Chapter 254 Second Transition Information

    Chapter 254 Second Transition Information

    Hoppes had initially thought that after he had said this, Fang Xingjian would immediately prostrate before him and join his sword arts team.

    He was currently the greatest swordsman in the entire Regional Academy and the strongest sword arts instructor. Just a single page of the results of the study from his sword arts team was worth a thousand gold. Countless teachers had wanted to join the team and study sword arts with him, let alone students.

    Hoppes was truly astonished by Fang Xingjian's talent that his appreciation for talent had soared, resulting in him inviting Fang Xingjian.

    However, after throwing a glance at Hoppes, Fang Xingjian asked, "What's a sword arts team?"

    Hoppes was stunned. However, he quickly recalled Fang Xingjian was a newly enrolled student. Hoppes explained quickly, "Every senior teacher in the Regional Academy can receive an allocation from the budget to conduct advanced studies in the area of ether particles.

    "My speciality is in sword arts, and my studies are focused on the area of sword arts synthesis."

    With that, he could not help but say, slightly proudly, "Currently, I've successfully researched three new synthesis and uncovered three sets of new second transition Killing techniques. In the past, I've also created a few sets of sword arts myself."

    Thinking of this, his interest toward Fang Xingjian soared. If Fang Xingjian's talent was really as outstanding as he had shown and was able to pick up sword techniques at such speed, it would bring a lot of help to his research of sword arts synthesis.

    Fang Xingjian nodded, expressing his understanding. He knew that not everyone had such monstrous talent like he did, and the speed at which they learnt Killing techniques was slow. Moreover, the success rates of synthesis were not 100%, and thus, there would be people who would deduce the possible results of synthesis through various information and theories about sword arts.

    With there being so many Killing techniques, ordinary Conferred Knights would not be able to synthesize them all. Even for level 29 Conferred Knights who had 100% success rates in synthesizing techniques, how long would it take for them to bring a set of Killing technique to the maximum level? It would take them at least half a year to one year. How could anyone know the results of the synthesis between every single Killing technique combinations?

    Moreover, after two Killing techniques were synthesized successfully, although the new technique could be stronger, they might not necessarily be well-suited for the practitioner. Therefore, knowing the results of the synthesis beforehand was extremely important.

    It was just like how the many ultimate Killing techniques of the Ancient Path of Hell had been created through multiple attempts and after knowing various synthesis formulas.

    Unrivalled Killing techniques were created through gradual researches.

    This was why there were sword arts teams like Hoppes'. Relying on Hoppes' profound theories, deep understanding of sword arts, and research in primitive sword arts, they would come up with deductions of synthesis results. Then they would pick out the the best one and get someone to try it out, in hopes of creating newer and more powerful Killing techniques.

    Additionally, this was much better than testing them out one by out, like finding a needle from the ocean.

    However, Fang Xingjian did not need to research such things. He only needed to learn the Killing techniques from the Regional Academy. Letting other people study him would only be looking for trouble.

    He knew that with his abilities, entering Hoppes' sword arts team would just mean he would be studied by others. A large amount of his time would be taken up by them, and this would not fit his plans.

    Therefore, he simply shook his head and said, "Not interested." With that, he turned his back on Hoppes and left.

    Hoppes was still waiting excitedly for Fang Xingjian to join him and had not expected him to simply turn to leave. However, Hoppes was not angry. He merely went into a daze for a short while, as though he was unable to react.

    Other than the Sacred Land and the level 29 armor, Fang Xingjian had also confirmed all the rewards he would be receiving from the Regional Selection. Therefore, he decided to head to the library meant for the students of the Regional Academy.

    He asked for directions and arrived at a stone fortress. The stone fortress looked like one of those castles from the middle ages, and it was filled with various complicated carvings of flowers, prints and statues.

    This was the library for the students of the Regional Academy. All year around, there would be three Conferred Knights stationed on guard. It stored countless powerful secret arts and highly confidential documents. The students and teachers of the Regional Academy were the only ones who could enter.

    It was like the Shaolin Monastery's sutra repository mentioned in wuxia stories.

    Fang Xingjian walked up to the stone fortress and saw a huge wooden sign there. The wooden sign was five meters tall and half a meter thick. There were many names carved onto it.

    This was the rankings of the students in the Regional Academy. When it was time for the National Selection, only the students who were Conferred Knights and ranked in the top ten could participate.

    Fang Xingjian looked at the name of the person ranked in first position, Odysseus. The one in second place was Hildebrand. Fang Xingjian looked through all the rankings and then stopped at rank fifty-five.

    Fang Xingjian continued on and saw that his name was at position 56. Fang Xingjian, Anderson, Hoult and the others were all ranked within the ten positions from rank fifty-six.

    This meant there had originally fifty-five students in the Regional Academy. With them now, there were now sixty-five.

    The only reason why there was such a ranking was because of the systems in the Regional Academy.

    The Regional Academy was different from Kirst Royal Academy. There was no concept of classes. Every week, various courses would be arranged, and every student could choose freely the courses they wished to attend. Every year, there would be a test for each course, and the results of the tests would determine their credits for each year. A student would only be able to continue on at the academy if they accumulated the sufficient credits.

    Another difference was that all students were assigned a ranking. Since Fang Xingjian and the others had just joined, their rankings were placed at the bottom.

    The students who were ranked lower could challenge those who were ranked higher, and they could take over the other party's ranking upon winning. The student who was challenged and all the students under him would be moved down one spot automatically.

    Of course, there were requirements to such challenges. Each student could only issue a maximum of five challenges each year and could only accept at most one challenge each week. Additionally, it was forbidden to reject challenges.

    Fang Xingjian swept a glance through the rankings before entering the library. He had to make the best use of his time to check on the information regarding job transitions.

    He displayed his Knight medallion to the guards and entered the library. The entire library was segregated into three levels, and there were over ten rows of bookshelves on each level.

    Students were free to browse through the books on the first and second level. However, the third level were filled with secret manuals of various Killing techniques, and one would only be given the rights to browse upon submitting an application to request for special access.

    However, Fang Xingjian's current goal was the second transition. He was not there to learn new Killing techniques and would naturally not need to go to the third storey.

    As only students and teachers could come here, there were very few people in the library. Additionally, it was very quiet. After Fang Xingjian entered, no one looked in his direction. He followed the rows of signs in the library and found the materials introducing the second transition jobs.

    It was clear there were people keeping the library in order all year round. All the books were categorized and so were the materials on the second transition jobs. They were further categorized by strength, agility, endurance, and other criteria.

    Clearly, for different categories, the progress they provided in attributes, as well as the requirements, were all different.

    Fang Xingjian immediately picked up a book which introduced second transition jobs which specialized in agility.

    He spent the entire night there, 'looking' through, in great detail, over ten books which introduced the second transition jobs specializing in agility.

    Thank goodness he had already attained Heaven's Perception. Otherwise, there was no way he could go through the materials.

    Only when morning arrived, did he let out a breath and close the last book. Countless second transition jobs went through his mind, and he started thinking about which he should be choosing.
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