Chapter 340 Pursue (Part I)

    Chapter 340 Pursue (Part I)

    "You're saying that even though you initiated an attack with that Heaven's Support Kick of yours, you were no match for his sword slash, and even your foot was chopped off?"

    Gao Tu frowned and looked at Rakshasi, asking, "Based on our information, Fang Xingjian is only level 22 at most. How is it possible that you weren't even able to take on a sword attack of his?"

    Rakshasi touched her regenerated foot which had skin that was like a baby's. This showed the strong vitality of a level 25 Conferred Knight. Moreover, she had the specialty, High Speed Regeneration, which had allowed her to grow out her foot again.

    However, she was unable to conceal the shock in her eyes. "I was truly unable to take on that attack. I stimulated all the specialty seeds in my body and even used the Heaven's Support Kick to tap into the powers of the earth's circulation. Even if a big building were to come crashing down... with this attack, I'd have the confidence of crushing the building into pieces.

    "However, when Fang Xingjian's sword attack came crashing down, it felt as if the skies were really crashing down. There was no power that could fend it off."

    Gao Tu frowned and said, "I heard that Fang Xingjian has a sword technique which allows him to absorb and make use of gravity. Could it be this move?"

    Rakshasi shook her head. "No, I didn't sense any changes to the gravity."

    Just then, the entire cave started tremoring furiously. It was as if many tremendous surging forces had descended from the sky, causing shattered rocks to fall down everywhere.

    Rakshasi looked toward the outside of the cave while feeling great hatred. "He has really come chasing after me. Boss Gao, you guys must avenge me!"

    Rakshasi was not an idiot. Of course, she knew that the reason Fang Xingjian had given chase was so that he could find her accomplices. However, she was more confident that with the help of her companions, she would definitely be able to turn the tables and teach Fang Xingjian a good lesson.

    Gao Tu frowned slightly. He did not really wish to step out at this moment to catch Fang Xingjian. This was because they would be able to ban the Rebirth Sword Technique and thus reduce the number of practitioners for this sword technique only by letting Fang Xingjian appear at the arbitration and, subsequently, get crushed by those in power.

    Rakshasi's reckless actions had already made Gao Tu very dissatisfied. Moreover, he did not wish to deal with Fang Xingjian yet.

    Therefore, he looked at the two other Conferred Knights next to him and asked, "Would he be able to enter here?"

    That two Conferred Knights were each encompassed by a grey colored robe, looking very much like statues. When Gao Tu posed the question to them, they lifted their heads at the same time, revealing two identical faces. They were both bald and eyebrowless, and they had the same snake-shaped tattoo on the left side of their face.

    The twins, Zhang Zuo and Zhang You, [1] were both level 24 Conferred Knights, but neither Gao Tu nor Rakshasi dared to underestimate them.

    This was because the twins of them had been connected by their thoughts since young. It was said that they both used the same consciousness and would even be able to synthesize two skills which they had each cultivated separately. They also excelled in willpower impacts and related Killing techniques.

    However, because they had failed the Heavenly Barrier when they tried for level 25, they were both a bit crazy. This was the greater reason why Rakshasi and Gao Tu were wary against them.

    No one would be willing to fight against lunatics who were unafraid of death.

    When they heard Gao Tu's question, Zhang Zuo said, "We've channelled information into the grass, trees, and rocks outside to set up an illusionary formation. There's no way that he'll be able to get in."

    Rakshasi gritted her teeth and said, "Are we going to hide from him?" Although Fang Xingjian's battle prowess was beyond her expectation, there were four Conferred Knights here. So, how could she possibly still be afraid of him?

    "We can go out, subdue him, and bring him back to the headquarters. If he can't attend the arbitration the day after, he'll have lost without putting up a fight."

    "Idiot," Gao Tu reprimanded, "Why do you think that the people from the higher management prepared so much? If capturing Fang Xingjian will work, they would have done so long ago. Our goal is to make it such that majority of the people will not cultivate or study the Rebirth Sword Technique.

    "Just wait here, don't take action. Don't be anxious either. This genius won't be spirited for long. Three days later, after the arbitration, his reputation is doomed to go down in ruins. By then, it wouldn't matter if he heads to central or anywhere else. He's destined to only be able to leave in darkness."

    As the few of them spoke, the entire world suddenly felt light. Gao Tu sensed his body floating and his expression changed. "Is this guy crazy?

    "Let's go!"

    Gao Tu had studied Fang Xingjian's records. The damaging prowess of that technique, which Fang Xingjian had gained from the legacy of the Pantheon Monument, was simply too great. It would not be easy even for Gao Tu to face it head on.

    This was especially the case since they were currently in a cave and Fang Xingjian's sword attack had brought about an earthquake. If they did not leave, they would end up being buried alive.

    A few minutes ago at a different location, Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter looked at the several majestic figures who had descended from the skies, and he was shocked.

    The person at the front of the group was the Deputy Governor who had previously been involved in the Regional Selection; it was Armstrong, whose face was filled with scars.

    Armstrong threw a glance at Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter. Potter was just about to say something when Armstrong sent him a message, "Shut up.

    "If you don't wish to die, then shut up."

    It was this moment that Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter truly saw Armstrong's gaze clearly and discovered it was filled with furious killing intent.

    'Deputy Governor Armstrong...' As if a flash of lightning had struck Potter's brain, he instantly understood.

    'Is this Armstrong also one of the people in the upper echelons? Damn, he is the Great Western Region's Deputy Governor!

    'Or is it that there are also different consensus within the Second Prince's revolutionary party?

    'That must be it. One of the advantages Conferred Knights have is that they can continue synthesizing martial techniques, allowing their Nurturing and Training techniques, as well as the tempering of their attributes to far surpass that of Knights and Knight apprentices.

    'However, the existence of the Rebirth Sword Technique would cause this gap to disappear.

    'Therefore, there must also be many Conferred Knights who feel uneasy about this sword technique. They wouldn't like a sword technique which could reduce the gap between themselves and people below them.

    'Moreover, the First Prince is about to step into the Divine level. At this time, it's apparent that there would be people under the Second Prince who would want to change their stance.'

    Just as these thoughts flashed past Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter's mind, a loud whistle rang out, and the arbitrator, Sally, rushed over as well. When she saw the collapsed house and the scattered ruins, she clenched his fists tightly. "What happened? Who attacked this place? Are the kids alright?"

    "They're fine. They've all been placed under protection," Armstrong said cooly.

    Sally frowned as shot a glare at him. She did not like the Great Western Region's officials much.

    Then she looked at Potter and asked, "What happened? Who attacked this place?"

    "It's..." Potter lifted his head and saw that behind Sally, Armstrong was throwing him a glance as if he were looking at a dead man. It was apparent that he was warning Potter.

    'Damn it!' Potter clenched his fists tightly as a fierce struggle occurred in his mind.

    'If I were to speak the truth, I'll probably be killed.

    'As expected, they wish to make use of Madam Sally?

    'After all, it's someone of the northern descent. Then... how should I choose?'

    In a great struggle over his decision, Potter still eventually let out a breath and said, "Madam, it was Fang..."

    Then suddenly, he saw Baroque Sword Marcus, who had been dug out from the ruins behind them. Looking at the corpse lifted up onto the cart, Potter's gaze flickered.

    He let out a loud laugh and shouted suddenly, "Sally, it's the people at the top..."

    Before Potter had a chance to finish his sentence, Armstrong's palm had already pressed down on his shoulder. An extremely strong willpower impact was sent into Potter's mind, making him unable to speak a word nor even move a finger.

    'Damn it!

    'I can't move!

    'I can't say a word!

    'Argh!! Move!'

    [1] The Chinese characters for Zuo and You are left and right respectively.
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