Chapter 298 Hate

    Chapter 298 Hate

    "How could I not know of him? This guy is amazing!" Kite's mother seemed to have gone into gossip mode, "Not only did he solve all seven levels of mysteries in the Pantheon Monument, but I also heard that he cleared the Killing Techniques Palace within a day. Youngsters these days are really amazing. Oh, so this is his biography?"

    "That's right. I've heard that Fang Xingjian has written this himself. It not only records his experiences, but also the secrets to his training. I specially bought two copies, one for my foolish son, the other for Kite."

    "Thank you! When I heard that this book was going to be published, I wanted to buy it." Saying that, Kite's mother took the book over to Kite, who saw the five big words written on it 《The Secrets to Sword Training》.

    Kite frowned and could not help but say, "This Fang Xingjian is just seventeen years old, right? He's about the same age as me, so how much of a story could his biography be?"

    "Kite, that's where you're wrong. Don't blame me for nagging, but Fang Xingjian really is a capable person with great talent," Kite's aunt said. "Do you know about the Pantheon Monument? It was something left behind by the Divine level expert Melancholic Monarch, two hundred years ago. For the past two hundred years, there hasn't been anyone who could solve the mysteries behind it all the way to the seventh level. Fang Xingjian is the first.

    "And you guys should know about the Killing Techniques Palace too, right? That is such a great challenge. Back then, eldest brother took an entire year to clear through all the stages of the Killing Techniques Palace. I heard that Governor Devitt also took about a month, in the past. Look at Fang Xingjian! He managed to clear it within in a single day! Really, there are always people who are stronger out there."

    In order to make sure people knew that Fang Xingjian had broken through all seven levels of mysteries to the Pantheon Monument and how he had cleared the Killing Techniques Palace within a single day, Ferdinand had included a significant introduction of the Pantheon Monument and the Killing Techniques Palace in the book.

    There was no other way around it. This was considered higher-tiered information and many aristocrats who did not take up martial arts, and low level commoners, were not very clear about them. However, in order to bring greater emphasis and highlight to Fang Xingjian's achievements, Ferdinand had no other way out but to explain in detail the existence of the Killing Techniques Palace, as well as the unique traits of the Pantheon Monument.

    It was only after people read about them that they understood how significant and how horrifying Fang Xingjian's achievements actually were.

    Kite's mother pushed the book into Kite's arms and said, "You're both seventeen years old, but he has already become a Conferred Knight. What are you still doing? Have a good read from the book Fang Xingjian wrote and learn the secrets written inside."

    Kite suddenly felt very stifled, feeling increasing hatred against the name of Fang Xingjian.

    However, things would not turn out as he had hoped. Unintentionally or not, the Second Prince's newspaper had also reported the news that Fang Xingjian had cleared the Killing Techniques Palace within a day, adding fuel to the fire.

    In the Miracle World, which was like the Earth's middle century, it was very difficult for ordinary people to send messages. Usually, only extremely powerful experts would be able to transmit messages across one thousand or ten thousand li, but there still were various restrictions.

    Therefore, the rate at which information spread across the world was not fast at all.

    The newspapers that the Second Prince had set up relied on his Killing technique, 'Thoughts Across A Thousand Li', to easily transmit information across long distances. For example, this time around, news of Fang Xingjian having cleared the Killing Techniques Palace within a day had been spread to the capitals of all the eight regions. This had made Fang Xingjian's name known to all members of the Empire's higher echelon.

    When all the leaders in the world read it, and since they only read this newspaper, how great was its impact? This was how widespread Fang Xingjian's reputation now was.

    Moreover, both the act of solving all seven levels of mysteries in the Pantheon Monument and the act of clearing all four stages in the Killing Techniques Palace within a day, were to be boasted of for life. They were both very serious and would grab anyone's attention. Moreover, they had both been realized by Fang Xingjian.


    In a small alley in Great Western City's commoner district, there were countless gangsters, triads, and outlaws.

    Along this dark and dangerous street, an old lady was imitating how others were walking. She was wearing clothes made from coarse fabric, her face covered with a veil, and she appeared to be just an ordinary old woman from the commoner district.

    As she was walking, a group of kids suddenly dashed out, holding small knives in their hands.

    "Don't move!"

    "If you were to move, we'll kill you!"

    The kids snatched away the old woman's basket and the food in the basket. Another child picked up a book in the basket and looked at the big words 《The Secrets to Sword Training》. He was illiterate, nor did he understand what was written inside.

    The child viciously asked, "What book is this? Is this some secret martial arts manual?"

    "This isn't a secret manual." The old woman's hands clenched up into fists unknowingly, and fury seemed to flash in her eyes. However, she held it in and said, "This is 《The Secrets to Sword Training》, the book that Fang Xingjian has written." At the mention of the name Fang Xingjian, the old woman's teeth seemed to be tightly clenched together, as if she was gritting her teeth.

    If Fang Xingjian were here, he would definitely be able to recognize who the old woman was. She was Kaunitz's aunt, Tresia Clan's Rebecca.

    Back when they had attacked Fang Xingjian, Rebecca had made her escape, eventually ending up wanted for treason. However, she was after all a level 19 Knight, and had managed to make her escape. She had even hid herself in Great Western City. No one knew what she was plotting.

    However, she could only disguise herself as an old woman in the commoner district, even needing to tolerate a group of kids slightly older than  ten, not daring to lift a hand against them. To Rebecca, who had grown up as an aristocrat and who was extremely arrogant, this was a great humiliation and agony.

    Every time she came across something like this, she would hate Fang Xingjian even more.

    However, she still had to put up with it. The moment she lifted her hand here, she would immediately be discovered. How many Conferred Knights were there in the Great Western City? Any one of them would be able to crush her easily, with a single finger.

    Therefore, she could only patiently explain, "This is just a storybook, it's not a secret manual."

    However, the kid's eyes suddenly lit up and he said, "It's this year's Regional Champion, Fang Xingjian? That genius who solved all ten levels of mysteries in the Saints Monument? I heard that he's a commoner?"

    Rebecca exhaled and said, "It's not the Saints Monument, but the Pantheon Monument. There's also not ten levels of mysteries..." She lifted her head and looked at the kid before her, and then started to wonder why she was explaining this to them. She then said, "That's the one."

    The kid pushed the book into Rebecca's arms and said coldly, "Read it out for us."

    Fury grew in Rebecca's heart, but she calmed down very quickly. She smiled and said, "What's so good about this book? The things written in it are all lies..."

    "Read it!"

    A few of the kids brandished their knives, as if they would thrust them into Rebecca at the next moment.

    A slight breeze seemed to blow in the alley. It was the air currents caused by the Reduced Force Field.

    Rebecca breathed out a long sigh,, then eventually picked up the book and started reading it.

    "This is a letter written to everyone who loves sword arts, loves Knights, still hold dreams, and is willing to fight for them...

    "This story began in a place called The School of Sword Arts."
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