Chapter 236 Arena (Part V)

    Chapter 236 Arena (Part V)

    Meng Hao's face had an extremely arrogant appearance. The cautiousness and patience he'd had for the past few decades had disappeared completely.

    Feeling the thousands of gazes on him, he felt extremely satisfied and had a great feeling of delightfulness and exaltation.

    This feeling made him his aura grow even stronger. In addition to his physique and strong presence, when Meng Hao stood in front of Fang Xingjian, he seemed like the Hulk fighting Captain America. [1]

    Moreover, he understood clearly as to just how strong the diabolic energy he had was.

    There were a total of twelve types of diabolic energy, which led to the segregation of twelve schools of Mages and twelve types of sorcery.

    The sorcery he had was Red Sorcery, performed by a powerful Red Robed Mage.

    Additionally, out of the twelve schools of sorcery, Red Sorcery was the one which was best in strengthening one's physique, strength and body's tenacity. It was one of the sorceries which was most suitable for face-to-face combat.

    Looking at Fang Xingjian, he let out a cold laugh and said, "Fang Xingjian, you weren't expecting this, were you? You must have thought that it was just a harmless earthworm blocking your path, but it has now suddenly turned into a huge dragon. Are you astonished and disappointed?

    "You're thinking of fighting with Hoult for first place in the Regional Selection.

    "But I want to pull you down from being one of the contenders for the Regional Champion and fight it out with Hoult."

    "Earthworm? Huge dragon?" Fang Xingjian drew out the Styx, which was at his waist, slowly. Looking at the imprints on the Styx, Fang Xingjian shook his head and said, "There's a saying that goes like this, 'Even pearls as small as a grain of rice want to shine.' Have you heard of it?"

    Meng Hao frowned. This saying did not exist in Miracle World, but he could sense instinctively that Fang Xingjian's words held disdain toward him. Therefore, Meng Hao's face darkened as he asked, "What does it mean?'

    Fang Xingjian flicked his finger on the Styx slightly, releasing a melodious and crisp ringing sound.

    "It means that even pearls which are as small as rice grains want to shine before gemstones and pearls." Fang Xingjian shook his head. "After cultivating for so many years, it must have been hard for you to reach your current level. Since that's the case, why did you need to come and be humiliated?"

    Fury flashed in Meng Hao's eyes. Ever since he received the diabolic energy, the people he hated the most were people who looked down on him. Fang Xingjian's way of doing things at present was the greatest humiliation to him.

    "Hmph, we'll find out who is the grain of rice and who is the pearl after the fight."

    After saying this, Meng Hao's fist, which was the size of a wok, punched out across space. In that instant, the Reduced Force Field exploded, causing the entire battered arena to be covered with sand and rock. The surging force hit into the air, creating air currents, which were like shock waves hitting out toward Fang Xingjian.

    One punch followed after another and Meng Hao's hands were like a hundred afterimages. The violent power compacted together in the air because of the amazing speed at which the punches were dealt.

    Before the front rows of air currents hit their target, those at the back caught up and joined with them, pushing them forward.

    Just like that, the strength of a hundred, or even a thousand punches, were condensed into the air currents, heading from one side of the arena toward another where Fang Xingjian was at. If Fang Xingjian were to leave the arena, it would be considered his loss. Therefore, Meng Hao's attack left Fang Xingjian with no way to escape. Fang Xingjian could only face the attack head-on.

    This method of piling up power from his punches while using the air as the medium was his Killing technique-Gust Amassing Force.

    However, for ordinary Knights, they were limited to stacking up ten or twenty types of forces. However, Meng Hao was now relying on his endless physical strength, supersonic speed, and that violent power, which was like that of a terrifying dinosaur. He amassed the power of hundreds of punches forcefully, launching the power toward Fang Xingjian in the form of shock waves.

    In this moment, white steam was being emitted from all over his body. Meng Hao was like an engine moving at full power. His temperature was so high that even his skin had turned red, making him appear like a cooked prawn.

    Countless spectators opened their eyes wide upon seeing such a terrifying explosive force. When had they ever seen someone performing the Killing technique, Gust Amassing Force, to this level?

    'The toughness of Meng Hao's body has already exceeded the level 21 Colossal Armed Ape. Additionally, he can perform martial techniques as well. Strong... He is really too strong. Let's see how Fang Xingjian is going to take this attack.'

    In that instant, countless Knights present had this thought in their minds.

    Faced with Meng Hao's extremely violent attack, Fang Xingjian had not thought of using speed or his sword intent to attack his opponent's flaws.

    In today's arena battle, his goal was to get an overwhelming victory over all of the other examinees. He wanted to shock all the Knights by winning the first place with undeniable and absolute power.

    What did it mean to be the undeniable champion? It was to be able to crush your opponents in all areas and aspects, and to maintain an overwhelming gap in battle prowess over all the other examinees.

    It was only with this that he would be able to gain the most resources and face the least troubles. This would also wipe out at least 99% of the ill-intentions the people present had against him.

    Therefore, when faced with Meng Hao's attack, he did not dodge or attack his opponent's flaws, nor did he employ means such as slicing through the attack. Instead, he wanted to use an attack which was even more violent and ferocious to push back and crush his opponent.

    Therefore, without any hesitation, Fang Xingjian performed Terra Ingurgitation, an attack from the Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves which he could only perform once every hour.

    In that instant, everyone within a one kilometer radius from him felt something-the loss of gravity.

    In that short moment, regardless of whether it were the humans, animals, buildings, walls-even rocks, tea cups, horse carriages, and everything on grasslands-everything seemed to be wriggling with the feeling of floating in the air.

    It was because the gravitational force which had been acting on them was now all concentrated on Fang Xingjian. Then with a slash of Fang Xingjian's sword, they all gushed forward, following the direction of the sword's tip.

    The gravitational force acting on all the physical objects within a one kilometer radius... How violent was this force?

    Putting everything else aside, even if it were just the gravitational force which was on all the spectators present in the battle coliseum, it would already be a terrifying force. Let alone the fact that within a one kilometer radius, there were still at least over ten horse carriages and over ten buildings, as well as countless stones and trees.

    Moreover, now with Fang Xingjian's sword slash, the world within a one kilometer radius was as though it had been turned over and everyone felt as though they were flying. All the gravitational force, which had been acting on them, was now gathered onto Fang Xingjian's sword and then smashed against the shock waves in front of Meng Hao.

    The spatial force smashed onto the Styx, releasing consecutive booms. However, it was just like an ant trying to shake up a big tree, or a group of ants trying to bang against a big mountain. All of the shock waves were smashed by the unbelievable gush of power and caused Meng Hao, who was still punching out, to sense a surge of power gushing back toward him. Before this surge of energy, the explosive force he unleashed was weak like a frail piece of paper, torn completely into shreds just in that brief instant.

    'Too powerful.'

    'Too fierce!'

    The moment Fang Xingjian's longsword slashed out, the very last thing which popped up in Meng Hao's mind was Fang Xingjian's earlier words.

    'Even pearls as small as a grain of rice want to shine..."

    Then the next moment, his consciousness was completely devoured by the ferocious surge of power.

    [1] Fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics
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