Chapter 347 Situation

    Chapter 347 Situation

    The Rebirth Sword Technique was just a sword technique in the experimental phase. There had not been a person of influence who had purchased and implemented it on a large-scale basis. Despite that, to think that over 100 people had been affected! How astonishing was this?

    Looking at the changes to the situation, both Head of Department James and Head of the Sword Arts Team Hoppes frowned.

    Sighing, James said in a low voice, "They are truly vicious. 104 people... They are planning on completely suppressing the Rebirth Sword Technique."

    In the spectator stands, Lilia could not help but frown. Ferdinand assured her, "It's fine, Lilia. The three strongest people in the Great Western Region have joined forces. Moreover, the Second Prince hasn't taken any action yet. Xingjian will be fine."

    However, Ferdinand himself was not feeling particularly confident when he said that. 104 people had met with mishaps while cultivating the Rebirth Sword Technique... How much time and effort would be required to prove that the mishaps these 104 had met with were not related to the Rebirth Sword Technique?

    James looked at the letter in his hand. It was the testimony from the Northern Ice Region's Rehlings. However, at this stage, there was already no point in bringing this out. He looked at the many people in the audience, who were now very agitated, and knew that there was no use to be bringing up anymore sword theories.

    All the commoners, apprentices, Knights... and the people whose mastery of sword arts was still insufficient... they would only remember that 104 people had met with mishaps while cultivating the Rebirth Sword Technique. As for the sword arts theory and of how the Rebirth Sword Technique was... how could these weaklings show them any concern? They were not at the level to be concerned about these.

    However, Sally was not satisfied with this. She wanted to bring down the Rebirth Sword Technique completely this time around.

    Therefore, she said again, "These 104 lives brings about the issue of the Rebirth Sword Technique. Although all of you are saying that there are no theoretical problems with the Rebirth Sword Technique, I have two witnesses here who beg to differ."

    Amidst everyone's astonished gazes, Sword Saint Sasa walked out slowly. James glared viciously at Sasa and said, "Sasa! Do you know what you're doing?!"

    Sasa was wearing a confident smile. He had absorbed the fake sword intent in the dragon's scale and felt that he had gained the hope to attain the Divine level. Additionally, right now, The School of Sword Arts, Myriad Star Palace, and the First Prince had an advantage against the Great Western Region. So, how could Sasa not feel confident?

    'After I finish this show, I'll leave the Great Western Region and look for a place to analyze the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent.

    'Those people from The School of Sword Arts think that they can use me as a blade, but they are not aware that I've got my hands on the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent. As long as I put all my effort into analyzing the profoundness behind it... With time, I'll be another Heavenly Sovereign of the Blood Sea. By then, putting The School of Sword Arts aside, even the entire Empire could quite possibly be in my hands.'

    Sasa walked up to the platform, and Sally said to him, "Mister Sasa, please share with us your views on the Rebirth Sword Technique."

    "The Rebirth Sword Technique has a fatal flaw. The reason it can cause an irreversible damage to the internal organs lies in the way it circulates the vital energy and blood. It is the result of forcefully merging several tens of fierce sword techniques.

    "There's clearly a problem with such a vulgar method. We all know that the blood vessels and nerves in the human body are very weak. Therefore, since ancient times, all methods of circulating vital energy and blood require extreme caution. And even with that, each technique for circulating the vital energy and blood would still need to be put through a large number of trials before it can truly be put to use. Based on what I know, Fang Xingjian's Rebirth Sword Technique has not been put through any human experiments before."

    Sasa threw a glance at the people from the Great Western Region Regional Academy and said coldly, "However, under such a circumstance, this sword technique was submitted to the Knight Association and praised to the skies. There are people who even think that this is a sword technique that will change the society. The ones who did this are clearly devoid of all conscience."

    One of the teachers could not help but stand up and shout furiously, "Sasa, you b*stard! You're going to tell a blatant lie?!"

    "Which part of what I said was wrong? Has Fang Xingjian put this technique through any human experiments?"

    "There's no need for it at all. The Rebirth Sword Technique is a Nurturing sword technique that nurtures the body and accumulates potential points. Its method of circulating vital energy and blood follows the natural flow of the human body. If your blood is constantly flowing in your body, would you show symptoms of internal bleeding and deterioration of the internal organs?"

    However, it was clear that many people present did not agree with this. Both the Sword Saint's reputation and his rationale, which was easy to understand, had convinced them.

    "It hasn't been put through a single test?"

    "Hmph, all that talk about how there's no problem with the sword theories... To think that they haven't tested it even once! I think Fang Xingjian himself might not have picked up the Rebirth Sword Technique."

    "It seems that for the sake of glorifying their disciple, these people from the Regional Academy really don't care about anything else."

    There were not many sword arts experts in the audience. So, since they did not understand the theories, they could only listen to the words others whom they thought made sense.

    Sasa was clearly a master in this. He did not bring up the theories behind the Rebirth Sword Technique and instead merely brought up the point that Fang Xingjian had not put the sword technique through large-scale human testing.

    However, this was not the end of it. Sasa took out a letter and said, "This is a letter which the Supreme Chief of The School of Sword Arts, Heng Tianxiao, wrote to me. He penned down in detail his assessment of the Rebirth Sword Technique. "

    When Sally saw this scene, her brows arched up a little. She and the six sword arts masters looked in Sasa's direction. In the letter, Heng Tianxiao had pointed out the huge flaw in the method of circulating vital energy and blood which the Rebirth Sword Technique used.

    Although the six sword arts masters still had doubts, they could not say anything as a rebuttal.

    There was nothing they could do about it. The School of Sword Arts and Heng Tianxiao represented the highest authority in sword arts in the Empire. How could they say anything against it?

    Sally read out Heng Tianxiao's letter, and a huge commotion once again broke out.

    Sally said coldly, "Alright, I believe that everyone has come to their own conclusion about this case. I have another letter here from Myriad Star Palace's Master Laurence."

    James closed his eyes. Laurence was Hoult's master and the disciple to the Divine level expert, Astral Ancestor. Laurence's interference would meant that Astral Ancestor had stepped in.

    Hoppes also let out a breath. At level 29, Hoppes and James were already standing on the peak of being Conferred Knights. However, when compared with Divine level experts, there was no way they could win.

    Although Laurence was not a Divine level expert, he was the disciple of one. This identity meant that that his words carried ten times more weight.

    Even if they did not end up losing the arbitration, as long as Laurence's words were to spread, how many Knights would still dare to cultivate the Rebirth Sword Technique?

    Sally read out Laurence's letter slowly, "The Rebirth Sword Technique is truly a groundbreaking sword technique. However, due to the limits of the creator's mastery in sword arts, he hasn't truly completed this sword technique. As a result, the sword technique has a huge flaw and will cause a strong repercussion to one's internal organs.

    "However, his creativity still holds a great referential value. Myriad Star Palace already has the plans to work together with The School of Sword Arts and Ancient Path of Hell to create a brand new sword technique using the creativity of the Rebirth Sword Technique in combining several tens of Nurturing sword techniques..."
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