Chapter 292 Proud

    Chapter 292 Proud

    As a follower of the teachings of a Divine level expert, Hoult was doted up by the Divine level expert to the extent of having the Snake of Engulfment created especially for him.

    Moreover, with Hoult's talent being a rare occurrence of one in ten thousand, no matter where Hoult went, there would naturally be many people following or wanting to get close to him.

    This was the case for the few people next to him. The quick-witted guy from earlier was called Norman, and he was the one who had followed Hoult the most closely, praising him into the skies.

    Norman was ranked 41st in the academy, level 22, and training in the area of archery. However, he was already 39 years old and would be turning 40 next year.

    This meant that he had reached the end of his martial arts path and basically would not be able to improve much further.

    This was a problem faced by many Conferred Knights. At the Knight phase, they might have great progress in their cultivation. However, when they were at the Conferred Knight phase, they realized that their mental spirit and willpower were insufficient, and that their talent in comprehending ether particles was not good enough.

    When people like these realized that they did not have talent, they would leave the academy when they reached a bottleneck. Just with their status as a Conferred Knight, they were usually able to land themselves in a good job with a respectable status after graduation.

    However, Norman's ambitions were much greater. He could have graduated five years ago, but he had chosen to stay behind in order to meet even more Conferred Knights in order to prepare for life after graduation.

    For Norman, Hoult's appearance was like honey to a bear. No matter where Norman went in the world, being affiliated with a Divine level expert would bring him great benefits.

    As a follower of the teachings of a Divine level expert, Hoult was also used to people like these. In fact, he enjoyed being surrounded by people like them.

    Hearing Norman's words, Hoult smiled and said, "Thanks to the blessings of the Melancholic Monarch, I've managed to attain Heaven's Perception very quickly.

    "Fang Xingjian is truly talented. If not for the fortuitous encounter at the Pantheon Monument, I would probably still need another half a year before I can surpass him.

    "But Fang Xingjian should just have completed his second transition. I wonder when he'll be coming to the Killing Techniques Palace."

    Norman was tactful in his bootlicking, "Haha, when that guy comes, he'll probably be just in time to watch you leave with his eyes wide open. Moreover, your job is the Astral Sword Saint. Amongst all the different second transition jobs, this should be considered the best."

    "Astral Sword Saint... I heard that Hoult's grandmaster, the Astral Ancestor and one of the Divine level experts of this generation, had chosen the Astral Sword Saint as his second transition job back then."

    The other students around Hoult also started their bootlicking. "With your talent in sword arts, you'll only take at most half a month to clear the Killing Techniques Palace."

    "That's right, if you were to use the level 29 Crimson Fire, you'll probably be able to clear the stages within a few days."

    Hoult shook his head and said, "I'm here to learn. It's meaningless to rely on a Divine Weapon to clear the stages."

    As the few of them chatted, they entered the first hall of the Killing Techniques Palace.

    However, it was impossible for anyone to be present to help provide guidance to the Thunderbolt Sword Technique. There was nothing but the charred ground, damaged walls, and a lonely huge sword in the middle of the hall.

    "What's wrong? Where's the person on duty?"

    "Is the timing right?"

    "It should be. It hasn't been long since the afternoon has started. Why are there no one instructors here?"

    Norman frowned and looked at the damage done to the place before. Then he smiled and said to Hoult, "He has probably gone to have his meal or to the toilet. Let's wait for a while."

    Hoult nodded. After all, he considered his talent to be unrivalled and thus did not need the guidance of any instructors. It did not matter if there was no one here. He merely walked up and started to read the Thunderbolt Sword Technique written on the huge sword.

    The Thunderbolt Sword Technique was truly an interesting technique. As Hoult read it, he was drawn in.

    Five minutes passed, then ten minutes, fifteen minutes... However, there was still no one.

    Norman said impatiently, "What's wrong with the Sword Arts Department? Why is there not even a soul to be seen? This is outrageous."

    Hoult smiled and said, "It's fine. It's good for me to read it by myself. This Thunderbolt Sword Technique is really profound, but I should be able to learn it within one or two days."

    "Amazing. I heard that the students from the Sword Arts Department would all need to take one to two weeks before they pick up this sword technique."

    "As expected of the student under the wings of a Divine level expert. Hoult, you should be the most powerful person in this generation in the Myriad Star Palace, right?"

    Hearing the flattery of the others, Hoult smiled and accepted their compliments.

    Hoult was truly proud of his own talent. However, for some reason, he thought of Fang Xingjian.

    This opponent who had defeated him on the Regional Selection was still a thorn in his heart.

    Hoult still needed to work hard and could not slack off.

    After clearing the Killing Techniques Palace and synthesizing the four sword techniques, he would find a chance to have another showdown with Fang Xingjian.

    As they spoke, the sounds of many footsteps rang out. Hoult and the others turned to see a few middle-aged and elderly Conferred Knights walking over.

    "Is that true? Isn't this too unbelievable?"

    "Even if you just look at the fact that he has cleared two stages in a row, he has already broken the records with that."

    "Since the founding of the Empire two hundred years ago, such a thing has been unheard of."

    Hoult and the others heard the faint sound of conversing voices coming toward them. When they saw the two old men who were leading the group, they froze up.

    Standing before them was the pillar of the academy's Sword Arts Department, Hoppes, who had led a sword arts team by himself. Next to him was a hunchbacked old man with wrinkles all over his face.

    This old man was even older, but his status was also higher than Hoppes.

    He was James, the Governor from two generations ago. James was the old man who had been guarding the Pantheon Monument previously and had seen Fang Xingjian break through all seven levels of mysteries to the Pantheon Monument.

    When Hoult saw that James had brought Hoppes and a few other Conferred Knights into the hall, his expression turned solemn. He then asked, "Teachers, why have you come?

    "Lord James, you're here too?"

    James, the Governor from two generations ago, waved his hand and said, "I'm not guarding the Pantheon Monument anymore. However, Devitt, that lad, still insists that I do something. There's no other way about it. Since I'm trained in swords, I've pushed Hoppes off, and I'm replacing him as the Head of Department of the Sword Arts Department."

    The Head of Department for the Sword Arts Department was naturally the person who managed the entire department in the academy.

    This position was previously held by the sword arts expert, Hoppes, who had invented many sword arts Killing techniques and led the academy's sword arts team.

    However, with James' identity, status, and experience, Hoppes could only give up his position. Moreover, he had primarily focused on researching sword arts and was not too interested in executive position.

    Hoult smiled and said, "I've also just arrived here to learn the Thunderbolt Sword Technique."

    Norman added on tactfully, "Hoult has just completed the second transition yesterday. He attained Heaven's Perception within a month and transitioned into his second transition job, Astral Sword Saint.

    "Hoult will probably be able to clear the Killing Techniques Palace within one to two months."

    The corners of Hoult's lips curled up slightly, and there was a hint of pride on his face. Putting aside the fact that he had spent very little time and was very fast in accomplishing these, there had not been many people who had transitioned into the Astral Sword Saint. Moreover, his grandmaster, the Divine level expert and Astral Ancestor, had also been an Astral Sword Saint for his second transition.

    Additionally, the fact the Astral Sword Saint controlled various powers, including astral powers, light rays, and tempest, must not be forgotten. It had powerful battle and destructive prowess.

    Seeing as everyone was chiming in here and there, the Headmaster from two generations ago, James, nodded and said, "Not bad, not bad." However, there was a hint of impatience reflected in his eyes.

    Hoppes, on the other hand, was not as patient. He went straight to the point, "Alright, did you see where Fang Xingjian went?"
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