Chapter 278 Thunderbolt Sword Technique

    Chapter 278 Thunderbolt Sword Technique

    The mentors in the Killing Techniques Palace had rotational duties since, as Conferred Knights, they had too many tasks, and they could only take turns to do things like providing guidance on sword arts.

    Usually, other than the four and a half hours in the morning and four and a half hours in the afternoon, there were no mentors on duty for the rest of the day.

    Oftentimes the person on duty was not a teacher, and was instead a student.

    However, the sword arts mastery of these students was not to be underestimated either. They had all reached the maximum level in the sword technique that they were mentoring. They could even have started practicing the sword techniques from the later stages of the Killing Techniques Palace and had either completed or were trying to complete the skills synthesis.

    Of course, even after they have completed the synthesis, they would still know the essence to the Thunderbolt Sword Technique and could still perform it.

    Now, the one on duty for the Thunderbolt Sword Technique was a student by the name of Duolun. He was ranked thirty-eighth in the academy, and his Thunderbolt Sword Technique was at the maximum level of 15.

    It was not possible for them to send someone too strong to be on duty for the first stage of the Killing Techniques Palace. After all, if they were to get the Conferred Knights who were ranked in the top three to station here, it would firstly, be a waste of the experts' time, and secondly, cause the students who came to pick up the Thunderbolt Sword Technique to be unable to pass the stage and learn the sword techniques to follow.

    However, even if this was the case, defeating Duolun, who had reached level 15 in his Thunderbolt Sword Technique, would still take a bit of hard work.

    It was just like how the two students there had been staying at the first stage, practicing the Thunderbolt Sword Technique, for the past few months. Based on Duolun's estimation, they would probably still need another year before they could defeat him, pass the first stage, and move on to the next one.

    As for a novice like Fang Xingjian, it seemed to Duolun that he would probably have to take an even longer time, especially in the earlier phase when he was just starting to pick up the technique. It was really a waste of his time.

    Therefore, after watching Fang Xingjian read the Thunderbolt Sword Technique, Duolun let out a reluctant sigh and put down the the manual to the Mountain Shifting Sword. This was the manual to the sword technique for the next stage and was something that he had copied down and would read whenever he had to be on duty at the first stage.

    The reason he put down the manual was because he knew that Fang Xingjian would definitely pose questions to him as he read, requesting his guidance. Therefore, he decided he might as well stop reading the manual.

    However, to his astonishment, Fang Xingjian only took a glance through the Thunderbolt Sword Technique and did not approach him, but instead, started practicing by himself.

    The Styx had been damaged during the Regional Selection, so Fang Xingjian could only temporarily use his level 9 Divine Weapon, the Demoness' Howl, that he had purchased in Kirst's black market.

    However, he had the Heavenly Sword Sovereign's specialty-Swordless Path. With that, even the level 9 Demoness' Howl was strengthened into a level 19 Inferior Divine Weapon. It glimmered all over like an Effulgence Weapon.

    However, although he had the Swordless Path, replacing his longsword continued to be one of the reasons he needed to earn money. He could even possibly be like how he went shopping in Kirst previously, purchasing a tremendous amount of rare items to strengthen himself.

    It would be best if he could purchase a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon.

    "Hey, the Thunderbolt Sword Technique is not just any ordinary Killing technique. It extracts the energy from the ether particles in space and forms attacks with thunderbolts. If it's not used properly, you'll hurt yourself. If you practice by yourself after just a quick glance at the technique like this..."

    Duolun stopped halfway through his words. It was because although Fang Xingjian, who was swinging the Demoness' Howl, had appeared a bit awkward when displaying the moves at the very start, he had started to become more familiar after a few more moves. When Duolun was in the middle of his little speech, streams of electricity had appeared from the space in the surroundings and, as Fang Xingjian's Demoness' Howl pierced through the air, turned into streams of electric snakes, slithering around Fang Xingjian.

    "What kind of joke is this?"

    "He has already reached level 1 in the Thunderbolt Sword Technique?"

    The two other students also looked at Fang Xingjian with astonishment written all over their faces, as if they could not believe what Fang Xingjian had achieved.

    Rota smiled proudly. She did not know why, but when she saw the astonished looks on the trio's faces, she felt a strong sense of pride.

    She could not help but say, "Haven't you guys heard of this year's Regional Champion, Fang Xingjian? He was the one who comprehended all seven levels of mysteries to the Pantheon Monument. How could a mere Thunderbolt Sword Technique pose as a challenge to him?"

    Hearing Rota's words, Duolun regained his senses, "That's right, this guy has always had his eyes closed. I thought it was just how his eyes looked, but he's actually blind. It's said that Fang Xingjian is blind."

    As the few of them were immersed in a short moment of astonishment, the longsword in Fang Xingjian's hand was like the lightning in the sky, darting about at quick speed, penetrating through the air, creating loud, thunderous sounds.

    And as he continued to swing the longsword, the electricity increased in number and intensity. In the blink of an eye, it became like a huge, sphere-shaped ball of lightning, encompassing Fang Xingjian entirely.

    "Lightning at this level...level 2? No, he's either at level 3 or 4 now." Duolun could no longer remain calm, jumping up in shock and looking at Fang Xingjian as if he was looking at a deity.

    It was true that when one picked up a sword technique as fast as Fang Xingjian did, to ordinary people, their existences were like that of deities.

    Fang Xingjian had no intention of trying to hide his progress. The force from his sword changed again. Streams of sword Qi and lightning connected together, and the densely packed lightning gradually became condensed and compacted, turning into many thunderbolt dragons that resembled streams of plasma. They gathered around Fang Xingjian's sword and continued to move around as he swung his sword.

    Fang Xingjian's Thunderbolt Sword Technique seemed to be improving rapidly at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye. It absorbed the energies from the ether particles in space, increasing the numbers of electric currents around him which were jumping and flying around like little spirits and were as docile the puppies one trained at home.

    The students who had been practicing the Thunderbolt Sword Technique no longer had the arrogance from before, but rather, felt a bit embarrassed by their earlier attitudes. They felt as if they had been shamelessly flaunting their meager skills before a great master.

    However, they refused to leave or to lower their heads, for fear that they would miss out on the dance of Fang Xingjian's sword.

    They watched as Fang Xingjian continued to perform the Thunderbolt Sword Technique, drawing out a beautiful trail with his longsword. Fang Xingjian's vital energy and blood as well as his muscles and bones continued to move incessantly, changing his body's frequencies.

    The ether particles from his body and outside his body continued to exchange at great speed, producing a violent flow of energy.

    After looking at Fang Xingjian's sword dance, they seemed to have gained new understandings toward the many sword theories they had either not known or did not understand previously.

    They watched Fang Xingjian's sword dance with great hunger and thirst, as if they were watching a mentor providing guidance. The way Fang Xingjian had continued to correct himself and improved was something that they could only dream of watching.

    Ten minutes, thirty minutes, and eventually, one hour passed by. Everyone present quietly watched as Fang Xingjian waved the Demoness' Howl. The surrounding electric currents became increasingly dense, and they could feel a faint numbing sensation.

    The few electric dragons around Fang Xingjian were shining in a glaring, brilliant white color, as if hundreds of incandescent light bulbs were stacked together, causing the others to be unable to see his silhouette clearly.

    Finally, Fang Xingjian withdrew his force, and a myriad of thunderous sword cries rang out. All the electric dragons converged, turning into a pillar of thunderbolts that soared into the air from the tip of Fang Xingjian's sword and eventually slashed down onto the ground.
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