Chapter 249 Second Prince

    Chapter 249 Second Prince

    Faced with the First Prince's extremely arrogant words, Fang Xingjian straightened his back as though he was not facing any pressure.

    "The Regional Selection is a national regulation under the King's orders. By saying this, are you trying to say that you want to surpass the King and overstep the boundaries of your own authorities?"

    Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, the First Prince looked at him and laughed coldly, as though he was looking at a clown.

    Stretching out his hands, the Dark Heavenly Canopy pressed downward again.

    "Fang Xingjian, let me tell you today... Before absolute power, things like reasonings, regulations and justice... they're nothing but crap. When absolute power breaks through, it naturally becomes the regulation."

    A surge of very strong and dark power descended, as though it was bringing down the entire stretch of sky.

    However, at this moment, a surge of power of great majesty came down like an extremely Yang gust of wind, dissipating the large spread of darkness.

    This majestic and strong power was like the sun in the sky, omnipresent and extremely vigorous yet nourishing, bringing about the feeling of the spring breeze.

    "Eldest Brother, please stop there."

    A voice rang out together with this force of power, astonishing the crowd once again.

    Governor Devitt thought to himself, 'It's the Second Prince's Thoughts Across A Thousand Li. His thoughts have transcended through space.

    Hearing the Second Prince's thoughts, a light flashed past the First Prince's eyes, and he said, "Oh? Second Brother, even you are here to stop me?"

    "The Regional Selection has been set up since the founding of the Empire to uncover and nurture talents in order the strengthen the Empire.

    "The mastery of Eldest Brother's cultivation is gradually heading toward perfection. Moreover, although you have not attained all thirty-six Hell's Maps, you're close to attaining the Divine level. So, why do you need to make it hard for a mere Knight?"

    Hearing that the person speaking was the Second Prince, everyone was shocked. However, the messages in the Second Prince's words made everyone feel even more astonished.

    "The First Prince is about to attain the Divine level despite not having cultivated all thirty-six Hell's Maps?"

    "Divine level... divine level... His Majesty has said before that once the First Prince steps into the Divine level, he will travel the world and pass all the matters of the country to the First Prince."

    "I see... This time around, His Majesty has let the First Prince take the role of Royal Supervisory Officer in order to let him remove all opposing forces and increase his influence. This will in turn allow him to be further distinguished from the other princes."

    "His Majesty has completely made up his mind and chosen the First Prince."

    Almost everyone was astonished by the Second Prince's words. It was now certain that the First Prince was the successor to the throne, and he might even become the Empire's eleventh Divine level expert and rule the world. The Second Prince's words had even hinted a sign of inferiority to the First Prince.

    Then after hearing the Second Prince's words, the First Prince also fell silent for a while before saying calmly, "Second Brother, the reason you're saying this is because you hope that I can let Fang Xingjian off?"

    The Second Prince's voice rang out again, "With Eldest Brother's cultivation, you should be able to reach the Divine level in at most another year, right? With your powers, your sight should be set across the entire world. Your real opponents should be the three Mage Kings, the countries in the north, and the Sand Country in the west.

    "If you manage to step into Divine level a year later, I'll naturally go all out to help you. Why do you need to insist on holding onto a mere Knight?"

    "Hmph." Hearing the Second Prince's words, the First Prince was overjoyed and said, "Since Second Brother has said so, I will naturally not mind letting go of a Knight. Within a year, I'll definitely attain the Divine level. I hope that when the time comes, you will not make the wrong decision and disappoint me."

    The Second Prince said calmly, "If Eldest Brother were to step into the Divine level within a year, I'll naturally do my part for the Empire and follow in your lead."

    In the next moment, the First Prince stood up abruptly, releasing a gust of sharp aura in all directions. Puffs of black fog soared up, as though forcing out streams of black spatial gaps.

    "Since that's the case, Fang Xingjian, I'll forgive your act of disrespect today. However, while I can let you off on Second Brother's account, I can't possibly leave without bringing anyone with me."

    With that, he grabbed out with his hand. It was like the world had turned completely dark, and everything was sucked into his hand.

    Under this tremendous suction, Wei Leng, who was at the side, was grabbed by the First Prince and turned into three black lines together with the Dark Knight before disappearing.

    The First Prince had wanted to grab Anderson but realized that this guy was extremely quick-witted. He had long since hid behind the four examiners, unlike how Wei Leng was still standing foolishly outside the arena. The First Prince could only throw a long look at Anderson and let this go before taking Wei Leng with him.

    At the same time, the First Prince's arrogant voice came from afar, "I'll be bringing this Wei Leng with me. As for the rest of the processes in the Regional Selection, you can do as you wish."

    The First Prince had decided to let Fang Xingjian off after the Second Prince showed signs of inferiority. However, under everyone's gazes, he still took an examinee away with him while ignoring the Regional Selection and the Governor. Despite this, no one present could do anything to him.

    It was because the news, that the First Prince was about to step into Divine level, was far too astonishing. Even though he was also at level 29, aside from Divine level experts, there was no one else capable of being his opponent.

    However, even though he was domineering, his actions had built up a lot of influence for himself. The First Prince had left an indestructible impression in the minds of all the aristocrats in the entire Great Western Region.

    After this incident, there would be countless people submitting to him.

    Looking at the First Prince's departure, murderous intent filled Fang Xingjian's eyes. Based on his true character, a person like the First Prince was one he had to kill. However, his abilities were far from a match for the First Prince, and he was also in a weakened state after the earlier battle. At present, Fang Xingjian was incapable of unleashing even a single Ether Sword Ripple.

    He thought to himself, 'George Krieg, you mentioned that you'll be able to step into Divine level within a year. Then, within this year, I must transcend beyond Divine level and kill you a year later, before returning to Divine level and eradicating Caroline and the entire Onassis Clan. I'll also suppress Li Shuanghua and force the truth of my origins out from her.'

    Once again, he experienced being suppressed by powerful forces, and once again, Fang Xingjian craved for more power.

    However, he was very confident in his own talent. Fang Xingjian believed he would be able to make a series of breakthroughs by cultivating in the Regional Academy for a year. He would surpass the First Prince and then surpass the Divine level.

    Only when he has great power, would he be able to follow his true heart and eradicate his external demons and live a carefree life. This was the foundation of his future cultivation.

    Just then, a voice once again rang out next to Fang Xingjian's ears, "Xingjian, I'm the Second Prince. Come out from the battle coliseum. Let's meet up."

    Hearing that, Fang Xingjian was stunned for a moment, then he left the battle coliseum alone.

    Behind him, although the final arena battles in the Regional Selection continued on in the battle coliseum, after the incident with the First Prince, the remaining arena battles were like a joke. Everyone's attention was no longer on the arena.

    "The First Prince is truly blessed by the heavens. Having attained a power at his level, he can already ignore all regulations and suppress everyone."

    "This time around, Fang Xingjian is truly unlucky to have offended the First Prince. I wonder what decision he will make one year later?"

    "The First Prince will attain the Divine level within a year. By then, aside from showing submission, what else can Fang Xingjian do? The First Prince is truly amazing. Didn't you see that earlier? Even the Second Prince bowed down to him. What can a mere Knight like Fang Xingjian do?"

    Adri stood in the stands, looking at Fang Xingjian's departing back view while laughing coldly in heart.

    'Hmph. Since His Highness has stepped out in person, one year later, you'll definitely become a puppet on a Hell's Map, and I won't have to take any action. When the time comes, I'll see how you'll strive to live while in utter misery as a complete slave to His Highness.'

    As the Deputy Commander of the Imperial Guards, Adri was very clear on how horrifying the Hell's Maps were. After signing the Devil's Note, in appearance, it would seem as though he had received countless benefits and that his powers would improve rapidly, in leaps and bounds.

    However, the truth was that he would not be able to decide on his own life and death. Everything in his life would be controlled by someone's thoughts, and it would be extremely agonizing. Adri anticipated being able to enjoy Fang Xingjian's agony when the moment arrived.
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