Chapter 322 Fury

    Chapter 322 Fury

    From what Sally sensed, Mike's stomach seemed to be like one which belonged to a dying old man. Not only had it completely shrivelled up, it was even like the rotting root of a tree, with most parts of it starting to decompose and fail.

    The stomach was of great importance, especially during the apprentice stage. This was the most important part of the body which allowed one to absorb nutrition.

    Now that his stomach had serious deterioration, not only would Mike be unable to cultivate, he might even die.

    When Sally saw this scene, how could she not feel infuriated? It was as if she was going to spew flames out from her eyes. "This is really a complete disregard for human lives. How can a true Nurturing sword technique cause one's internal organs to fail and rot?

    "Fang Xingjian, this scoundrel... To think that he would release such a sword technique just for his own benefit."

    One of her subordinates let out a cough and said, "Madam, our job is to enforce the law impartially. So, it's best that we don't take a stance on this issue first. Moreover, in terms of sword theories, there are no major flaws in the Rebirth Sword Technique..."

    "Sword theories? Flaws?" Sally said furiously, "Look at these kids! This is the result of the sword theories that you guys are going on about! You are mere humans. Do you think that just by knowing some sword theories, you know about the truth of the world? Who do you think you are?!

    "Everyone is like this. Just because you've attained some extraordinary strength, you'll call yourself a god. Are you trying neglect the truth that's placed right in front of your eyes?

    "Even if it makes it past the evaluation of sword theories, if there's even one out of ten thousand chances that it could be harmful, we must prevent him from disseminating it. Isn't this our job? Are the sword theories which give rise to such a tragedy the power that you believe in?"

    One of her subordinates said, "Madam, we must at least wait for the arbitration to be over before we announce the results."

    "Is there still a need put this through a trial? If... Hmph..." Under the strong restraints of her subordinates, Sally did not continue speaking. Instead, she looked at Mike with pity and said, "Mike, tell us everything you know. When did you start feeling pain in your stomach? What have you cultivated and eaten? And how was your work and rest schedule like when you were picking up this sword technique?"

    For that whole day, Sally visited a total of three apprentices who had met with mishaps, as well as the school's teacher, other apprentices, and staff. To her, the result was shocking.

    Whatever she enquired on would appear to be very normal, with the exception of the fact that Mike and the others had picked up the Rebirth Sword Technique. From this point, it seemed as if the cause to the entire problem would lie in the Rebirth Sword Technique.

    "To think that such a sword technique was able to pass the association's examination." Sally clenched her teeth and said, "Inform the people from the Great Western Region Regional Academy that the arbitration will start in three days. Let them prepare themselves. I shall see how they are going to explain this.

    "After this arbitration, I'll put in the application to stop all exchanges and learning activities of the Rebirth Sword Technique as soon as possible and have it banned.

    "Oh, right. Bring all of them with us and protect them. We must definitely not let them suffer any further harm.

    "The faults of adults shouldn't be borne by these children."


    In the office of James, the Head of Department, in the Great Western Region Regional Academy, there were seven to eight veteran teachers of the Sword Arts Department of varying ages. Aside from Hoppes, who was focusing on his research and was unable to come, these were already the greatest characters in the Sword Arts Department.

    Additionally, right now, Fang Xingjian was standing behind James and silently received the gazes of the many people.

    James said, "The arbitration team sent by the central government has already arrived in the Great Western City. They had just went to take a look at that three students who were injured. All of them suffer from serious deterioration of their internal organs, and it is life threatening. The arbitration will probably be conducted in a few days time."

    A Conferred Knight with a beard said impatiently, "What's there to discuss about this? Those who really understand sword arts and has a sufficient level of sword arts cultivation would never feel that there's a problem with the Rebirth Sword Technique.

    "This set of sword technique is one which extracts the essence of several Nurturing sword techniques. If there is a problem with it, then wouldn't it be saying that there's a problem with the other Nurturing sword techniques as well?"

    Another female Conferred Knight said, "Things are not so simple. The Rebirth Sword Technique will affect everyone in the Empire. It may be that the people in the upper echelon have yet to decide on how to handle a bomb like this."

    Fang Xingjian blinked. It seemed that it was only now that he realized that the Rebirth Sword Technique might not be something that many people were willing to see in the current Empire.

    James interrupted them and said, "Alright, stop fighting. Anyway, the people from the association are coming, but Xingjian is one of us. We can't let the people from the central government do as they wish.

    "Therefore, this time around, we must take the same stand. The reason I've called you all over is so that we can unify our thinking. Don't be a hindrance for me during the arbitration."

    "Head of Department, don't worry. How could we create trouble for you?"

    "This time around, the association is being reckless. They are blaming the sword technique just because three people have gotten injured? There must be someone pushing this from the back."

    "Only a group of people who don't understand sword arts would think that this is a problem with the Rebirth Sword Technique. A sword technique like this should be disseminated."

    "I also hope that my son and grandchildren in the future will be able to practice a sword technique like the Rebirth Sword Technique."

    James nodded in satisfaction. "Alright, you guys can go back now. I hope that you'll perform well during the arbitration, but don't go overboard. Just stick to the facts."

    Watching as every gradually took their leave, James nodded and said, "When the time comes, Governor Devitt, the Vice-Governors, and the Regional Academy will all be here to testify for you. Don't worry. You're now a member of our Regional Academy and we'll definitely not let you get the worst of it."

    Fang Xingjian nodded, "Thank you Head of Department."

    "No need to thank me. Work hard and don't waste your talent. This will be my greatest consolation." Then James suddenly asked, "Oh, right. I heard that you haven't gone to the Sword Tower these few days? Have you been affected? Don't be affected by this. Just do whatever you should be doing."

    "I know. I haven't been affected."

    "Then that's fine. Cultivate if you should be doing so, and analyze the ancient writings if you should be doing so. With me around, even if the Head of the Association were to come, they wouldn't be able to do as they wish with you." James' expression sunk a little. They had not been able to find those three brats even after trying for such a long time, yet the people from the arbitration team could see them immediately upon arrival. It was hard for him to believe that there was nothing fishy going on.

    "Head of Department, is there a lot of pressure this time around?" Fang Xingjian suddenly looked at James and asked, "I'm guessing the arbitration is no longer as simple as proving if the Rebirth Sword Technique is harmful?"

    James looked at him and said with a smile, "Hehe, it's nothing much. These are things that we have to handle. You just focus on your research. Oh, right, when will you be giving me the remaining four levels of the mysteries to the Pantheon Monument?"

    Fang Xingjian stared at him. The two of them locked gazes, and it seemed that neither party was willing to give in.

    In the end, James was still the one who shook his head and said, "It's useless even if you were to know. It'll only add on to your troubles and affect your training. So, what's the point of telling you?" The pressure was really too great. James thought of all the people who had been visiting him in succession recently, asking him questions and trying to mediate the situation. He really did not wish to transfer all this pressure onto Fang Xingjian as it would affect his training and research negatively.

    Fang Xingjian continued to say, "There's no way that you'll be able to hide it. You still don't plan to tell me?"

    James' mouth twitched. "They're just some old men who can't bear to part with the small short term interests and hope to obstruct the world's development. They're probably the ones feeling more pressurized."

    "Stopping the world's development..."

    Fang Xingjian lowered his head, and his mind started twirling. Wasn't the Second Prince's faction the revolutionists?

    In that case, since the Rebirth Sword Technique would be able to raise the level of the commoners and weaken the influence of the royal family and other factions, it would be the equivalent of weakening those in power and increasing the fluidity of those who could come into power. This opened a new door for the revolutionists.

    So, what role had the Second Prince played in this? Fang Xingjian thought to himself, 'Is that why the academy is so supportive of me bringing up the Rebirth Sword Technique? They've seen through the possibility of this set of sword technique in helping them create a revolution in the Empire and hasten the breaking of the current rigid regime...'

    Fang Xingjian had to admit that in comparison to these people, his sensitivity toward political issues was still too immature. When he was still focusing on the sword technique, the Second Prince had already started to use the Rebirth Sword Technique to lay out his plans for the country and had started to fight a war with the resisting influences.

    However, Fang Xingjian was unconcerned. He was only interested in sword arts to begin with and had only wanted to use sword arts to solve problems. This was his style.

    After leaving James' office, he started to head for the Sacred Land. However, on the way, he saw Rota walking toward him. Behind her, there were two other men in black whom Fang Xingjian had never seen before.
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