Chapter 281 Canyon

    Chapter 281 Canyon

    Rota followed Fang Xingjian into the Killing Techniques Palace's second hall. However, the hall for this stage was many times bigger than the one from the previous level. Or rather, this place could not be considered a palace anymore.

    A stretch of meandering canyons lay before Fang Xingjian and Rota. It was over two hundred meters deep, a couple hundred meters long, and had valleys which could be as wide as a hundred meters or as narrow as ten meters.

    This was was a canyon built within the Killing Techniques Palace? The entire stretch of canyon looked as if someone had descended from the heavens, slashing their way through. Densely packed vegetation covered the bottom of the canyon, and there were even signs of animals living there.

    To think that many pavilions and buildings were surrounded an enormous valley! What a majestic sight! How tremendous an amount of money had been spent! Even Fang Xingjian, who had gotten used to seeing the astounding buildings on Earth, could not help but be slightly astonished witnessing this scene.

    Rota, next to him, was even more astonished. She looked at the staircase leading downward into the deepest part of the valley and said, "The second hall is within this canyon? Or is the entire canyon the second hall?

    "Is this canyon something that was here originally? Or did someone slash through the stone to make it?"

    Having seen the maze created by the Melancholic Monarch, she did not dare to say with certainty that it had been shaped by nature.

    Fang Xingjian shook his head. He could only sense things within a ten meter radius with his Heaven's Perception, unable to perceive an overview of the entire canyon. Rota turned, looking at Fang Xingjian, and suddenly said, "Hmm? Your eyes..."

    Fang Xingjian opened his eyes. Other than the deeper pitch-black pupils, they did not appear any different from ordinary people's eyes. He seemed just like a normal person.

    Fang Xingjian calmly said, "The sparring from earlier leveled up my Thunderbolt Sword Technique and increased my understanding of ether particles. My ether synchronization rate has reached 15% and I can now transform visual information. I feel as if I can get more used to it if I keep my eyes open."

    This meant that Fang Xingjian's current visual abilities were similar to ordinary peoples'. However, what was different was that the information he received did not come from his eyes, but through Heaven's Perception. Furthermore, it only had a ten meter range.

    Rota nodded, still trying to digest the news that Fang Xingjian's ether synchronization rate had reached 15%. The rate of his progress was appalling.

    She had yet to attain Heaven's Perception. However, Fang Xingjian had not only completed his job transition, but was also steadily making breakthroughs, having raised his ether synchronization rate to 15%. The speed of his progress was truly too fast!

    She subconsciously walked behind Fang Xingjian. Looking at Fang Xingjian's back, Rota suddenly had a disheartening feeling.

    'Can I... really catch up to him?'

    However, this feeling only persisted for a short while. Rota straightened up her posture, chest out, eyes full of determination. Her gaze when looking at Fang Xingjian was filled with fighting spirit.

    'What's impossible about it? What Fang Xingjian can do, I can do too.

    'Even if I can't do everything, the higher his progress, the greater the difficulties he will encounter. His speed will eventually slow down. As long as I give it my all, I'll definitely have the chance to catch up to him.'

    Youngsters, especially those who had become Conferred Knights... Which of them lacked the confidence to change the world? It was at this point in life that they all felt that they were the best.

    Although Rota had seen how strong Fang Xingjian was, she had not been dealt a blow big enough to lose her fighting spirit. On the contrary, she reaffirmed her determination to put in great work so as to catch up to him.

    'When I go back today, I'll increase my training. By the end of this month, I must attain Heaven's Perception.'

    Of course, Fang Xingjian could not sense Rota's thoughts. He continued along the canyon's path. The deeper he went, the more he felt that the valleys in the area were getting increasingly steep. The stairs they were walking on were almost as if they had been carved on the cliff walls, while the depth of the valley seemed to be waiting for them at the bottom. It was as if they would fall with just a miss of their steps.

    This feeling became especially clear when there were many twists and turns in the canyon, and even meandering steps, which increased the distance that they had to cover.

    However, they were a Conferred Knight and a Knight respectively, with physical attributes that far surpassed ordinary people. Although such a path would be impossible for ordinary people, to them it would merely represent a strange scenery. After walking for several hundred meters and making countless twists and turns, they finally arrived at a tremendous platform.

    The platform bulged out from the cliff walls. Or perhaps it ought not to be called a platform, since it was basically in the shape of a sword, as if there was a huge sword piercing out of the cliff walls.

    They were halfway through the valley, and over a hundred meters away from its bottom. What lay at the bottom were countless shadows, making it almost impossible to see what hid behind them.

    To be able to create a huge sword platform like this which connected with the cliff walls in the middle of the valley... The workmanship was uncanny.

    Rota's gaze was once again filled with astonishment. There was no need for a display of sword techniques, strength, or battles of any kind... Just a simple platform in the Killing Techniques Palace was sufficient to display the unfathomable depths of a Regional Academy.

    Currently, there was only a fatty on the platform. He was lying there, creating thunderous snores. He was actually sleeping.

    A row of words were carved on the ground right in front of him: The manual is carved on the platform, don't disturb my sleep. Wait for another mentor if you wish to challenge.

    When Rota saw the sleeping fatty on the platform, she could not help but break out laughing. "I thought all Conferred Knights would be hard at work with their cultivation and could not help but wish that every minute they have is doubled. To think that there are also Conferred Knights who would laze around!"

    Fang Xingjian frowned and said, "Maybe it's some kind of martial technique that one has to cultivate in his dreams?"

    Fang Xingjian shook his head. He was not very sure about all these, but that did not stop him from learning the sword technique that was carved onto the ground. This sword technique was known as the Mountain Shifting Sword.

    This was a powerful sword technique which could control geomagnetism and geographical positions, using the powers from the continental crust to move mountains and seas, to change the terrain, and even to form earthquakes and tsunamis.

    While Fang Xingjian was reading the manual for the Mountain Shifting Sword, the two students from the previous stage had already rushed over. They ran up next to the fatty and said, "Brother Ronan, Brother Ronan, wake up! Brother Duolun has been defeated!"

    They repeated it many times before the fatty who seemed to be a mountain of flesh opened his eyes with great impatience. A hint of killing aura appeared through the gaps of his eyes as he angrily berated, "So what if he lost? With his lousy sword arts, it's not strange for him to have lost."

    "But the other party had only started learning the sword technique an hour before! In just one hour, his Thunderbolt Sword Technique reached level 10 and he defeated Brother Duolun!"

    The fatty by the name of Ronan laughed out loud, his eyes filled with contempt and sarcasm. "What rubbish are you talking about? To reach level 10 in the Thunderbolt Sword Technique within an hour? You think that learning sword techniques is as simple as eating or drinking?"

    How could Ronan believe this? He had not even heard of anyone reaching level 10 in the Thunderbolt Sword Technique, let alone being able to do it within an hour. There was no way he could believe this.

    This was how it was. Any Knight or Conferred Knight in the Miracle World who had a hint of rationality would never believe it unless they saw it for themselves.

    It was because something like this had not happened in their entire history!

    However, he still woke up and threw a sideward glance at Fang Xingjian before asking, "You're the one who defeated Duolun?" He assessed Fang Xingjian, thinking to himself, 'To think that Duolun isn't able to even deal with this young lad? That guy has really degenerated.'
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