Chapter 309 Dispute

    Chapter 309 Dispute

    Competition was intense between Knights.

    From Knight apprentice, to Knight, and then to Conferred Knight, everyone had climbed to their respective position amidst strong competition, fighting for resources, fighting for rankings, fighting for status... They were all very used to various forms of competitions.

    Of course, it was the same for the level 29 southeastern Sword Saint, Sasa.

    The legendary dragon's scale contained an unrivaled profoundness and it was no ordinary research object. Sasa was not going to let other people get involved. Right from the start, he had planned on studying the dragon's scale by himself.

    Therefore, Sasa rejected outright, "There's no need for that. I'll be fine studying this ancient artifact by myself."

    James said, "How can we let that happen? This is the first project you're taking after coming to our Great Western Region. How can we not show our great support? If others were to hear of this, they would think that the Great Western Region Regional Academy was jealous of those with abilities."

    "It's really fine," Sasa rejected once again. "Studying Ancient Era's artifacts primarily needs historical records and interpretations of the Ancient Era's culture. It's useless to have numbers. I alone will be sufficient."

    James seemed to feel that something was off since he was being rejected so persistently. He threw a glance at the dragon's scale and asked, "Are you sure that you're fine by yourself? Won't you need a few assistants to help you with the research?"

    "Mmm, you can give me a few assistants." Sasa did not wish to be too insistent on rejecting either. However, he still mentioned, "But I hope that this ancient artifact can be placed at my residence to have it under strict protection for now. After all, this is an important discovery and any damage inflicted to it would be very costly."

    James was just about to agree, but there was no way that Fang Xingjian could let Sasa take the dragon's scale away with him just like that. If that were to happen, how was he going to absorb the sword intent it held?

    Therefore, Fang Xingjian said, "The Sword Tower is very safe and all the researchers here are professionals. I don't think there's a need to move it."

    Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, Sasa frowned. Although he would explain things patiently to James, there was no need for him to do the same for a young lad. He merely reprimanded him as senior, "I've been studying ancient artifacts for many years in the Eastern Sand Region. Do you think you'd know more about this area than myself?

    "Many of these artifacts from the Ancient Era have been preserved by ether particles and any slight carelessness might cause them to crumble. There's too many people here in Sword Tower and mistakes are inevitable. Of course, it would be safer for me to take charge of it."

    With Fang Xingjian's character, there was no way that he would pay the reprimand any heed. He rebutted, "Sword Tower also has dormitories. Won't it be fine if you stay here? The facilities, records, and staff are more complete here. You can't possibly want all of them to follow you to your place?"

    All the assistants and students in the area were stunned to see Fang Xingjian strongly opposing the Sword Saint. Even Hoppes' student, Leon, gulped. His gaze when looking at Fang Xingjian held a hint of admiration.

    To think that he would dare to go against a level 29 Conferred Knight! Leon did not know if Fang Xingjian was courageous or if he was simply brainless.

    Sasa's aura suddenly changed and he glared at Fang Xingjian before coldly replying, "Are you the one in charge of this project or am I?" He turned to ask James, "Head of Department, in Great Western Region, is it the students who tells the teachers how to research and cultivate?"

    "Eh, both of you, calm down." He turned to Xingjian and sent him a message through his Reduced Force Field, "Xingjian, what's wrong? Why are you going up against Sasa?"

    Fang Xingjian spoke out loud, "I'd also like to study this piece of ancient artifact. Moreover, I feel that this Ancient Era's artifact would be safer if left in the Sword Tower."

    Hearing that Fang Xingjian was also interested in studying the dragon's scale, Sasa's eyes opened wide, as if killing intent was gathering in them.

    How could he allow other people to get hold of the secret of the dragon's scale? Forget about the fact that Fang Xingjian was an ingenious student. Even if his parents or siblings were to come, he wouldn't let them get involved either.

    This was as if Fang Xingjian was trying to snatch a piece of meat straight from Sasa's mouth. How could he take this lying down? Moreover, after seeing how persistent Fang Xingjian was, Sasa could not help but suspect that Fang Xingjian also knew of the secret behind the dragon's scale. Could it be that Fang Xingjian knew more about it than him?

    The corners of his lips curled out and he suddenly changed his tone, "Xingjian, what you said makes sense as well. How about this. You can study it together with me. We can leave the ancient artifact in Sword Tower as well. I'm quite knowledgeable with regard to the Ancient Era and if you're interested, I can teach you more about it."

    Sasa was merely retreating for the sake of advancing. When Fang Xingjian became his subordinate, he would just send him off to check the materials or even to do some cleaning up so as not to let him get close to the dragon's scale. He could even think of ways to get more information out of Fang Xingjian, which could allow him to gain more knowledge more about the dragon's scale.

    James nodded, seemingly pleased to see Fang Xingjian and Sasa forging a good relationship. However, Fang Xingjian was already on his guard against Sasa, not wanting to let Sasa know that he could read the inscribed characters, nor of the matter concerning the absorption of the sword intent.

    Therefore, he blatantly rejected, "There's no need for that. We should just conduct our studies respectively."

    Sasa's gaze froze. The more Fang Xingjian acted like this, the more he felt that something was wrong with Fang Xingjian. He tried to persuade him, "Xingjian, you haven't done any research on the things from the Ancient Era yet, right? The culture from that era was very different from what we have now. If there's no one to guide you along, you'll probably have to waste a lot of time."

    Fang Xingjian took one step back, shook his head and said, "I think it's better for me to conduct the study alone." He looked toward Head of Department James and said, "I hope that I alone can be in-charge of this piece of ancient artifact."

    This implied that he was trying to get Sasa out of the picture. Everyone present looked at Fang Xingjian as if he was a lunatic. To think that a Conferred Knight who had just completed his second transition would dare to kick away level 29 Conferred Knight...

    What astonished them even more was how James had reacted. Rather than rejecting the proposal outright, he frowned and seemed to be deep in thought.

    Fury boiled in Sasa's heart. He looked at James and said, "Head of Department..."

    "Alright, alright, stop fighting..." James felt troubled. One of them was a level 29 character important to the academy, while the other one was a great genius with an unbelievably bright future before him. He did not wish to put either side down.

    Of course, he was more inclined toward Fang Xingjian. However, if he were to put Sasa down, what would the people from the other academies think of this?

    Just then, Fang Xingjian said, "Let me handle this project. I'll tell you the secrets to the first three levels of the Pantheon Monument to you in one go."

    James' eyes lit up immediately, asking, "Really?"

    Furious, Sasa said, "Head of Department, how can you turn this into an exchange of interests? And Fang Xingjian, if you want to announce it, then do it for free. To actually use this to threaten the academy... Do you still have any morals?"

    Fang Xingjian continued, "I'll release it to you tonight."

    James looked at Sasa and shook his head, saying, "The mysteries of the Pantheon Monument are extremely important. However, the academy is not the military and we'll not force students to reveal what they have comprehended. If everything has to be freely announced, it would be collective display of violence.

    "Therefore, we'll only make deals with students to get the information of their comprehension.

    "And Fang Xingjian doesn't need money. He is only promising to use the mysteries in exchange for our support. I think this is very reasonable. Once I've fully analyzed all seven levels of mysteries in the Pantheon Monument, I will also include them in the academy's library, which will be beneficial to the overall growth of the academy."

    With James talking from a standing point that made it for the good of academy, Sasa could not find any words to counter. And with so many students and teachers around them, even if he were to say anything, he could not possibly do so in front of them.

    James tried to mediate the situation, "However, Sasa, you're the professional in the area of Ancient Era's artifacts and we won't completely bar you from studying it. Why don't you and Fang Xingjian take turns to have contact with the artifact each day? Each of you will handle your own research. What do you think?"
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