Chapter 306 Request

    Chapter 306 Request

    The moment he started eating the Lightning Fish, hints of electric currents were transmitted through Fang Xingjian's nerves.

    It might have been because he saw Fang Xingjian trembling a little after his nerves had been stimulated by electric currents that Zhou Xingwen said, "Eating the Lightning Fish also has the effect of stimulating the nerves and improving how the nerves transmit information. It'll increase one's reaction attribute."

    After drinking the last bit of fish soup, Fang Xingjian smacked his lips and said, "This fish is truly not bad."

    He then lifted his head and threw Zhou Xingwen a glance, saying, "You've given me quite a few good items for the past half month. What request do you have? Go ahead and say it."

    It was impossible for Zhou Xingwen to be so obliging for no reason at all. The reason that he had been sending food for such a long period of time but had not yet made a single request was only because he felt that the more Fang Xingjian ate, the less pressure he himself would feel when he voiced his request.

    Therefore, when he heard Fang Xingjian's words, Zhou Xingwen's heart trembled slightly. However, he kept a straight face and said, "It's nothing. I know that you, Xingjian, like good food and since I know quite a lot in this particular area, I've brought you some.

    "You have a bright future before you. I just hope that you won't forget about me then."

    Seeing how Zhou Xingwen had become meek, Fang Xingjian shook his head and said, "You're not being honest here. I like to eat food, but if you continue to stay silent, I can always look for someone else to help buy food for me."

    When Zhou Xingwen heard this, he immediately said, "Xingjian, don't. Look at me, I am thick skinned and am used to having a glib tongue. I'll be honest, it's nothing much. I just saw that the book that you have published together with Ferdinand and the others seemed to be selling very well..."

    At Zhou Xingwen's current age and cultivation level, he no longer had the courage to continue taking risks to level up, but was now more interested in things like wealth and power

    After all, not every person, every single Conferred Knight, would be able to bear with loneliness and take the risks of becoming a vegetable or a lunatic just in order to become stronger.

    It was especially so for Zhou Xingwen, who had already become a Conferred Knight. He had far too many things he could enjoy, while with just a wave of his hand, he could get his hands on countless beauties as well as endless delicacies and treasures. Therefore, he gradually could not be bothered to focus on his training, eventually diving into the world of materialism.

    However, he also knew that there were still many people above him who would be able to crush him easily. This was why he had started saloons, clubs, and had become an intermediary for Westerners. He had even helped Wang Tiangang, the person ranked ninth in the academy, to deal with stuff. The reason why he had done all these was so that he could form connections and find someone to back him up.

    And now, Fang Xingjian had appeared before him. The strength and talent Fang Xingjian had shown only made him feel that this was a rare chance that he could not let slip by. This was why he had thought of trying to get close to Fang Xingjian.

    And how could he form a connection with Fang Xingjian? The only method he could think of was for them to have common interests.

    However, Fang Xingjian shook his head and said, "I've left the matters with regards to the publishing of books to Ferdinand. If you have matters about that, you can go look for him directly. I don't have much energy to put into business management."

    "I know, I know." Zhou Xingwen sat next to Fang Xingjian and continued, "I'm not referring to the area of selling physical books, but the part about authorizing sword techniques."

    "Authorization of sword techniques? You're referring to my Rebirth Sword Technique?" Fang Xingjian took a piece of paper, wiped his mouth, and said, "Although my Rebirth Sword Technique has been entered into the Knight's handbook, it seems that no one has managed to pick it up even now. You think so well of this set of sword technique?"

    "Hehe, that's only because the people who are criticizing it don't know any better." Zhou Xingwen seemed to have forgotten that when he had first seen this sword technique, he had also viewed it with disdain.

    However, he had recently specially questioned Wang Tiangang, who had seen the Rebirth Sword Technique before. Although Zhou Xingwen did not know of the principle behind the sword arts theories for the sword technique, one thing was for sure-Wang Tiangang had started to secretly learn the Rebirth Sword Technique.

    "I think that there'll be people who will manage to pick it up in at most another half a month." Zhou Xingwen tried to flatter and smiled, saying, "Isn't this why I've come earlier to bring up this topic with you? I hope that you can let me handle the management of the Rebirth Sword Technique's authorizations. I'll guarantee to fight for you to get the greatest interest."

    Being the authorized agent, Zhou Xingwen would represent Fang Xingjian to discuss the price, durations and other aspects of the authorization with the other academies, factions, military, and other concerned parties.

    After all, with how busy Fang Xingjian was, there was no way that he would have the time to handle all that business talk.

    It went to show how much Zhou Xingwen's status and reputation would grow if he could become the authorized agent for a sword technique like the Rebirth Sword Technique.

    Zhou Xingwen felt that this set of sword technique was a revolutionary one, and could even change how sword arts in the country would progress. Regarding this aspect, Zhou Xingwen might have thought further compared to people like Hoppes, who merely pursued it for a higher level of mastery and skills.

    However, Fang Xingjian continued to shake his head and said, "I've already promised to hand this to Ferdinand. His clan has connections with quite a number of schools."

    "Then I won't get involved with academies," Zhou Xingwen said. "Although Ferdinand's clan might have some connections with academies, they are just a clan in a small prefecture, and they might not have any connections in other areas.

    "For example, the various major factions, or major influences such the Church of Universal Truth. There's also the Empire's military strongholds, undercover agents, as well as Imperial troops. They would probably not be that familiar with these areas, right?

    "Myself and the Western Society backing me up, we have deeper connections and will definitely be able to bring you greater benefits. Our alliance will definitely be a win-win situation."

    The Empire referred to those who came from the distant end of the Western Sea, the people with yellow skin and black eyes, as Westerners.

    People like Zhou Xingwen and Wang Tiangang were both descendants of Westerners and the Western Society which Zhou Xingwen had set up was an organization similar to a clansmen association. It was also the group which he had once invited Fang Xingjian to join in the past.

    Hearing Zhou Xingwen's suggestion, Fang Xingjian was enticed. Although it would not be a problem for Ferdinand to have talks with academies, they did not have a strong enough backing to be liaising with other factions, as well as the various military forces, undercover agents, and dark influences. After all, Ferdinand's clan was not of high-level aristocracy to begin with.

    If Zhou Xingwen's Western Society could help handle the deals for these areas, it would be much better.

    Fang Xingjian nodded and said, "I think that we can try to work something out, but you guys will not have the final say. You can discuss the details with Ferdinand and then let me know the results after you guys have come to a conclusion."

    Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, Zhou Xingwen got very excited. He nodded and said, "Xingjian, trust me. You definitely won't regret this. Our Western Society's potential is not as simple as a school saloon's.

    "I'll go look for Ferdinand right away."

    While speaking, Zhou Xingwen stood, excited. He then suddenly said, "Right, Xingjian, what other things do you like to eat? I'll get someone to send them to you in a few days' time."

    "It doesn't matter what they are, as long as it's a ferocious beast and it tastes good."

    "Hehe. Alright, I'll get them prepared." With that, Zhou Xingwen smiled secretly to himself and left.

    Not long after, James walked in.
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