Chapter 237 Arena (Part VI)

    Chapter 237 Arena (Part VI)

    That single sword had contained all the gravity of the physical objects within a one kilometer radius. It was a sword which was as heavy as the heaven and earth. Before it even got near Meng Hao's body, the violent air currents were overpowered by this force from Fang Xingjian and formed into layers of strong air currents, which tore Meng Hao's body apart.

    Several ten thousand tons? Several hundred thousand tons? Or was it several million tons?

    No one knew how heavy Fang Xingjian's sword attack was. It was like a fuel-air explosive had been set off in the battle coliseum. The white force turned into waves which could be seen by the naked eye and blew out in all directions.

    Amidst the strong tremors, sand and rocks got blown everywhere.

    This was just a hurricane to start it off. When the power from this sword hit the ground, the entire arena immediately sank into the ground. As though an earthquake had struck the battle coliseum, a crack over a hundred meters long formed in the ground.

    The thousands of spectators left their seats. As they had temporarily lost the gravitational force acting on them, the spectators were thrown up to a height of half a meter due to the tremors.

    All the walls of the battle coliseum cracked apart, like a cake which had been sliced through by a knife. Both the ground and the walls started to tremor in a wave-like motion, sending many ripples outward.

    Gravity then returned to the spectators, and they returned down to the ground. However, amidst the exclamations, a large part of the west side of the battle coliseum crumbled, causing the entire arena to disappear and turn into a meteorite crater.

    Tons of sand and dust were sent flying upward from the impact, filling up the whole place with dust.

    In that moment, the entire coliseum looked like a natural disaster had just occurred there.

    Amidst all the sand and dust, Governor Devitt waved his hand, bringing forth a hundred massive ice dragons.

    Some of them passed through the sand and dust directly, absorbing them.

    Some of the others started to move the crumbling rocks, mending the walls, protecting the spectators, and preventing accidents from happening.

    However, everyone who had been able to come spectate were all nobles. Even if they were not Knights, their attributes would not be weak, and thus, they would not be in trouble just because of this 'minor earthquake'.

    Governor Devitt spent a little bit of effort and cleaned up the place.

    Then now, in the middle of the arena, there was only Fang Xingjian remaining. Not even Meng Hao's voice was had been left behind.

    The several black-robed men, who were mixed in with the crowd, frowned. One of them spoke up, "The power strengthening effect was still there. Before the two of them collided, Meng Hao's body still received the enhancement from the Red Sorcery, showing no signs of weakening.

    "But... when Fang Xingjian came over, all the force fields, which protected Meng Hao's body and increased his body's toughness, have all disappeared. Otherwise, with the magic prints that we casted... he shouldn't be eradicated completely, without even a corpse left behind.

    "This matter is not something we can interfere in anymore. Let's report this to the higher ups."

    During this same moment, Fang Xingjian stood still in the arena, his mind still recalling the earlier scene.

    When he slashed down, before his sword had reached Meng Hao, the force formed from the compressed air had already torn apart Meng Hao's Knight attire.

    That was when he had seen the imprints on Meng Hao's body through his Heaven's Perception.

    'Magic prints? So, it's true that the people from Earth have started to infiltrate over here? Or have they already been infiltrating for a very long time?'

    The spectators were also recalling Fang Xingjian's sword attack which seemed to be able to transform the heavens and the earth.

    Adri looked at Fang Xingjian dazedly and finally said, "This sword attack had converted all the gravitational force in the area, concentrating the gravity, which had been acting on us, onto his sword. Not only was the gravitational force transferred perfectly, but there wasn't even a hint of backlash.

    "His mastery is truly great.

    "And the explosive force created from the transfer of gravitational force is truly violent... too violent...

    "This is the martial art he comprehended from the Pantheon Monument? As expected of a Divine level expert's legacy. I thought that he wouldn't have mastered this yet since he has just acquired it. But to think that he has already reached such a level...

    "If that's the case, we can't let him continue to grow any stronger. Otherwise, we'll probably never have the chance to take our revenge."

    Mongul City's City Lord continued to recall Fang Xingjian's earlier sword attack, trying to figure out the level of explosive power it had produced.

    "That attack from earlier was formed from at least the gravitational force within a three hundred meter radius or more. This is no longer a power that can be controlled by flesh and blood.

    "To think that a first transition Knight can be allowed to tap into a portion of the tremendous powers from the heavens and the earth... The Melancholic Monarch's legacy is amazing, truly amazing..."

    Mongul City's City Lord let out a deep sigh. He had known Fang Xingjian had solved all the mysteries behind the Pantheon Monument, but he had thought Fang Xingjian would need at least a few months before he could achieve some results from the Divine level expert's legacy. Moreover, that it would take a few years before he would be able to go around the world unhindered.

    How could he have expected that within just a day, Fang Xingjian would already be able to perform such a vicious attack? This was far beyond his expectations.

    He patted David on the shoulder and sighed, "Let's head back to Mongul City."

    Fang Xingjian's sword attack had truly wiped out the intentions of many people who wanted to make an enemy out of him.

    This was also what made Adri different from David. Adri represented the Tresia Clan, who had sworn to fight to the death with Fang Xingjian. However, there was still room to ease the tension between David and Fang Xingjian.

    Hoult could be said to have dealt with his opponent gracefully, like an aristocrat, in the previous battle. Employing various techniques and means, he had demonstrated his strong and unfathomable support.

    As for Fang Xingjian, he had used the most violent and brutal means to crush his opponent completely.

    Stationed near the arena, the gazes of all the other examinees changed as they looked at Fang Xingjian.

    Anderson's pupils contracted, as though he was a cat who felt threatened, stationed subconsciously in a defensive stance.

    Hoult's right hand continued to stroke the Crimson Fire's grip. It was because, at this moment, only this level 29 Superior Divine Weapon was able to give him absolute confidence.

    All the people in the stands were chattering amongst themselves, occasionally throwing horrified and wary gazes toward Fang Xingjian.

    The examiners looked toward the arena, and Governor Devitt sighed. "Meng Hao was quite a good seed. Although his talent was a tad weaker, his will must have been extremely strong for him to be able to cultivate his body to this level. It would have been good if he hadn't died." At the same time, the gaze he used to look at Fang Xingjian became scorching.

    "This legacy left behind by the Melancholic Monarch must definitely stay within our Great Western Region," He said with a burning gaze. "I suggest allowing Fang Xingjian access to the Sacred Land of the highest level in our academy once he has entered."

    "What?!" Luke, the oldest out of all four of the examiners, said, "The Sacred Land of the highest level? All along, it has only been accessible for yourself and the students preparing for the National Selection. For Fang Xingjian to be able to receive such great treatment just after he enters... There'll probably be many students who will not be able to accept this."

    "What can't they accept?" Governor Devitt said unyieldingly. "Fang Xingjian's talent has proved worthy for us to provide any amount of investment. Moreover, we've also spoken with him to understand his mindsets as well as his political inclinations. There isn't anything inappropriate."

    Luke still shook his head and said, "I still think that this is too rushed. We must be more careful in nurturing someone like Fang Xingjian by giving him more tests. Otherwise, once he grows stronger and out of our control, the damage done would be ten or a hundred times greater than that of ordinary students."

    Just as the two of them were debating, scarred face Armstrong stood up and said, "Alright, there's no use for us to fight over it here. Let's talk about it after the Regional Selection is over. I'll go fix up the battle coliseum."
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