Chapter 304 Level 21

    Chapter 304 Level 21

    In the training room, Fang Xingjian looked at his Stats Window. His ether synchronization rate had reached 20%.

    When James heard what he said, he got a bad fright, "20%? Hasn't it been less than a month since you completed your job transition? How has it increased so quickly?"

    With that said, he carried Fang Xingjian and said, "Hang in there. When you're trying to get past the Ten Heavenly Barriers, you can't do it in the Sacred Land with one hundred times density."

    The Ten Heavenly Barriers... With each 10% increase in one's ether synchronization rate, one would receive more information and the body's sensory organs would go through a qualitative change. One would need great willpower and mental strength to overcome such changes.

    For such a barrier, the environment would, of course, be an important factor. Sacred Land with one hundred times density would be a great place to cultivate, but when one was trying to pass through the Heavenly Barrier, it would be complete hell.

    One hundred times the usual amount of information perceived would be the greatest bullet and could turn a Conferred Knight into a fool.

    Therefore James panicked. He carried Fang Xingjian, dashed into the air, and started heading  off.

    With a boom, the entire house was blasted by his Reduced Force Field, turning into shattered ruins from the explosion.

    And before it completely exploded, James had already dashed into the air.

    Fang Xingjian was a genius that was hard to find a single time in a hundred, no, a thousand years. He had even resolved the profound mysteries of the Pantheon Monument. Especially since he had only just gotten his hands on the mysteries behind the first level of the Pantheon Monument, how could James allow Fang Xingjian to be ruined here? He continued to accelerate, dashing across the sky like a fire meteor.

    'I've been too careless, really too careless.

    'It''s unthinkable that Fang Xingjian not only has great talent in sword arts, but his ether synchronization rate also increases so quickly.

    'The success rate of passing the Ten Heavenly Barriers in the Sacred Land is too low. I wonder if Xingjian...'

    Just as James was thinking about this, Fang Xingjian's voice rang out, "There's no need to fly anymore, I'm fine."

    "Fine?" James stared at Fang Xingjian with wide eyes. He asked, "You're sure you're fine? The 20% Heavenly Barrier should be an emotional impact?"

    "Emotional impact?" Fang Xingjian blinked and said, "I think, I can really see many emotions. Your anxiety, my..."

    Fang Xingjian was stunned for a moment and discovered that he had a pathetically small   number of emotions in him.

    "The human brain is also formed from ether particles and it fluctuates constantly. If one could gather information from the fluctuations, one would also be able to read a person's emotions." James looked at Fang Xingjian, slightly surprised. "You... you've already passed the first Heavenly Barrier?"

    His emotions were fluctuating far more than what was shown on his face. Ten Heavenly Barriers... It was clear from the just name how much Conferred Knights feared these barriers between the increases of their ether synchronization rate. It was because they were too difficult to pass.

    Yet now, Fang Xingjian had actually broken through from Sacred Land with one hundred times density and quietly passed it without any notice.

    This was the first time that James started to suspect that Fang Xingjian might really be able to progress leaps and bounds within a year and then participate in the National Selection.

    Of course, it was still unrealistic for him to get first place since the competition was too intense, and one year was just too short.

    However, Fang Xingjian only continued to look at James who was still looking at him.

    In the image within his mind, the world within ten meters of him started to have extra things. They were colors which he could not describe. He could not say what colors they were since they essentially could not come into contact with light, thus he was unable to describe the colors.

    However, Fang Xingjian was able to see these colors through Heaven's Perception. Although he could not describe these colors, he knew what each of them represented.

    'This is fury.. this is... anxiety? Is this happiness?'

    He looked at James and the various colorful emotions on him before checking himself out. He realized that it was almost empty around him. There were only lumps of 'fury' and 'vengeance' gathered. They seemed to be palpitating and ready to explode at any moment.

    'Is this the result of taking away feelings of love, kinship, and friendship?

    'Fury and vengeance need to be unleashed when accumulated to a certain degree?'

    Fang Xingjian clenched his fists and said, "Synchronization rate of 20%... I can now level up to level 21, right? Can the academy provide me with some ferocious beasts to kill?"

    "Of course, that's not a problem. However, you need to be extra careful in the future. When your ether synchronization rate reaches 29%, don't continue cultivating in the Sacred Land with one hundred times density. It's too risky."

    Fang Xingjian nodded but did not really pay it much heed. It was because when he first stepped into the Sacred Land with one hundred times density, he already understood that his brain far surpassed those of ordinary people, and normal informational impacts would not be able to hurt him.

    Moreover, he did not have much time left. To give up the one hundred times density and train the last 1% to reach the next barrier was too much of a waste of time.

    At the same time, in the Northern Ice Region Regional Academy.

    Sacred Land with 120 times density.

    A guy whose face was covered by a thick beard, looking like a wild man, was holding onto a book and reading.

    Next to him, a student said, "Brother Rehlings, hehe, this time around, the Headmaster handed the job of going through the Knight's handbook to you the moment you came out of seclusion. It seems like he really hopes that you can stay in the Northern Ice Region and inherit his legacy in the future."

    The guy called Rehlings shook his head and said indifferently, "A dragon does not live with snakes. There's no reason for the strong to accommodate to the weak.

    "Moreover, when a Conferred Knight reaches level 25, their body structure won't be the same as ordinary humans. At level 29, they would be like a totally different species.

    "To commoners, we're like the gods from high above. Gods don't accommodate to humans nor do they work hard for the commoners' futures.

    "The Headmaster still doesn't understand this. This is why he has stagnated at level 29.

    "We have godlike powers, and thus must have the mind of one. Only when the mind and body are compatible would one be able to try to attain Divine level.

    "However, each publication of this Knight's handbook has gathered all of the most advanced information of the Empire's martial arts and it is really good stuff. The National Selection will be starting in another eleven months, and if I can continue to read the Knight's handbook like this, it'll be very helpful to me."

    The student could only look at Rehlings enviously. The association would issue the latest copy of the Knight's handbook every month. This handbook gathered the research results of the various geniuses in the Empire, and not every had the right and privilege to read it.

    He then said, "I heard that the Great Western Region has produced a genius recently. I think he's called... Fang Xingjian? He is extremely arrogant, and he went overboard with the blowing of his own horn, saying that he cleared their Sword Arts Department's Killing Techniques Palace within a day. Isn't he scared that he's not able to produce results even after all that bragging?"

    "Oh? Fang Xingjian?" Rehlings seemed to be recalling something and said, "It's that Fang Xingjian who cleared all seven levels of mysteries of the Pantheon Monument?"

    "Right, that's the one. He is very amazing to have cleared all seven levels of mysteries of the Pantheon Monument, but saying that he cleared the Killing Techniques Palace within a day... The people from the academy must have gone easy on him."

    There were truly many Knights and Conferred Knights who had, in the course of history, boasted about how strong they were. To this student, Fang Xingjian was just another one.

    However, Rehlings shook his head and said, "The Great Western Region's Hoppes is an important character, and he researches sword arts very seriously. He wouldn't resort to such trickery."

    "Even if he didn't do it, other people could still have done it."

    Rehlings did not comment on this. However, his gaze changed in the midst of reading the Knight's handbook. He said, "What a coincidence. A set of sword technique created by Fang Xingjian has been entered into this publication of the Knight's handbook."

    "It has entered the Knight's handbook? What sword technique is it?"

    "Mmm, let me take a look... It's a Nurturing sword technique? It doesn't look like much... Mmm? Wait a minute..."
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