Chapter 239 Repetitive Brutal Attacks

    Chapter 239 Repetitive Brutal Attacks

    In the second match amongst the best eight, a man by the name of Caesar stood before Anderson.

    After the two of them went up to the arena, they started fighting without saying a word. It could be said this was the only match without any conversation between the participants since the start of the arena battle.

    Caesar was encompassed by a steel armor all over his body. It was a level 9 Empire's Divine Weapon and was extremely valuable. Clearly, it had been forged specially for him by the academy or clan supporting him.

    He held a longspear, which was an Inferior Divine Weapon with electricity and white light flashing around it.

    With a single move, Anderson dashed into the shadows under his feet. Then with a leap, Anderson's shadow dashed out from the shadow under Caesar. Anderson's Shadow Tooth's strong spinning force thrust through Caesar's vest.

    With a loud clank, the strong impact trembled through the entire armor. However, the impact of Anderson's attack was spread throughout the armor and was, in turn, nullified.

    Caesar's armor was not the only thing which had the effect of dispersing power. Even his Killing technique, Conduction, was one which could channel power into the ground.

    At the same time, Caesar thrust his longspear toward Anderson with a flash.

    Anderson let out a cold snort, simply unwilling to dodge this spear attack. He channelled force into his Shadow Tooth and had it face the longspear head-on, causing Caesar to retreat by a step.

    Caesar's armor, an Empire's Divine Weapon, had the weight of one ton. Caesar's build was also twice that of Anderson's. Additionally, his two-meter-long electric spear had great might. To think that even with all these, Caesar was still pushed back by Anderson and his dagger, Shadow Tooth...

    How high was Anderson's strength attribute?

    Anderson gave everyone the chance to experience fully the Shadow Death God's dominating prowess in terms of its attributes. He simply stood before Caesar, not even using his dagger but just punching Caesar's armor time and time again, causing Caesar to retreat once again, this time by three steps.

    When Anderson saw the longspear heading over, he edged his shoulder forward, and with a force like that of a mountain, he sent the longspear flying.

    Caesar let out a loud roar and smashed down with his two fists which were covered in the armor. At the same time, he put his legs and knees together, and it seemed as though the number of hands and feet he had had increased instantly. Then all of Caesar's limbs smashed violently toward Anderson.

    Facing Caesar's sudden explosive force, Anderson appeared to be fiercer and more brutal, fighting ruthlessness with ruthlessness and fighting force with force. Anderson's punches and kicks clashed against his opponent's armor, and when his knee met his opponent's, it was like a comet had struck Earth. Rows of air currents shot out as the two of them collided time and time again.

    Caesar's armor and his Killing technique, Conduction, were all highly effective in mitigating and nullifying powers. He was like a giant sponge, being able to stand firmly regardless what kind of crazy attacks he was hit with.

    However, Anderson was now attacking him at his strongest point, meeting fist with fist, kicks with kicks, and shoulders with shoulders. He was attacking fiercely, pushing Caesar down.

    Finally, after twenty moves, Anderson bellowed loudly and punched down on Caesar's chest, causing Caesar to drop to his knees. Although Caesar's body was unharmed, he felt like he had been run over by a large truck. The muscles all over his body were aching, and he could not bring up any more strength.

    His body had fallen limp after receiving the tremendous impacts time and time again.

    Looking at how his opponent had dropped to his knees, Anderson grunted coldly  and kicked Caesar out, showing no mercy. He sent Caesar, who was over one ton in weight, flying out of the arena.

    Seeing how calm Anderson was, and how he was not even panting, everyone seemed to once again sense the boundless violence in him.

    The growth in the attributes Shadow Death God had given him, had truly surpassed those in all the first transition jobs. He had managed to smash through Caesar and his tough defences despite not having used any of his Killing techniques.

    The third match was between Wei Leng and Schreyer.

    This Schreyer was an extremely thin Knight. Rather than a Knight, he looked more like an old farmer. However, despite this, the old farmer still managed to persist and went on into the top eight. Naturally, there would not be anyone who would despise him.

    Wei Leng was the same. When this man, who was silent like a mountain as though each of his words were gold, arrived on the arena, he started to flex his limbs. Unleashing a tremendous surge of aura, he was like a wild beast who had opened out its claws fully.

    Wei Leng was an expert who had comprehended Heaven's Perception to begin with and had reached this point just by relying on Heaven's Perception alone. He was clearly a person who had taken spiritual training very seriously.

    In that instant, Wei Leng's aura exploded, causing Schreyer to feel slightly terrified. Schreyer's gaze had changed slightly as he stared at Wei Leng's body, showing great wariness.

    Wei Leng said coldly, "You're already frightened... You'll definitely lose this match. You might as well give up directly."

    Schreyer let out a cold laugh and did not say a word. The next moment, numerous tens of silhouettes appeared behind him suddenly. They were not afterimages but illusions with material bodies.

    Wei Leng shook his head and sighed, "Why don't you think about your family? Why do you need to risk your life here?"

    Wei Leng's words were very simple, crude even. However, there was a strong and amazing power in his tone, which caused Schreyer to sway once again with just a few words.

    Schreyer knew he could not continue listening to what his opponent was saying. So, he moved, and the numerous tens of illusionary silhouettes moved along with him, dashing toward Wei Leng.

    Wei Leng swept his longsword out, causing over ten of the silhouettes to disappear. In the next moment, more of them dashed over. However, Wei Leng's longsword was like a series of electrical currents lined up together, destroying all the silhouettes which came near.

    He did not use a lot of strength nor was his speed was fast, but he would always be able to kill the silhouettes.

    Looking at how Wei Leng seemed to be in a state of solitude, Schreyer only felt that his opponent's longsword was getting increasingly faster, as though it was going to surpass the speed at which he could create more illusionary silhouettes.

    From Schreyer's viewpoint, he was having an intense battle with Wei Leng. However, from Wei Leng's perspective and the viewpoint of the spectators, Schreyer was just standing there motionless, allowing Wei Leng to walk up to him gradually. Then with a light push, Schreyer was sent out of the arena.

    'What's going on?

    "It's an illusionary type Killing technique! How amazing, I haven't seen such a powerful illusionary Killing technique before."

    "When did Schreyer fall into Wei Leng's illusion? When they were talking? Or had he been struck by the illusion from the moment he entered the arena?"

    The spectators were buzzing in their discussions as Wei Leng went down from the arena. It was then that Schreyer regained his senses, as though he had just woken up from a dream. His eyes were still filled with haziness.

    For the next battle, the final batch amongst the top eight, it was finally Hoult's and Rota's turn.

    Looking at Rota walking up the arena, Hoult smiled and said, "It's not easy for a lady to be able to reach this stage. Seeing how you managed to win the previous battle by employing mental tricks, you should know that you're not my match. It'll be wise for you to give up this match and save your energy to fight for the fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth place."

    Rota stretched her neck and flexed her four limbs, elbows, ankles and wrists, releasing pitter pattering noises. Her vital energy and blood bubbled, creating swooshing sounds and displaying her strong physical strength.

    While she warmed up, she said, "Schemes are but means. A true Knight must be able to press forward with an indomitable will. Being decisive is when you give up to prevent severe injuries after being suppressed by the opponents.

    "Without even a single attack, giving up before entering the arena... That is pure cowardice.

    "To be unable to tell the difference between decisiveness and cowardice... It seems like although you're well-trained physically, you still have many flaws mentally. Maybe you'll attain Heaven's Perception later than me."

    The moment Rota went up, she challenged Hoult head-on, trying to weaken his momentum through her words. She knew she was not a match for Hoult, but when it came to fighting for the top eight places in the Regional Selection, a lot of money, resources and rewards were involved. So, she would naturally give it her all and try to fight for it.
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