Chapter 305 Invitation

    Chapter 305 Invitation

    Along with the student's astonished gaze, Rehlings fell completely silent, appearing as if he was deeply engrossed with reading the Knight's handbook. When the student saw this, he scratched his head in curiousity and had a strong urge to snatch the handbook over for a look.

    However, he did not dare to do this. He knew that every time Rehlings got into this condition, it meant that he had comprehended something new. If he were to interrupt him at this moment, he would definitely be minced into ground meat.

    After about slightly over half an hour, Rehlings lifted his head and let out a long exhale. He then slowly spoke out two words, "Amazing."

    "Amazing? What is?"

    "This Fang Xingjian is amazing, very amazing." Rehlings said. "This Rebirth Sword Technique is excellent and has given me great inspiration. I'm going back into seclusion to train. I feel that I'll be able to make further progress with my saber arts."

    "Ahh, but didn't you just come out of seclusion?"

    Rehlings had already turned and left, saying with indifference, "Tell Headmaster to get someone to cultivate this Rebirth Sword Technique. One more thing, send an invitation to Great Western Region and find a way to invite Fang Xingjian over.

    "There are many things I wish to discuss with him."

    "Huh? The Great Western Region is so far away. Why would he come here for no reason?"

    "That's something for you guys to think about. Just do your best to invite him over. You can't possibly be asking me to be the one to head over there, right?"

    Within half a month, countless factions were stunned by Fang Xingjian's Rebirth Sword Technique written in the Knight's handbook. There were both praises and condemnations toward the results.

    Some people felt that Fang Xingjian was both arrogant and ignorant. It was impossible for the technique to provide 5,000 potential points.

    Of course, there were also people who were extremely supportive of Fang Xingjian. The reason being that Hoppes was the one who had examined the technique and Fang Xingjian having an amazing record of having solved all seven levels of the Pantheon Monument and having cleared all the stages of the Killing Techniques Palace within a day.

    If you wished to gain people's trust, you would need to take gradual steps to earn it. If Fang Xingjian was a nobody in the past, even if a large number of people had come across the Rebirth Sword Technique, they would just skip past it and not even give it a second look.

    And it was thanks to the support from sword arts master Hoppes as well as the two records previously set by Fang Xingjian that there was now the strong debate.

    In addition, in order to calm everyone down, there must of course be people who had successfully picked up the Rebirth Sword Technique, and it would be even better if they could reach level 10 in it.

    However, after half a month, there had yet to be anyone to truly manage to pick up this complicated sword technique which combined one hundred sets of Nurturing sword techniques. This caused society's debate to become even stronger.

    However, this debate did not affect Fang Xingjian. For the past half month, other than finding time to kill ferocious beasts to level up, as well as that one time he had dropped by to check out the Sword Tower, he had spent almost all of his time cultivating his sword techniques together with James.

    This allowed him to successfully bring his Thunderbolt Sword Technique to the maximum level of 40. And after bringing the Mountain Shifting Sword to the maximum level with seven consecutive practices, he finally succeeded in synthesizing both sword techniques together, obtaining the Thunder Immuring Earth Sword. This technique allowed the user to stimulate the geomagnetism of the earth with electricity, turning flat land into mountains and mountains into valleys. It was a powerful sword technique which allowed one to change the terrain as one wished.

    It could even conduct thunderbolts through the humongous conductor, earth, and from there, electrocute the opponents without a sound.

    Of course, not only did Fang Xingjian's sword techniques level up, so did his level. The Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves had also been raised from level 1 to level 2. After the past half month, Fang Xingjian had gone up to level 21. As he had also been tempering his attributes incessantly, his attributes now became:

    Name Fang Xingjian

    Age 17

    Occupation Heavenly Sword Sovereign

    Level 21

    Strength 103+7

    Agility 205+7

    Reaction 100

    Endurance 76

    Flexibility 76

    Ether Synchronization Rate 24%

    The attributes above come into effect once the Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves is activated.

    Due to Perfect Muscles, +7 in strength and agility (10% of the endurance attribute).

    Skills / Techniques: Boundaries Negation,

    Level 40 Rebirth Sword Technique,

    Level 40 New Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique,

    Level 40 Zenith Light Sword Formation,

    Ether Sword Ripples,

    Level 4 Ether Divine Art,

    Level 40 Thunder Immuring Earth Sword,

    Level 14 Aquatic Sword Formation,

    Level 1 Lightless Sword

    Specialties: Genius Swordsmanship,

    Elementary Survival Instinct,

    Internal Healing,

    Internal Training,

    Sword Specialist,

    Heightened Reflexes,

    Perfect Muscles,

    Single Sword World Subjugation,

    Elementary Berserkness,

    Level 1 Unparalleled Sword Intent

    Sword Bones,

    Swordless Path,

    Darkness Sword Sense,

    Heavenly Sword Imprint

    Waves Level 2 Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves

    Mental Cultivation Method Level 5 Universal Sword Dominance Lunisolar

    Potential 30,000 point increase/day

    Within half a month, both Fang Xingjian's strength and reaction had officially attained a breakthrough past 100 points. His Terra Ingurgitation had also improved due to the prowess from the leveled up Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves. It could now extend out to two kilometers.

    The tremendous improvement to his cultivation level allowed the speed at which he performed his sword techniques to be increasingly faster. This also let James feel a little pressure. Therefore, the speed of their training increased, forming an increasingly good cycle.

    On this day, Fang Xingjian was controlling hundreds of Aquatic Sword Qis, endlessly unleashing various sword techniques. Sword Qis swept about with great ease, and strong gales howled. It was as if many high frequency swords were slashing to and fro, causing the air to tremble, releasing thunderous sounds.

    After a short period of training, he heard someone calling from outside. Fang Xingjian's ears twitched slightly and he headed out. As he walked out, even his footsteps seemed to have a hint of a skip in it. He appeared to be in quite a good mood.

    When he opened the door, he saw Zhou Xingwen, the guy who had once tried to persuade Fang Xingjian to loan out his Sacred Land. Zhou Xingwen was standing there, holding a lunchbox as he looked at Fang Xingjian with a face full of smiles.

    "Xingjian, this is a level 20 Lightning Fish which just arrived. The whole fish weighs thirty jin [1]. I've already gotten someone to cut it up for you."

    This was not the first time Zhou Xingwen had brought food over this month. Zhou Xingwen did not seem to be a stranger to the room, and he walked in, opening the box and dishing out several plates on the table.

    "Tsk tsk, this Lightning Fish is good stuff. Especially now that it's mid-August, the period where the Lightning Fish are the freshest and most delicious. They still have hints of electricity in their bodies, and when you eat it, there's a numbing sensation stimulating your tongue."

    Fang Xingjian sat quietly at the side, eyes fixed on the fish on the plates. The fish was separated into various parts. Its belly, skin, and other parts were all cooked using different methods.

    Zhou Xingwen brought a plate to Fang Xingjian. It was a pink colored piece of meat. He said, "This is the fish's belly, the tenderest part of the entire Lightning Fish. In one Lightning Fish, at most only one-tenth of its meat is this.

    "It's best to eat this raw. You'll be able to feel its tenderness and freshness to the fullest."

    As Zhou Xingwen spoke, even he could not hold it in and gulped. "Because this part is the fattest and tenderest, there's a high requirement for the chef's knife skills. If it's sliced too thinly, it will lose its chewiness, and if it's sliced too thickly, it will taste very greasy. I'd specially requested the Regional Chief's masterchef to help prepare this fish."

    Fang Xingjian picked up one piece and ate it. Instantly, he could feel the juice of the flesh exploding out. The texture of the meat was very plump and bouncy, as if it was jumping on its teeth.

    There was still that slight electrifying and numbing feeling which further escalated the sensation.

    "There's still the mid-belly, fish neck, and fish lean meat. These are all to be eaten raw.

    "The chin and bones have all been grilled with a secret sauce.

    "The cheeks and eyes have been cooked into seafood chowder."

    The dishes were gradually placed before Fang Xingjian. It was a fish feast that was made entirely from one full Lightning Fish.

    When Fang Xingjian drank the thick, cream-like fish soup, Fang Xingjian's brows could not help but twitch a little.

    He looked at the 'fury' and 'vengeance' around his chest and noticed that they had been reduced by a little.

    He thought to himself, 'Is it as expected, that eating delicacies will reduce a little of my hatred and fury? It's no wonder that ever since I entered the Regional Academy, I've never blown up from anger because of the circulation of my mental cultivation method.'

    [1] Unit measurement of weight. One jin is the equivalent of 500 grams.
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