Chapter 255 Entering the Sacred Land

    Chapter 255 Entering the Sacred Land

    Fang Xingjian started to recall about the things he had read. One by one, powerful second transition jobs began appearing in his mind.

    The Astral Sword Saint was a powerful swordsman who gathered and controlled powers from the stars. He also controlled starlight radiation and astral flames, and performed the Astral Sword Technique.

    The Darkness of Death was a swordsman who could control shadows and walk amidst darkness and death, gathering all the emotions of grief, evil spirits, negative emotions, and other things to create sword Qis for use in battle.

    The Zenith Light Sword Seigneur created tremors in space and through them, transmitted power to launch attacks. The speed of the spatial tremors were at the speed of light, and thus, the Zenith Light Sword Seigneur's attacks were also at the speed of light. However, as the space was too stable, the attenuation of the tremors were too strong. Thus, only one-thousandth of the prowess of the attacks launched at the speed of light would be shown.

    The Typhoon Massacre freely controlled the atmosphere through sword Qis to create typhoons. The damage from these could reach out to a distance of a hundred kilometers. It was one of the second transition jobs with the most powerful wide-range attacks.

    Of course, there was still the job which was also seen as the most powerful swordsman typed job amidst all second transitions: Unparalleled Sword Supreme. It allowed the practitioner to instantly pick up and change any sword technique in the world. All other sword techniques would have to prostrate themselves before this job, and this job was one which pursued the highest level of sword arts.

    These five jobs were the five most powerful jobs Fang Xingjian could find, which he met the requirements for and could transition into.

    At the Conferred Knight level, any of these jobs would be so powerful that they could destroy the world and repress all ordinary Conferred Knight jobs.

    Looking through the records in the library, Fang Xingjian studied these five jobs in great detail and eventually decided on Unparalleled Sword Supreme. It was because he knew that the Unparalleled Sword Supreme's abilities could match well with his sword arts talent and bring out his innate potential fully, allowing him to produce twice the amount of results with half the effort. He would be able to reach the peak of sword arts in the shortest possible time.

    Of course, there was one more important factor. The Unparalleled Sword Supreme only brought new specialties and would not change the practitioner's original Waves and mental cultivation method. The Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves and the Universal Sword Dominance Lunisolar mental cultivation method were very powerful, and he did not wish to switch and cultivate other Waves after transitioning into another job.

    However, Fang Xingjian knew that after entering the Sacred Land, he could read the information in ether particles through Heaven's Perception and from there, choose his job.

    It was unlike the first transition, where he had to accept the job transition passively.

    Therefore, Fang Xingjian had also given it more thought this time. Since he had been able to transition into the first transition job, the Windshadow Sword Divinity, which there had been no records of, he might also be able to transition into a powerful hidden second transition job with no existing no records of as well.

    Closing the book, Fang Xingjian headed for the Regional Academy's Sacred Land without anyone knowing and without making any additional preparations.

    As a swordsman who cultivated endlessly for twenty-four hours daily and was in a state of tight mental tension at all times as though he was treading on thin ice, Fang Xingjian was long prepared for anything.

    The Sacred Land was in the middle of the academy. Or rather, it could be said that it was only after this Sacred Land, which had an ether particle density much stronger than ordinary areas, was found that this area's Regional Academy was built around it.

    The entire Sacred Land was segregated into ten areas based on the density of the ether particles. It ranged from an area with a density which was ten times stronger to one which had a density one hundred times stronger.

    Theoretically, the students who had just enrolled could only enter the areas which had up to thirty times the density. However, as Fang Xingjian's talent was too outstanding, and with the pressure from the First Prince, Governor Devitt had helped him apply for permission to enter the central zone, which had a density that was one hundred times stronger.

    The First Prince might not have thought of it... or perhaps, he might not have even cared about it at all, since most people would bow down to him when he applied tremendous pressure... However, there were also some people who would break through their personal limits and try out all sorts of means to go against him.

    It was just like how an exception had been given for Fang Xingjian to enter the Sacred Land with a density which was one hundred times stronger.

    Fang Xingjian headed toward the center of the academy. The academy was very big, and he did not come across many people along the way. After all, the academy took up an area of ten square kilometers and yet there were currently only sixty-five students. Rather than an academy, it was more like a research institution.

    Therefore, Fang Xingjian came to the entrance of the Sacred Land without coming across any obstructions. There appeared before him an endless stretch of forest with huge trees. As there were really too few students and teachers, the Sacred Land was not reconstructed into an artificial building but kept in its primitive state. However, a path had been built from the entrance, leading straight to the center of the Sacred Land.

    Of course, one would be completely mistaken if they thought that people could enter freely through the forest. Other than paving a road through the forests, Conferred Knights and even Divine level experts across many generations had channeled in various ether powers into the forests on both sides of the road. If one were to enter them, even if the person was a Conferred Knight, he could be killed immediately.

    Therefore, the only way into the Sacred Land was through this paved pathway. In order to cultivate in the Sacred Land, one could only walk along this pathway to the many houses which had been built in the forest.

    Upon entering the perimeters of the forest, Fang Xingjian could sense there were many pairs of eyes looking at him from the darkness. He also knew that these were the guardian ferocious beasts of the Sacred Land.

    Unlike the ferocious beasts outside, these had been brought up since the founding of the academy and were in charge of protecting the Sacred Land. Since generations of the ferocious beasts here had remained in the area with many times that of the ether density of the outside world, their evolutions were different from those of the outside as well.

    It could be said that they were more intelligent and more powerful.

    After walking in about ten meters, there was a white deer of over two meters tall with huge horns. Exuding faint light throughout its body, the deer gradually walked out from the forest and came right up to Fang Xingjian.

    With each step, there were faint green lights shimmering under its feet.

    Fang Xingjian recalled the important things to note about the Sacred Land, which he had heard from the maid previously, and took out his Knight medallion.

    The white deer walked up, smelled Fang Xingjian's Knight medallion, and looked at the prints on the Knight medallion. Then it glanced at Fang Xingjian's face, snorted, and left.

    With its departure, Fang Xingjian could sense that the pressure coming from his surroundings seemed to have faded like waves.

    "This deer gave out a tremendous amount of pressure. Level 25? Level 26?"

    As he watched the white deer leave, Fang Xingjian was suddenly curious if this ferocious beast, whose name he did not know, was delicious.

    Shaking his head, he threw away the strange thought and continued on along the path. He soon arrived at the area on the outer ring, with a density which was ten times stronger.

    Once he stepped into this area, he felt a tremendous difference. It was as though there were suddenly hundreds of people whispering to him. Disruptive scenes and images appeared in his mind, as though the transmission signals were not good.

    'What powerful ether particles.'

    Fang Xingjian took in a deep breath, and it felt as though he had inhaled a hundred different scents. Countless pieces of information surged straight into his brain.
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