa Minor... Ursa Major... Cassiopeia... Draco...' [1]

    Many constellations appeared in his mind and were then matched up to the diagrams on the Pantheon Monument.

    The Pantheon Monument was covered with star charts on all four sides. They were the star charts for all four seasons, with spring, summer, autumn and winter stars engraved on all four diagrams respectively.

    'But... Why are the star charts on the Pantheon Monument the same as what I had seen on Earth? No, there seems to be some missing parts. Despite this, they are still generally the same.'

    Countless questions flashed through Fang Xingjian's mind, 'Did the Melancholic Monarch go to Earth two hundred years ago? Or...'

    Just as Fang Xingjian was trying to recollect and contemplate, continuously observing the star charts on the Pantheon Monument, Anderson also let out a loud hissing sound. He had comprehended the first level of the Pantheon Monument's profoundness and had white light appearing all over his body. A set of martial art started to form in his Stats Window.

    Fang Xingjian took a quick glance at Anderson with his Heaven's Perception and then turned away. Now, all his attention was taken up by the Pantheon Monument before him.

    'This Pantheon Monument was created by a Divine level expert in the Empire two hundred years ago. No matter where the stars came from, they represent the connection between Earth and Miracle World, which definitely exceeds the seventeen years I had originally thought it to be.'

    Seventeen years ago, the passageway leading to Miracle World had opened up in Demonic City. The entire Demonic City had been invaded by the Other World, and both worlds had a part of itself combined with the other. From there, various stories, experts, clans and legends had been born.

    In those seventeen years, the world went through transformational changes. Countless countries had joined forces to tap into the powers from Miracle World. They had even joined forces with the three Mage Kings and started infiltrating the Miracle World.

    However, Fang Xingjian suddenly realized today that the connection between Miracle World and Earth had not just been from seventeen years ago. It might possibly go all the way back to two hundred years ago. How astonishing was this discovery?

    Manny, on the other side, had once again engrossed himself into comprehending the Pantheon Monument. Spots of light first appeared all over his body, then a circle of light appeared on top of his head. It represented that he had comprehended level 2 of the Pantheon Monument's profoundness.

    Of course, Manny had comprehended the Pantheon Monument before, so no one was astonished by his performance.

    Currently, Hoult and Wei Leng were at level 1, while Manny was at level 2. The elderly man in charge of guarding the Pantheon Monument nodded to himself.

    'This year's Regional Selection has definitely gathered many talents. To think that there are already people who have comprehended the mysteries of the Pantheon Monument in such a short time.

    'However, the Pantheon Monument contains boundless mysteries and everyone's understanding and interpretations are different. Thus, the limits each individual can reach are different as well.

    'Currently, the best explication method is still the Tianyuan Explication, left behind by Devitt thirty years ago. He had comprehended up to the fourth level and evolved his Killing technique three times in order for it to become the Hundred Dragon Ice Incantation today.

    'According to the Tianyuan Explication, we all thought that the limits of the Pantheon Monument's mysteries should be at about the fifth or sixth level.'

    The greatest wish of the elder who guarded the Pantheon Monument was to be able to resolve all the mysteries the Melancholic Monarch had left behind on the Pantheon Monument.

    'Only the proper explication method will be able to resolve all the hidden mysteries to the Pantheon Monument and comprehend the true legacy left behind by the Melancholic Monarch.

    'Although with the Tianyuan Explication that Devitt used, Devitt had comprehended up to the fourth level, it was still not everything. It goes to say that even the Tianyuan Explication isn't the correct method of resolving it.'

    On the other hand, white light was suddenly exploding out from Hoult, forming a circle of light on top of his head. He had comprehended the second level of the mysteries, causing the Astral Sword to transform into the Black Domain Astral Sword.

    The elder had an astonished look and continued to watch Hoult in anticipation.

    Once again, Hoult's transformation agitated the other examinees. Everyone turned their focus onto the Pantheon Monument before them and could not help but wish that they could break the Pantheon Monument apart and take a look at it.

    Hoult had once again got ahead of Anderson, causing his countenance to turn grim. His mind started churning at a very high speed. Those scratches in his eyes were like shadows shifting under sunlight. They recorded a set of extremely profound force exertion method.

    Then as he continued to sense the messages on the Pantheon Monument, the images in his mind seemed to become three dimensional as well.

    'It's not just force exertions using the physical body.

    'There are also changes to the footwork!'

    The spots of light on his body started burning up furiously. It was as if he would be able to attain a breakthrough at any time now.

    Rota let out a long breath and stood up. She had already calmed herself down and was ready to study the Pantheon Monument.

    Fang Xingjian looked at the Pantheon Monument, and as the star charts in his mind grew increasingly clear, he suddenly noticed some problems.

    'Why are there missing parts on the Pantheon Monument's star charts?

    'Everyone can comprehend different martial arts from the Pantheon Monument and still comprehend more and more mysteries, evolving the martial arts they had learnt.

    'This is because the Melancholic Monarch had inserted a lot of information into the Pantheon Monument.'

    Based on the principles of the Miracle World, everything in the world is formed from ether particles. The Pantheon Monument was no exception. And when one's Heaven's Perception has reached a 100% ether synchronization rate, one will be able to leave any information he wishes onto any object and store it there for hundreds or thousands of years.

    'The Melancholic Monarch hid many martial arts into the star charts, and based on the individual's interpretation of the Pantheon Monument, one will be able to comprehend different martial arts. The deeper the level of comprehension, the deeper the understanding of the martial arts and thus leading to the evolution of their martial arts. This will then eventually lead to a complete set of acquired martial arts.

    'Different explication methods will result in different martial arts comprehended. Some martial arts would be completed at the second level, while some will only be fully completed on the third level.

    'The different levels of comprehension are the different segments of the mysteries hidden by the Melancholic Monarch. Multiple rounds of evolution will make the martial arts more and more complete.

    'And based on the different explication method, the limits of one's comprehension will be different, and the martial arts they gain will vary as well. There are some which will be completed at the second level, while others may require up to the third or even fourth level.'

    These things that Fang Xingjian thought about had already been considered by the many other people who were studying the Pantheon Monument. However, the main problem was that for the past over two hundred years, no one had been able to find the right explication method for the Pantheon Monument.

    Fang Xingjian contemplated the missing parts on the Pantheon Monument's star charts and thought to himself, 'What would happen if I were to fill in the missing parts of the diagrams?'

    [1] Names of different constellations.
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