Chapter 247 Imperious

    Chapter 247 Imperious

    Hearing the First Prince's words, the hearts the four examiners, as well as the hearts of the examinees in the Regional Selection, fell, and their expressions turned grim.

    While looking at the First Prince in mid-air, who looked like both a god and a demon, everyone present felt a suffocating feeling. Anxiety, terror, excitement, and even feelings of idolization seeped out. The pressure was so strong that everyone present could not catch their breath.

    For the past few years, the First Prince had been oppressing and domineering, and had taken in a variety of geniuses. He had even eradicated quite a number of factions and killed many high ranking officials from the Empire, causing the entire upper echelon of the Empire to be on tenterhooks.

    Moreover, the First Prince was the future successor of the Empire. Having spread out his influence across the world, his existence in the empire was second only to the King.

    Everyone was very clear on the First Prince's motives; he wanted to bring all thirty-six sections of the Hell's Map to the greatest level ever attained.

    What level would that be? It would require all thirty-six contractors to be peerless Conferred Knights, who were all at level 29.

    What kind of powers would thirty-six second transition Conferred Knights at the pinnacle have? There were only over five thousand Conferred Knight in the whole Empire, and out of them, there would not be more than one hundred of them who would be able to reach level 29.

    For the First Prince to wish to take in thirty-six top notch Conferred Knights, it meant he wanted to take in one-third of the top experts in the Empire under him. How could this be possible?

    Each level 29 Conferred Knight was supported by a tremendous force, which would be either a faction, group, or political party.

    Take for example, the eight Governors of the eight regions. How could they possibly be people whom the First Prince could take in so easily and then have them sign on the Devil's Note, placing them forever under his control?

    Therefore, what the First Prince did instead was collect geniuses who had the potential to attain level 29.

    However, even this was difficult. Since the creation of the Ancient Path of Hell, the legendary creator Adam had been the only one who succeeded in this.

    Anyone who knew of the First Prince's motives would be astonished by his great plans.

    However, after the initial astonishment, there would be even more overwhelming pressure. It was because if the First Prince really succeeded in this attempt, in the future, there would probably be no room for other forces, groups or factions to survive within the Empire. The world would be controlled solely by the First Prince.

    Additionally, along with the First Prince's appearance and words, everyone felt an overwhelming aura surging forth.

    The abilities of each of the thirty-six clones from hell would be tightly connected to each of their contractors. It was just like how the Dark Knight in the sky had the powers of a top notch second transition level 29 Conferred Knight, giving the First Prince's clone an even stronger aura. Just its appearance alone had already given the others so much pressure that no one could raise their heads.

    Its absolute, domineering powers were displayed fully.

    Everyone exclaimed in their hearts. If the First Prince were to really cultivate all thirty-six Hell's Maps, what astonishing powers would he have if all thirty-six clones and his true body were then gathered together?

    However, regardless, 99% of the examinees present today probably would not wish to be taken in under the First Prince as a puppet.

    Governor Devitt was the first to step out. Looking at the First Prince in mid-air, he said with an unfriendly expression, "Prince George, with regards to the Royal Supervisory Officer you mentioned, I don't seem to have heard any news about it."

    "Of course you haven't." George Krieg smiled. "It's because His Majesty finally agreed to my request just three days ago. I've been rushing to the various locations where the Regional Selections are being held. The Great Western Region is already my third stop."

    Devitt frowned deeply, not showing any respect as he said, "Do you have any proof?"

    George Krieg let out a cold laugh, seemingly unconcerned toward the Governor's lack of respect. After all, he had long since known Devitt had joined his younger brother. So, why would Devitt listen to him, the First Prince?

    Moreover, he was long prepared for this and tossed out a metallic scroll to Devitt.

    Devitt caught it and saw its contents.

    These scrolls, which were forged specially from alloy, held the King's secret decree. They were confidential documents, each with unique ciphertext, codes, and labels, put into writing and stored in the Archives of the respective regions.

    It could be said that each of the King's decrees was one of a kind. There would be orders written on it, and it would be useless after one use.

    Moreover, just the alloy material used and the method of creating the scroll alone were state secrets.

    If one were to forge the King's decree, he might be able to be able to pull it off in front of low ranked officials, but before Prefectural and Regional Officials, the lie would be easy to expose.

    Devitt cast a glance over the contents and had confirmed it was likely that this was real. Moreover, with the First Prince's status, he had no need to forge documents.

    However, this made him felt even more dismal.

    Lifting his head to look at the smiling First Prince, Devitt could not help but think to himself, 'Your Majesty, what on earth are you thinking? If such orders were to be conveyed down...'

    However, the King's orders were absolute. No matter how unwilling Devitt was, there was no way he could defy the orders with so many eyes watching him.

    Therefore, he cupped his hands together and said, "I wonder how your Highness wishes to give guidance to the Regional Selection's arrangements?"

    "Forget about the guidance." The First Prince sat on a throne formed from the black fog in mid-air. This made him appear even more domineering and tyrannical, as though he was Hades from Hell.

    He spoke, "All four of the seniors here are the pillars of the Great Western Region. I will obviously not have any issues with the Regional Selection you have planned.

    "But as I said earlier, in these precarious times, this country needs to strengthen its powers, and we need even more stronger Conferred Knights. Therefore, I've come specially to select Knights who have shown outstanding performances in the Regional Selection and will be sending them directly to the National Royal Academy to continue their studies.

    "You guys must cherish this chance. To be able to skip the Regional Royal Academy and join the central forces... This is not something that everyone can do.

    "Since the founding of the Empire, there have only been one or two of such chances which were bestowed by the heavens."

    Governor Devitt laughed coldly to himself. Such a means of substituting one thing for another surreptitiously were too obvious. While the First Prince claimed they would be able to enter the National Academy directly, when the time came, their status, allocations and arrangements would still be decided by the First Prince himself.

    Although it appeared as though they would come under the National Academy, they would in fact become the First Prince's private forces.

    As Devitt thought these things to himself, he tried to delay some time and said, "Since that's the case, I would like to request for your Highness to wait for another day. After the..."

    "The matches can continue after I'm gone." The First Prince interrupted Devitt overbearingly and commanded, "Since the talents I'm picking out are not based on their final results, I'll bring them with me first, and you guys can continue the matches."

    Governor Devitt knew he must not back off at this point. So, he straightened his posture and said, "Your Highness, the Regional Selection is a regulation which has been implemented since the founding of the Empire. For the past two hundred years, even back when we were at war with the Sand Country in the east or with the three countries in the north, it has not been stopped. Your Highness wishes to be the first to do so?"
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