Chapter 290 Armor

    Chapter 290 Armor

    The Heavenly Waterfall was plunging down from the sky as if it had gathered all the rainfall intended for an entire city and was now pouring it all at once. How terrifying was the impact?

    Such a tremendous amount of water was almost able to create a huge explosion on the surface, then forming a tsunami a few meters tall, and causing the water flow to gush out at a speed of several thousand meters per hour, smashing everything in its path. It was more horrifying than ordinary aerial explosions, both qualitatively and density-wise.

    Sensing the longsword the Heavenly Waterfall formed piercing toward him, Fang Xingjian's expression turned very grim.

    When facing such an attack, even if he could slash through it with Terra Ingurgitation, the Heavenly Waterfall was almost never-ending. Even if he were to slash through one section, he would drown at once under waves and waves of water.

    And his Terra Ingurgitation could only be used once an hour.

    Therefore, without any hesitation, through his Heaven's Perception, Fang Xingjian threw his consciousness into the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor.

    He needed power. He needed the tremendous power contained within this set of level 29 armor.

    Almost at the same time when he activated the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor, waves of powerful aura surged into the skies. The entire Heavenly Waterfall seemed to have started heating up. Of course, this was only an illusion. However, the remnants of the consciousness of a level 29 expert, even just the subconscious willpower impact, gave one the feeling that the entire world was changing.

    At the same time, the entire set of Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor started to appear on Fang Xingjian's skin. The armor, which looked as if dragon scales were encompassing his body, was moving together with the changes of the strength of his muscles. The streams of light reflected by its scaly surface appeared to be just flames.

    A faint white glow grew from Fang Xingjian's limbs and other parts of his body, forming many geometrical figures.

    The various geometrical shapes appeared behind Fang Xingjian's body. Accelerating force field, physical force field, autocalibration force field, high temperature resistant force field... The numerous force fields appeared one by one with the awakening of the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor, once again increasing Fang Xingjian's damaging prowess.

    Inside the void space, countless energy surged into Fang Xingjian's body. He could feel that his body was growing all at once, as if air was being pumped into it. His strength was growing maniacally, increasing fold by fold, as if explosives were being set off in his body.


    He sensed the furiously growing strength in his body, like a kettle with boiling water. Fang Xingjian opened his mouth to let out a long bellow, and under the impact of his sword bones, the currents he howled out looked like a stream of a hundred-meter-long sword Qi, slashing through the air, slashing the Heavenly Waterfall in two right in front of him.

    If Ada's attack toward Fang Xingjian through her control over the Heavenly Waterfall could be said to have an impact capable of tilting over and stirring the entire Milky Way, then Fang Xingijian's howl was capable of pushing back the Milky Way, splitting it in two.

    This was the most blatant display of violence that the level 29 Superior Divine Armor, the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor, had shown to the world ever since it was born.

    'It's not over!'

    How could Ada give up just like that? She put her hands tightly together in formation, making the Heavenly Waterfall split into two, act like two slithering snakes, and with a tremendous impact she once again dashed at Fang Xingjian from his left and right.

    The atmosphere was shaking, the earth was trembling, the entire Heavenly Waterfall Lake was as if it was boiling up, water surging out as if it was hordes of troops and horses that would tear everything they come across into dust.

    However, having activated his Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor, Fang Xingjian was not afraid of the incoming attack. He punched outward, causing a stream of the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor to flow backward, and amidst a series of explosions, Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!, sections of air and water exploded together, pushed up into the air by the sword force.

    With a stomp, the faint white force field under Fang Xingjian's feet disappeared. He then charged like a rocket.

    The world seemed to stretch at that moment, the air torn apart to reveal a void passageway. Before the void space was once again filled up by the air in the surroundings, Fang Xingjian launched another punch.

    Astonishing sword Qis which were several hundred meters long each shot out, and amidst the tearing sounds which resounded several thousand meters away, the Heavenly Waterfall plunging down from the air was gradually being pushed back.

    Fang Xingjian continued the cycle of launching punches with each few steps he took, the scale armor around his body still trembling and whining with sharp whistles. The endless force from the void space surged forth to replenish the energy Fang Xingjian had depleted, strengthening his bones, muscles, vital energy, and blood. With each punch he launched, the white flow formed by ether particles force fields would increase their speed and force, amplifying Fang Xingjian's strength.

    Streams and streams of sword Qi continued to tear apart the air, pushing back the Heavenly Waterfall and making it impossible for it to plunge downward. Instead, more and more of the water was gathering in the air.

    At that moment, Fang Xingjian finally arrived in the center of the lake.

    Ada looked at Fang Xingjian and smiled coldly, thinking to herself, 'So what if you're able to temporarily stop the Heavenly Waterfall? The water from the lake will continue to gather in the air. The more you try to push it back, the greater a strength it will amass. And as time passes, the accumulated power will be increasingly stronger. I don't believe that you can continue to hang on like this.

    'This guy must be thinking of attacking me. Hmph, I'll wait and see how you break through the sword formation of more than a thousand Aquatic Sword Qis.'

    As she thought of these, the thousand of Aquatic Sword Qis spread out across the lake were activated. Countless jets of water flew over and encompassed the area, turning her into a big sphere of water with a diameter of over fifty meters. No matter what kind of attack was sent out at her, the sphere would be able to instantly absorb and neutralize the impact.

    The impact resistance of water was clear to all. Even if an impact of a few thousand tons were to hit against the surface of the sea, it would only create a large splash.

    Encompassed by a water sphere with a diameter of fifty meters, how strong did the attack have to be in order to reach Ada?

    However, just as Ada was thinking of this, Fang Xingjian suddenly turned and shot out toward the surface of the lake.

    'What is he thinking of doing?'

    As Ada continued to contemplate, Fang Xingjian clenched his fists tightly and raised them above his head. His body suddenly swelled up, and he sent out violent gushes of power in all directions, and making a series of explosions in the air.

    The next moment, Fang Xingjian seemed to be like a plunging shooting star, his fists fiercely hammering down.

    With a series of rumbling explosions, the moment Fang Xingjian's fists came into contact with the surface of the lake, a terrifying surge of force exploded, charging toward the Heavenly Waterfall Lake with immense force. Rota and the others only felt huge tremors under their feet and found it hard to remain standing.

    And with Fang Xingjian's punch, the entire Heavenly Waterfall Lake was thrown up into the air.

    The force of this punch sent all the water from the lake into the skies. How brutal and violent was this strength?

    Having activated the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor, Fang Xingjian had truly raised the meaning of the word 'violent' to a whole new level.

    Looking at this scene, Ada gasped, unable to believe her eyes. At the same time, she sensed that the thousand Aquatic Sword Qis she had gone through a lot of work to amass had all been turned into dust. She had lost control over the entire Heavenly Waterfall Lake.

    However, at the same time, the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor Fang Xingjian was wearing started to fade off. He had used the armor to its limits and if he were to continue, Domirov's consciousness which was lying in the armor would hurt him.

    Ada let out a strong exhale. The pressure Fang Xingjian had put on her while wearing the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor was much, much too great. Now, looking on as the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor disappeared, she seemed to be able to relax.

    However, she was unable to savor this moment for long. Fang Xingjian put his fingers together to form a sword, and with a slight wave, made Ada open her eyes wide, as if she had just seen a ghost.
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