Chapter 289 Comprehension

    Chapter 289 Comprehension

    Fang Xingjian relaxed his entire body while the impacts formed from the water currents around him continued to hit his body. Fang Xingjian continued to appreciate the feeling of the sword impacts hitting against his body, trying to understand the profoundness behind the Aquatic Sword Formation.

    The next moment, with an abrupt tremble, he formed sword fingers with his hands and all of the Aquatic Sword Qis which had entered the lake started to rage at the same time. Like multiple water dragons, they continued to swim about and to collide against the impact waves that were attacking Fang Xingjian, with both the impact waves and the Aquatic Sword Qis cancelling each other out.

    Fang Xingjian was controlling his Aquatic Sword Formation to go against the Heavenly Waterfall Lake's Aquatic Sword Formation.

    However, the entire Heavenly Waterfall Lake was like a world-sized millstone. The whirlpool at the bottom of the lake, together with the Heavenly Waterfall which was plunging down from the sky, seemed to want to crush everything in the lake into smithereens.

    This was equivalent to using the natural powers of the world to attack the opponent. On the other hand, Fang Xingjian was controlling his Aquatic Sword Formation, relying on his own powers to go against the powers of the world.

    Streams of water impacts continued to be wiped out while the Aquatic Sword Qis he created were also continuously being destroyed. In the blink of an eye, more and more impact waves hit against him, bursting into sprays.

    The Aquatic Sword Formation Fang Xingjian was controlling started to crumble, but at the same time, it continued to go against the powers of the entire Heavenly Waterfall Lake. As he continued to sense and comprehend the profoundness of the entire sword formation, Fang Xingjian's understanding of the Aquatic Sword Formation also continued to increase.

    In the image constructed in his mind, the impact waves formed by the water in the lake were very clear. The traces where they passed by appeared in his mind with glimmering lights. Countless traces continued to stack together, changing, surging, and forming the shape of the entire formation.

    Just like that, Fang Xingjian suddenly started to inch toward the center of the lake. The entire  Heavenly Waterfall Lake was formed by the Heavenly Waterfall Lake and the underground whirlpool. The closer he was to the center, the greater the impact of the formation. The speed of the water current in the center even seemed to have exceeded several meters per second. These powerful currents collided against each other, swirling around and slashing about. Even if steel were to fall in, it would instantly be torn to dust.

    And the closer Fang Xingjian moved toward the center of the lake, the stronger the pressure he felt was.

    In the center of the lake, there was no hint of water droplets within a five meter radius of Ada. It was as if an air bubble had surrounded her, and the currents that flowed near her seemed to have immediately become as tame as a kitten.

    Behind her, the female Knight who was wearing a swimsuit said in astonishment, "How amazing. To think that he's able to comprehend the ingenuity of the sword formation within such a short amount of time. This guy's talent is so scary. He might really be able to charge into the center of the Heavenly Waterfall Lake."

    Ada shook her head and said, "Hmph, is the Heavenly Waterfall Lake so easily broken through? The closer you get to the center of the lake, the greater the pressure faced. How can one rely on one's own powers to go against the tremendous powers of the heaven and earth?

    "He doesn't know the ingenuity of how the Aquatic Sword Formation borrows strength to fight against strength. He probably won't even be able to get within one hundred meters of the center of the lake."

    However, just as Ada said this, the sword force in Fang Xingjian's hands changed once again. Streams of impact waves collided against his Aquatic Sword Qis. Not only were they not able to weaken the Aquatic Sword Qis, they were gradually neutralized or even absorbed by the Aquatic Sword Qis.

    The speed of the Aquatic Sword Qis instantly increased to become two times as fast as before. They started to withstand the impact waves coming from the surroundings, accelerating toward the center of the lake.

    "What?!" Ada looked at this scene in great astonishment. Back then, as she entered the lake time and time again, she had to risk her life and cultivate before she started to get used to the attacks from the water in the lake. Even so, she still took half a year.

    And Fang Xingjian had merely taken over ten minutes to start getting used to the attacks from the sword formation? What kind of a joke was this?

    It was a pity that Fang Xingjian was not trying to joke. Right now, in his mind, countless spots of light were flashing and countless trails were circulating. All of them were the changes to the sword formation and its flaws. He looked at the circulation of the sword formation as he continued to control the Aquatic Sword Qis to swim about, absorbing and diverting the power from the impacts.

    The Aquatic Sword Qis, rather than attacking, was actually a sword technique which was better for defence. As countless Aquatic Sword Qis circulated, they were able to gradually cushion and absorb the impacts from any attack.

    Fang Xingjian continued to absorb the attacks from the entire Heavenly Waterfall Lake as he dashed toward the center of the lake.

    As she watched Fang Xingjian getting closer to her, Ada's countenance had turned solemn and extremely grim.

    She was also once a female Knight who had a dream, a future, and great hopes. However, as so many years passed, she started to be hit by reality, especially after she had came across the Fifth Prince, a genius amongst geniuses. It made her understand even more clearly that there were some people in this world whose talent was simply so unreasonable. Even if ordinary people were to spend ten or a hundred times more time, they might not even be a match for when the geniuses put in just a slight attempt.

    Although she was astonished by Fang Xingjian's talent, she was even more confident in the Fifth Prince.

    'His Highness is the guy who is going to become the strongest in the world. How can his great power and amazingness be something that you can even start to imagine?

    'Although Fang Xingjian is truly amazing, he's merely someone who appears once in a hundred years. At the most, he'll become someone at the level of Governor Devitt or someone like one of the ten Divine level experts in the Empire.

    'However, the Fifth Prince is one who will stand above the Mage Kings, the Pope, and the founding king of the Empire. He will become an existence which is able to change the history of the world.'

    Just as she thought about this, Ada's gaze appeared extremely confident. She put her hands together and white vapor started forming in her hands, forming a stream of Aquatic Sword Qi in an instant.

    The next moment, in the entire Heavenly Waterfall Lake, up to a thousand Aquatic Sword Qis appeared. It was as if all the water in the Heavenly Waterfall Lake had been compacted together in that instant.

    How long has Ada been training in the Heavenly Waterfall Lake? She would condense the sword Qis in the lake everyday, and her understanding of the Heavenly Waterfall Lake was second to none. When she performed the Aquatic Sword Formation, she seemed to have almost encompassed the entire Heavenly Waterfall Lake.

    It was also because of this act that Ada's control of the Heavenly Waterfall Lake managed to reach a new extreme. On the other hand, Fang Xingjian felt that the water around him seemed to have suddenly turned into cement, causing each of his changes of action and sword stance to become a hundred times more difficult than before.

    However, this was merely a warm-up for Ada. She had not planned on going easy on Fang Xingjian either. She had just created the Aquatic Sword Formation but was already pushing forth the sword Qis, activating the powerful Killing technique-the Heavenly Waterfall Slash-which the Fifth Prince had specially created for her, taking into consideration of the location.

    A tremendous boom rang out!

    Amidst everyone's astonished gaze, the Heavenly Waterfall which was plunging down seemed to have frozen for a short moment.

    At the next moment, the entire Heavenly Waterfall seemed to have condensed into an Aquatic Sword Qi, bringing along a tremendous impact and piercing toward Fang Xingjian...
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