Chapter 349 Divine Level

    Chapter 349 Divine Level

    Beams of white light seemed to surge forth from Fang Xingjian's chest, while Armstrong felt that someone was throwing him a glance from that light.

    That glance was like a tall mountain as well as a great sea. It was as complicated as the universe and as heavy as the celestial bodies.

    This glance was not something which humans could endure, and it was a glance which brought Armstrong devastation.

    When Armstrong once again regained his senses, he abruptly threw his head back and eventually spewed out a tremendous amount of blood uncontrollably. He even seemed to have suddenly aged by ten years as he fell. Armstrong then forcibly supported himself with his hands, somehow managing to take the impact of the blow.

    However, very soon, his mouth opened again, and fresh blood continued to surge forth. He even started to throw up some of his internal organs as his body aged once again. Age spots were even starting to appear on his face.

    Armstrong looked in disbelief at his shrivelling and wrinkling palm. Then as his gaze shifted to Fang Xingjian, Armstrong asked, "What did you do? What was that thing earlier?"

    Armstrong wanted to attack Fang Xingjian but discovered that he was no longer able to circulate his Waves and mental cultivation method. It was as if his brain was covered up by a layer of lard, and he was unable to unleash any of his extraordinary strength.

    Fang Xingjian took out the Holy Orison's letter from his chest and recalled what Huang Lin had said. The letter contained the martial will of the Divine level expert.

    'Just a thought can cause a level 29 Conferred Knight to become like this? Then it's no wonder that they can change the trends of a country and its history. It's true that people like these are no different from gods.'

    Fang Xingjian gained a new understanding toward how terrifying Divine level experts were. Thankfully, this time around, the other party was on his side.

    Fang Xingjian recalled how he had written the first five tiers of transformations to the Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves in the letter previously. At this moment, Fang Xingjian decided that once he got back, he would send the Holy Orison the remaining transformations over as well as thanks.

    Looking at the letter and the white glow which was extinguishing slowly, Armstrong continued to puke out fresh blood. He stared at the letter in astonishment and asked, "What... what is this thing?"

    "It's a letter the Holy Orison wrote to me as a testimony that there's no problem with my Rebirth Sword Technique."

    Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, a hint of understanding flashed in Armstrong's eyes. 'So, that's what it was... a Divine level expert... He is really true to his name.' As he looked at Fang Xingjian, Armstrong's gaze flashed with great envy and wariness.

    'What did this Fang Xingjian do to deserve the favor of a Divine level expert?'

    However, sensing his current situation, terror and desperation surged within him. Armstrong sensed that his lifespan was reaching its end, and it was as if his physical body would breakdown at any time. He could sense that... he was so seriously injured that he was on the verge of death.

    'To think that just one glance... one glance sent across space.. could hurt me to the extent that I'm now impending death? To think that the Holy Orison's abilities have already reached such a high level.'

    After Fang Xingjian said his piece, he left without even turning back. Simultaneously, he instructed, "Keep an eye on him. Don't let him escape."

    "Me?!" Zhou Xingwen was still astonished by the Holy Orison's letter. When he heard Fang Xingjian telling him to keep an eye on Deputy Governor Armstrong, he asked in shock, "Me? Me? Me? Keep an eye on Lord Armstrong?"

    "In his current condition, he won't even be able to deal with any ordinary Knight. You just need to keep an eye on him and not let him escape or commit suicide. I'll be back shortly."

    Based on Fang Xingjian's estimations, with the Holy Orison as his backing, he would be able to return very shortly.

    However, what he did not know was that Armstrong was not an ordinary level 29 Conferred Knight.

    Hints of purple fog spread out from Armstrong's body, and in that instant, it turned into the figure of the First Prince. Fang Xingjian turned back abruptly, and his gaze seemed to reflect that he was extremely on guard.

    "Armstrong, to think that you're also one of the Hell's Map's 36 clones?"

    Armstrong ignored Fang Xingjian and instead half-knelt down before the faint purple colored fog silhouette, saying, "This subordinate has failed in his mission. I plead for Your Highness to pardon me."

    The First Prince did not say anything. He scanned Fang Xingjian and then said in a cold voice, "I didn't expect that you'd be able to get the help from the Church."

    However, what the First Prince was interested in was clearly not Fang Xingjian but the letter he was holding. The First Prince looked at Fang Xingjian briefly and paid him no heed. He then looked at the letter and said, "It's just the Holy Orison, what's the big deal? Wait till I've stepped into the Divine level. Then I'll personally take a trip to Yalan Sacred Mountain and pay you a visit."

    With that, the First Prince shot a glance at Armstrong, and fury ignited in his heart.

    Armstrong was the strongest person the First Prince had contracted and secretly planted in the Great Western Region. However, Armstrong was now beaten up to the extent of being almost fully crippled, and he was even on the verge of death. Even if the First Prince were to save Armstrong, Armstrong would lose his battle prowess for at least seven to eight months. This would cause the First Prince to completely lose a great assistant as well as his control over the Great Western Region.

    The First Prince glared furiously at Fang Xingjian, then the purple fog silhouette grabbed Armstrong and retreated slowly. While Fang Xingjian was wondering how much of the Holy Orison's power was left in the letter and if he should give chase, the First Prince and Armstrong had already gradually dissipated. It was as if they had turned into air currents, scattering in the air and vanishing like an illusion.

    As Fang Xingjian let out a breath, he wore a helpless expression. He had just fully activated his Heaven's Perception and used the Level 1 Unparalleled Sword Intent continuously to scan for Armstrong's and the First Prince's weaknesses. However, even if the clone was so badly hurt, there were still no flaws on the First Prince. Fang Xingjian did not have any chance to attack. This was especially when the information which Fang Xingjian kept on receiving from the First Prince seemed to show he would be able to enter a new world anytime now.

    All the information Fang Xingjian gathered continuously from the ether particles in the surroundings made him sense a great threat. It was as if the ether particles were warning Fang Xingjian against attacking the First Prince.

    Fang Xingjian had initially thought that he had already made great progress during this time and that he could even bypass higher levels to defeat level 25 Conferred Knights. However, it now seemed that the First Prince had also gotten more terrifying.

    'I still need to speed up.

    'This is good as well. After this arbitration, I'll have more money and time to cultivate. The money should be enough for me to cultivate the first level of the mystical prints.'

    As Fang Xingjian thought of this, he turned and continued on his way. Zhou Xingwen's face paled as he looked at the spot where the First Prince had disappeared, then he quickly followed after Fang Xingjian.


    Seated up on the platform, Sally said for the final time, "I'm going to ask one more time. What else do you have to say? If there's nothing else, then the arbitration will end here today."

    Just then, Fang Xingjian kicked open the hall's door with a strong force. It was sent flying with a loud bang and landed heavily on the ground, kicking up some dust.

    "Fang Xingjian!" Sally stood up suddenly. When she saw the calm Fang Xingjian, she felt like her back was still hurting a little bit.

    Sasa turned and looked at Fang Xingjian as if he was looking at a dead man. The corners of his lips curled out slightly as he thought to himself, 'I thought that this lad had already escaped. To think that he has brought himself back here. He is really heedless of the consequences.'

    Hoult's gaze shifted toward Fang Xingjian. He had originally wanted to chase and surpass Fang Xingjian, having viewed him as a sworn opponent. However, as he watched Fang Xingjian get destroyed slowly, other than feelings of pity, Hoult also had some other thoughts.

    'Talent, battle prowess... Although it's true that these things are important, before one becomes a Divine level expert, connections, background, and power are more important.

    'Moreover, how many people are able to become Divine level experts anyway?'
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