Chapter 240 Going All Out

    Chapter 240 Going All Out

    As a disciple under the wing of a Divine level expert, although Hoult's performance in the Regional Selection for the past few days had been slightly worse than Fang Xingjian's, it was still dazzling, making it hard for people to ignore. After Fang Xingjian had killed Meng Hao in a single move, he had become the one and only candidate who could compete with Fang Xingjian for the Regional Champion title.

    Hoult's momentum was going strong. Other than Fang Xingjian, there was no one else who could fight against him.

    Therefore, in order to weaken his aura, Rota challenged him verbally.

    However, hearing Rota's words, Hoult was not infuriated. He merely calmly said, "Since you have a courageous heart which fears no challenges and continues to push on forward, and you're able to deploy all means to achieve your aims in battle, you're really a talent in battle.

    "However, right now, I'm not interested in sparring with you. My interest now is..."

    With that, he turned his head and fixed his gaze on Fang Xingjian. Fang Xingjian seemed to not have noticed anything, just keeping his eyes closed tight as he cultivated his sword technique.

    In the short moment it took for Hoult to turn his head, Rota's longspear shot out as she activated the Void Penetrative Divine Spear. It shot out over tens of meters with an immense penetrating force, hitting a spinning force onto Hoult's face.

    'I've succeeded!'

    Sensing the feeling in her hands, Rota was overjoyed.

    'To think that he was so careless, losing his attention in the arena battle...'

    Just as Rota was thinking about this, she suddenly let out a cold snort and quickly retreated seven steps before coming to a stop.

    However, the longspear in her hands continued to tremble non-stop, clearly a result from the strong impact.

    'How could this be? I clearly hit his face. No matter how strong he is, there's no way he would be able to block this spear attack with Reduced Force Field.'

    Rota looked at Hoult, and in the next moment, her pupils contracted. She saw her opponent's face, neck, and other body parts sparkling with star-like spots. Under the sun, they were like sparkling diamonds.

    "Astral Tempest?"

    Hoult replied calmly, "That's right. The skin on the surface of my entire body has a protective layer formed by the Astral Tempest. With your strength and Killing technique, you don't seem to be able to break through my defences. You're better off stepping down by yourself."

    Rota did not reply, but her expression turned grim. When Hoult saw this, he shook his head, releasing countless silvery lights. The Astral Tempest had been activated.

    As she watched the countless spots of light coming in on her, Rota suddenly took three steps back and, with a light leap, left the arena.

    Looking at Hoult's surprised expression, Rota smiled and said, "I'm no idiot. Since I can't even break through your Astral Tempest, I'll naturally not continue to cling on obstinately. Hmhmph... I'll wait to see your battle with Fang Xingjian."

    With that, she suavely took her leave.

    'Being able to advance and retreat with ease, not only being able to stand up to my pressure, but also being able to leave without fear of losing reputation before so many people...' Hoult looked at Rota's back view and smiled, 'What an interesting lady.'

    Now, the best four in the arena battle had finally been decided.

    They were Fang Xingjian, Anderson, Wei Leng, and Hoult. With the time spent on fixing the arena and for the other matches to go on, Fang Xingjian had finally gotten past one hour and now had the opportunity to use Terra Ingurgitation one more time.

    The next matches were Fang Xingjian against Anderson and Wei Leng against Hoult. The victors of each respective match would then fight to be the final champion.

    It was finally the semifinals. The atmosphere got even more heated. The names of the remaining four would concern the hundreds of thousands of budget the respective Prefectural Academies would receive.

    Moreover, the gambling dens in the entire Great Western City were going crazy. Countless people were placing their bets, causing the bets regarding the Regional Selection placed in the Great Western City to reach up to millions.

    With so much money involved, it was sufficient to affect the entire situation in the Great Western Region.

    Moreover, the reward for the champion was a complete set of level 29 Superior Divine Armor.

    Just look at Hoult's level 29 Superior Divine Weapon, the Crimson Fire... How powerful would a complete set of level 29 Superior Divine Armor be?

    Countless burning gazes were fixed on the four, mixed with various emotions. The semi-finals were finally about to start.

    However, when Fang Xingjian was seated and waiting for the battle to begin, a maid walked up to him and passed him a towel and some water.

    When his Heaven's Perception scanned the tray she was holding, he was stunned for a moment.

    There was a message written in water.

    'If you're willing to lose the next match, we're willing to pay thirty thousand gold.'

    Although there was no hint of threat behind the words, thirty thousand gold was an enormous sum. Putting aside the fact he would no longer have to worry about basic necessities, this sum was a significant amount, even to a Conferred Knight. It could even allow one to purchase a Superior Divine Weapon.

    However, why would Fang Xingjian be bothered with him? How could thirty thousand gold be compared to the reward of the Regional Champion? He ignored it and waited quietly for the match to start.

    The semi-finals were officially starting. With a dash, Anderson appeared on the arena, shooting Fang Xingjian a challenging look.

    Compared with Anderson's speed, Fang Xingjian took his time to appear on the arena with a few flashes. 'Looking' at Anderson and the surrounding, Fang Xingjian said calmly, "The environment here is actually not suitable for your battle style."

    How could Anderson appreciate Fang Xingjian's concern? He was one who would remain stubborn, even on the verge of death. He said directly, "Hmph, I'll only need 80% of my powers to deal with you guys."

    Fang Xingjian shook his head and said, "It'll only be a little bit interesting if you were to use 100% of your powers."

    Before Anderson could understand the meaning behind his words, amidst his astonished gaze, Fang Xingjian took a few steps forward before he suddenly stopped. Lifting up his right leg gently, he stomped down viciously at the speed of lightning.

    With a loud, explosive boom akin to a great thunderbolt dropping down, dust and sand soared up, and immediately, the entire arena broke into several pieces, turning into pieces of rocks as they shot upward.

    Anderson could only feel his heart palpitating. To think that in such a short moment, he had the feeling of facing a natural disaster.

    The structure of the arena became many strangely-shaped boulders of varying heights shooting up. Some of them were the height of a man, some two to three men, some many meters tall.

    With one stomp, Fang Xingjian had stepped on the arena's weakest point. The tremendous power channeled down into the ground, causing an explosion within the arena. It was as if this stomp had the power to transform the world, causing the entire arena to be changed into a rocky terrain.

    In this rocky terrain, there were various shadows, blind spots, cracks between boulders, and strangely-shaped stone pillars. This was now a terrain that the Shadow Death God loved the most, one that was perfect for street battles and sneak attacks.

    At that moment, Fang Xingjian's calm voice rang out, "Now, you'll be able to fully showcase your powers.

    "You can have the first attack. If I were to attack first, you wouldn't have the chance to attack anymore. You've gone through so much to come to the battle arena in the Regional Selection... You must showcase your battle prowess fully before you can return."

    Fang Xingjian's series of movements, sudden stomp and explosive force, all at the expense of depleting his vital energy and blood, were so that Anderson could unleash his full powers.
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