Chapter 312 Materials

    Chapter 312 Materials

    Sasa had thought that their deciphering progress rate was very fast and felt that everything was going smoothly. However, right now, looking at the scene of Fang Xingjian forming a connection with the dragon's scale, Sasa felt as if a basin of cold water had just been pour over his head, and he felt the chills go all the way to his heart.

    He had only deduced that the dragon's scale hid a sword intent. However, the other party seemed to have already managed to connect to that very sword intent.

    Sasa could only imagine how much honor and glory Fang Xingjian would earn if he were to defeat Sasa in deciphering the Ancient Era's artefact.

    However, Sasa could also imagine how he, after failing and then becoming a stepping stone for Fang Xingjian, would be subjected to contempt and ridicule.

    This was not something which only concerned his reputation. At the very least, the support that the Great Western Region Regional Academy provided to him would be reduced greatly. Moreover, the dragon's scale held an unrivaled secret. How could Sasa possibly allow others to get to it? This was the one thing which Sasa found the most intolerable.

    It was at this moment that he thought of something which he had never considered all this while. If he were to lose to Fang Xingjian, how would everything turn out?

    'The secret of the dragon's scale... Even if it isn't really unrivalled, it had let the Heavenly Sovereign of the Blood Sea attain a breakthrough to the Divine level. I must definitely not let Fang Xingjian snatch it away.'

    Sasa secretly came to this decision after much thought, and his gaze suddenly sharpened.

    'It can't go one like this...'

    In an instant, Sasa regained to his usual composure as though nothing had happened. He smiled and walked up next to Fang Xingjian, then he said, "Your progress seems to be good? Have you already solved the secret to the artifact?"

    "Not yet." Fang Xingjian frowned, feeling a little helpless as he stopped the interaction between himself and the sword intent.

    Although he had already come into contact with the sword intent, he realized that this sword intent, or rather, the information remnant left behind by someone, was like the information remnant in the level 29 Superior Divine Armor, Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor. It already had a simple consciousness of its own.

    Fang Xingjian wanted to absorb this sword intent based on the method recorded on the dragon's scale, but it had ignored him completely and was unwilling to be absorbed by him.

    He had tried to communicate with it for an entire night, and just as he was making a slight progress, Sasa had interrupted. Then with Sasa's arrival, that sword intent shrunk back completely into the dragon's scale, and Fang Xingjian could no longer sense its presence any more.

    Annoyed with Sasa's interruption, Fang Xingjian stood up and headed out the door, totally ignoring Sasa. During this period, other than studying the dragon's scale, Fang Xingjian also needed to continue his sword arts cultivation.

    However, Sasa called out to him and said warmly, "Xingjian, why don't we have a discussion about it. What you've thought of may not be very complete. I've specially invited a few specialists in ancient culture over from the Eastern Sand Region... Do you want to have an exchange of opinions with us?"

    Fang Xingjian turned and threw him a glance. Despite Fang Xingjian's arrogant gaze making Sasa extremely pissed, Sasa continued to maintain his smile.

    However, Fang Xingjian merely said with indifference, "Not interested." With that, he turned to leave.

    "This lad..." Sasa's cheek twitched. As a well-known swordmaster of the generation in the southeast, when had he ever been treated with such disrespect? Even someone at the level of the Governor would treat Sasa with great respect. Otherwise, they would be called arrogant.

    "I can't let this go." Many schemes ran through Sasa's mind. As a level 29 Conferred Knight who had fought his way through many battles, Sasa was never the type of person who would be considered a good guy, based on traditional views. In the battlefield, he had killed many of his enemies through his sly schemes. This was because people who only knew how to fight fiercely head-on would never be able to stay alive to the very end.

    'That's right. His Rebirth Sword Technique that was released recently seems to have struck up a huge debate...'

    Sasa's eyes narrowed as he walked out of the door. Then he spoke casually to a random assistant, "Sword Tower has a copy of Fang Xingjian's Rebirth Sword Technique, right? Bring it here for me to take a look."

    Sasa started to laugh coldly in his heart. 'If this sword technique really is impenetrable, then so be it. However, if I were to find a hint of flaw to it, then don't blame me for being vicious.'

    In his opinion, a sword technique which a seventeen year old genius like Fang Xingjian had created would definitely have some flaws to it.

    'I can think of other options as well.'

    When one reached Sasa's position and received too much of the society's resources, there would be many cards he could use to deal with a Regional Academy's student, even if it were against a great genius.

    On his end, Fang Xingjian did not know what was happening and merely continued to work hard in cultivating his sword arts everyday as well as communicating with the sword intent hidden in the dragon's scale.

    However, that sword intent was like a wild child who had just opened their eyes to see the world. It would appear and disappear suddenly without any notice, hiding here and there. The moment there were any slight changes, it would hide itself, preventing Fang Xingjian from communicating with it properly, let alone absorbing it.

    Fang Xingjian had even tried the assimilation method as inscribed on the dragon's scale, but the sword intent remained unmoving. It just stayed as it was, unwilling to enter Fang Xingjian's body.

    This day, Fang Xingjian went to the Sword Tower again but was stopped by a guy hiding in a cloak.

    The guy handed him a document and said in a calm voice, "If you wish to settle this, come look for me at the mountain behind the academy at this time tomorrow." With that, the guy left.

    Fang Xingjian frowned, opened up the document on the spot and read it.

    There were only about five pages to the document, with a majority of it being a namelist and data. However, the content was astonishing.

    It recorded the situation of a sword arts school. Three of the school's students practiced a certain sword technique, and within a mere one week, they were all suffering from varying degrees of internal injuries.

    Although there was no direct indication that their internal injuries were caused by this particular sword technique, it was too obvious that all of the data in the document was pinning the blame on the sword technique. While looking at this set of data, even Fang Xingjian would think that their internal injuries seemed to be caused by practicing the new sword technique.

    As for the name of this sword technique, it was the 'Rebirth Sword Technique'.

    Looking at the document in his hands, Fang Xingjian's heart sank.

    For a sample, three students were too few. However, considering all three students suffered from internal injuries, the situation was very serious.

    'My Rebirth Sword Technique is definitely perfect.

    'Why would they suffer from internal injuries?'

    Suddenly, Sasa walked over and smiled as he asked, "What's wrong, Xingjian? You're not in a good mood?"

    Fang Xingjian threw Sasa a cold glance, tucked the documents into his pockets, and left.

    After Fang Xingjian had left, Sasa's bright expression dropped. He looked at Fang Xingjian's back as if he were looking at a dead man.

    'You can go ahead and be as arrogant as you want for now.

    'I'm looking forward to see how the association will deal with you after knowing about the problem with the Rebirth Sword Technique.'

    Thinking of this, the corners of Sasa's lips curled up slightly, and he left in an extremely good mood.

    "Lord Sasa? You seem to be in a good mood. Is the deciphering going on smoothly?"

    "Haha, it's going on very smoothly. We should be able to decipher all of it very soon."
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