Chapter 345 Letter Delivery

    Chapter 345 Letter Delivery

    Fang Xingjian headed back to the Regional Academy's Sacred Land and saw that the Head of Department James was already standing at the entrance. When the latter saw Fang Xingjian, Rakshasi who was carried on Fang Xingjian's shoulder, and Gao Tu who was held in Fang Xingjian's arms, James asked, "Xingjian, what on earth is going on? Someone said that you had assaulted the arbitration team?"

    Fang Xingjian shared the story of what had happened that night. After hearing it, James said, "I see. They've already sent their people?" He glanced at Rakshasi who was on Fang Xingjian's shoulder and said, "If you trust me, then let me handle this woman."

    Fang Xingjian had no knowledge about the arbitration to begin with and was still wondering how to make Rakshasi speak up. Upon hearing what James said, he said, "I want to listen from the side."

    Just then, Rakshasi started trembling. "Do you people think that I'll say anything? Will I be able to say anything? From the moment that you've captured me, I'm already doomed to die!"

    While she spoke, she started to turn into steam and disappear. James dashed up to them but was only able to grab a handful of powder. Rakshasi had instantly turned into scattered dust.

    A level 24 Conferred Knight had died just like that. James then looked at Gao Tu who seemed to be starting to steam up too. James immediately slashed off Gao Tu's upper body with his palm and then pressed his hand down on it. He seemed to have performed some secret arts and somehow managed to salvage half the body.

    James said, "Seems like an expert left a martial will in his body. If the person realized that something is amiss, they would kill him. In the past, only people from the military would do this so that the enemy would not get their hands on Remains Divine Weapons. It's a pity that only half of his body is left."

    James then patted Fang Xingjian's shoulder and said, "Don't worry. As long as we get through this arbitration, they can forget about dealing with you unless they decide to use force. However, which of them would dare to deploy forceful means in our Great Western Region?"

    Simultaneously, a sense of pride flashed past James' eyes. "As for this arbitration, we've already talked about this amongst ourselves. There'll definitely be no problems.

    "Right, how are you planning on dealing with this bone remains?"

    Fang Xingjian shrugged with indifference. "You can sell it for me. I need money."

    In a hospital, Sally's eyes occasionally swept by Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter who was on the bed. Her eyes were filled with confusion and hesitation.

    After Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter arrived at the hospital, he'd entered into a state of unknown coma. Aside from the three kids whose internal organs had deteriorated, the other people that night had either died or entered a coma from serious injuries. Due to there being a lack of witnesses, the Great Western Region refused to put Fang Xingjian under arrest.

    As for the few Conferred Knights whom Fang Xingjian had killed, Sally had also gotten some people to check on them. However, they did not seemed to be Conferred Knights listed in any of the records.

    Additionally, the words which Fang Xingjian had said that day kept on lingering in her ears.

    She touched her shoulders, and that intense pain seemed to strike once again, causing her body to shudder uncontrollably.

    'Was what he said the truth?'

    Just as Sally was contemplating about the incident, someone suddenly walked in and handed her a document. "Madam, this is a document sent by the association."

    Sally opened the document and read it. Then her pupils suddenly contracted, as if there were burning flames in her eyes.

    The document included the data of over 100 Knights and Knight apprentices. All of their internal organs had suffered from varying degrees of damages after they had cultivated the Rebirth Sword Technique.

    The data in the document included the information of each and every cultivator, including their level, level of their techniques, age, physical attributes, as well as their dietary and living situation.

    'Is this the new data gathered by the association?'

    Looking at this set of data, Sally clenched her fists tightly. 'There's definitely a problem with the Rebirth Sword Technique. With this document, Fang Xingjian will definitely lose the arbitration. You may not have been the one responsible for the assault yesterday, but the Rebirth Sword Technique really has a problem. I'll definitely not allow a technique like this to be passed down.'

    Early the next morning, Fang Xingjian was still in the Sacred Land, cultivating his sword techniques. Although he had not gotten much information from the assault yesterday, he had gotten the chance to slash off the hand the opponent who had tried to reach out toward him. However, Fang Xingjian had yet to make a decision as to if he was going to look for an opportunity to study the situation of those three apprentices.

    Just then, someone came to the Great Western Region Regional Academy.

    In the living room, Fang Xingjian looked at Huang Lin with great surprise and asked, "Teacher, why have you come?"

    "It's all because the trouble you've created this time around is too big. I've come to help you." Huang Lin took out a letter and said, "Have a look. This is the Guardian King's reply."

    Fang Xingjian opened the letter to discover that it was blank. However, with his Heaven's Perception, a large amount of information current surged out very quickly.

    Many letters written by Conferred Knights tended to be written through channeling information into the letter.

    After reading through the message, a voice seemed to enter Fang Xingjian's mind, "Child, don't worry. This time around, I'll testify for you."

    Hearing that extremely benign voice which belonged to an elderly man, Fang Xingjian's eyes opened wide. To think that the Holy Orison had personally left a martial will with a certain level of intelligence in this letter? It was alike to the information left behind in the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor or the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent in the dragon's scale, but this was more complete and the level of intelligence seemed to be higher too.

    Fang Xingjian said, "To think that the Holy Orison himself is going to help me? And about this Martial Techniques Grading Plan... Master, do you understand it?"

    "You must definitely take part in this plan. This is an extremely rare opportunity. How much wealth does the Church have? It's immeasurable! And it's only an influence as extravagant as them who would be able to come out with a plan like this which has no direct benefits but is able to benefit the future generations.

    "This is the equivalent of paying money and giving you secret manuals for your cultivation. This is a great deal!"

    Fang Xingjian nodded. The Martial Techniques Grading Plan would probably not start that soon, but the Holy Orison's willingness to testify for him was something immediate. With this letter, Fang Xingjian naturally believed that he would definitely not lose the arbitration.

    Huang Lin added, "Oh, right. The Guardian King has channeled a message into this letter, which means that it has his martial will. Although it's not much, it's a Divine level expert's information after all and contains great power. In a crucial situation, it can help to save your life."

    With the issue of the arbitration settled, Fang Xingjian no longer paid any attention to it for the following three days. He continued to hide in the Sacred Land to cultivate his sword techniques as usual. Seeing that Fang Xingjian did not appear at the Sword Tower's research room, Sword Saint Sasa was truly elated.

    Sasa led the several tens of specialists to work overtime and continue their study. They almost had no time for rest. It was because he knew that after the arbitration three days later, James and Hoppes would probably no longer allow him to get close to the dragon's scale.

    After three days of effort with no sleep and rest, in addition to the hard work they had put in for over half a month previously, Sasa finally deciphered all the words on the dragon's scale and started on the process of absorbing the sword intent.

    Without the many troublesome trifles which had been present with the true Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, Sasa got into the sword intent Fang Xingjian left behind in the dragon's scale.

    'Marrying Maiden trends toward Innocence, Innocence trends toward Fellowship, and Fellowship trends toward Great Possession. Jia turns to Bing, Bing turns to Geng, Geng turns to Gui, Zi connects to Chou, Chen connects to Si, and Wu connects to Wei. The wind and thunder forms one variation, the mountains and rivers form one variation, and the fire and water forms one variation. Qian and Kun stimulates each other, Zhen and Dui stimulates each other, and Li and Xun stimulates each other. Three evolves into five, five evolves into nine...'

    There was no power, no treasure, nor was there any physical stance. There was only a sword theory.

    "Nine Swords of Dugu [1]? Breaks through all martial techniques in the world?" Sasa slowly started to comprehend the content. His gaze was occasionally that of delight and then doubt. Then at the next moment, it turned into that of distress. His entire consciousness sank deep into the sword intent.

    Although he had deciphered the words on the dragon's scale, he still did not know much about Chinese characters. Therefore, when he saw the mental cultivation method for the Nine Swords of Dugu, he was still in a state where he did not understand most of it.

    If it were any other time, Sasa would not think much about the mental cultivation method for the Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique. However, as it was written in Chinese characters and was a mental cultivation method obtained from the dragon's scale, he treated it as though it was a great treasure. Sasa plunged into it.

    [1] A sword technique in the novel, 'The Smiling, Proud Wanderer' by Jin Yong. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dugu_Qiubai
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