Chapter 258 The Completion of the Second Transition

    Chapter 258 The Completion of the Second Transition

    One could only become calm upon quieting down, and one would only be able to gain wisdom upon calming down.

    As Fang Xingjian's thoughts quieted down, his consciousness started to huddle together, focusing on gathering information related to second transition jobs.

    More and more information about second transitions started to flow into his brain.

    Tempest Overlord, Gale Sword Deity, Aurora Sword Spirit, Astral Sword Saint, Darkness of Death...

    One by one, the pieces of information about second transitions started to jump out. They were all jobs which Fang Xingjian fulfilled the conditions for.

    Under Fang Xingjian's Heaven's Perception, the pieces of information appeared around Fang Xingjian like numerous transparent display screens. In the display screens, various scenes and pictures started to form from the countless pieces of information.

    They all showed how it would be like when one performed the skills during battle and when one cultivated in each respective jobs.

    Fang Xingjian could sense that as long as he focused his attention onto a particular display screen, he would end up choosing the job and going through that transition.

    The secrets to the second transition jobs were all in the second transition. At this point, Fang Xingjian's understanding toward ether particles seemed to have increased as well.

    In fact, even in the ordinary spaces such as by the seaside, in the mountain valleys, or on the plains, as long as the individual was calm and tried hard to search for information regarding second transition jobs, they would also be able to go through the job transition.

    However, the density of ether particles in ordinary spaces was too low. Limited by both the density and type of ether particles, the types of second transition jobs one could sense there would also be different.

    This was why people wanted to go through their job transitions in the Sacred Lands with the highest density level. It was where they could receive the most complete information  regarding second transitions in the greatest amount.

    As the second transition jobs popped up, one after another, the jobs which Fang Xingjian had held in high regards began to appear as well.

    The second transition job at the top of all swordsman typed transition jobs, the dream of all swordsmen, the job which all of them would work toward with untiring vigor, even to their deaths... The Unparalleled Sword Supreme had finally appeared before Fang Xingjian.

    'Stars, atmosphere, darkness, height... Although I know about all these, none of them are really what I specialize in.

    'The reason I've gained these powers was all from relying on my sword talent.

    'The strongest, most basic, and most powerful thing I have... is still my own sword arts.


    As he contemplated this, Fang Xingjian's consciousness gradually focused on the Unparalleled Sword Supreme. However, at the next moment, he sensed an even stronger, sharper, more irresistible, and unstoppable aura being sent to him.

    'This is...'

    Fang Xingjian's consciousness headed over, continuing to probe deeper, as though entering the deepest spot in the sea of information. Then finally, in the deepest area of the information currents, he sensed another job.

    The Heavenly Sword Sovereign: one would live for the sword, die for the sword, pursue the sword for the sword.

    One's strength, speed, reaction, endurance, and flexibility would all be increased by 10 points each.

    After the job transition was complete, one would gain four main specialties.

    The first specialty was Swordless Path. The swordsman should not lose because he was swordless. A blade of grass, a branch, a bamboo and a stone could all act as swords. The powers from ether particles could be used to strengthen any ordinary weapon, allowing them to be strengthened temporarily to the level of a level 19 Inferior Divine Weapon. When the weapon left the hand, the effect would be gone.

    The second was Sword Bones. By having sword bones which seemed to be made by the heavens, one's skeletal structure throughout the body would gradually be turned into innate sword bones, increasing the toughness of the bones. The toughness could be enhanced by endless sword intents to reach the toughness of a Divine Weapon of a similar level. Containing sword intents within, one's punches and kicks would have the power of a piercing or slashing sword.

    This meant that the toughness of one's bones would be increase. It would be under a circumstance whereby one did not have to go through the process of forging to be able to increase one's bones to the level of a Divine Weapon.

    For example, as Fang Xingjian was at level 20, the strength of his bones could reach the level of a level 20 Superior Divine Weapon. The forces from each punch and kick he unleashed would all be turned into the slashing force of a sword.

    This meant that the toughness of Fang Xingjian's body and his damage prowess had both increased.

    The third was Darkness Sword Sense. Although one's sight would be lost, the pure darkness would allow one to be better at focusing on the pursuit for the highest level in sword arts. By sensing the mysteries of the movements of the ether particles, the rate at which one's sword arts mastery as well as all cultivation of sword arts related to ether particles would increase by many folds.

    Lastly, there was the specialty, the Heavenly Sword Imprint. One's body would hold the secrets of all sword arts in the world, and the maximum level attainable for all sword arts would be increased by 10 levels.

    The four specialties, namely: Swordless Path; Sword Bones; Darkness Sword Sense; and Heavenly Sword Imprint... Each of the new specialties seemed even stronger and more terrifying than the previous one. What made Fang Xingjian's heart skip a beat was that the job progress added 10 points to each of the five main attributes. However, no other Waves or mental cultivation method came with it, and there were only extremely powerful specialties.

    This was a second transition job which was even stronger, even more powerful, and even more suitable for Fang Xingjian than the Unparalleled Sword Supreme.

    Moreover, this was something he had not come across when he had been researching information regarding second transition jobs.

    If someone were to tell Fang Xingjian at this point that the Unparalleled Sword Supreme was the top job amongst all second transition jobs for swordsmen, he would definitely let out a snort of contempt.

    'Then... I'll decide on you.'

    In the next moment, Fang Xingjian felt all his consciousness gather on the piece of information for the Heavenly Sword Sovereign. Various energies and pieces of information gushed toward him, dashing into his brain.

    Fang Xingjian felt that the connection between his body and the external environment had been established. The ether particles in his body continued to exchange with those in the external environment, exchanging information, exchanging energies.

    After many rounds of exchanges, his body was slowly starting to change and transform.

    The comprehension required only a short moment, but the strengthening of his physical body required a huge amount of material foundation.

    In order to attain Heaven's Perception, one's brain had to evolve. After this evolution, its ability to absorb a large amount of information and energies would then grow, powering up one's entire body explosively.

    Fang Xingjian could sense that his bone structure was going through a transformation, and his brain seemed to have started a second development. Each strand of muscle, each nerve, each blood vessel, all seemed to be going through an intrinsic transformation.

    However, he had yet to go through his consciousness in such fine detail. He only allowed his body to continue absorbing information and energies, gradually being strengthened little by little.

    A large amount of energy was being absorbed, and a large amount of energy was being depleted. It was as though the surface under Fang Xingjian's skin was inflating as it swelled up and became increasingly powerful.

    Just like that, ten days and ten nights passed by. Fang Xingjian's consciousness merged with his body, without being affected by even the slightest hint of external influences.

    Then the current morning arrived, and his eyes opened abruptly. Fang Xingjian had already lost his eyesight previously, but at this moment, his pupils appeared to have been turned into an endlessly deep, pitch-black color.

    He stood up, and the bones all over his body released pitter patter explosive sounds. The sections of his spine hit against each other, creating the sounds of steel reinforcing bars smashing against cement ground. It was as though each of his bones were now made out of a completely different material than from before.

    Fang Xingjian then took one step forward. With a slight exertion of force, the rug on the ground was sliced into two, and there seemed to be a sharp shock wave sweeping through the air. When he looked to the ground, he could see streams of sword marks which were a few inches deep.

    Due to his sword bones, the force he exerted had been turned into a sharp power which he was unable to keep under full control. This was why such a powerful slicing force had been created with just a slight move of his limbs.

    His vital energy and blood were boiling and were as lively as if he had just woken up. Despite him not having had any food, drink, or sleep for the past tend days, his vital energy and blood did not seem weak at all.

    'I've finally completed the second transition.'

    Fang Xingjian then looked at his attributes. He had long reached the maximum experience for level 19. However, the past ten days and nights worth of cultivation allowed him to not only complete the second transition but allowed him to rise up to level 20 as well. Fang Xingjian had become a true blue Conferred Knight.
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