Chapter 351 Authority

    Chapter 351 Authority

    The authority the Holy Orison commanded was much too powerful.

    A Divine level expert was a person whose single thought could change the situation of a country and its history... Who would dare doubt the words he said? Who would have the right to question them?

    Particularly, after hearing that the Church of Universal Truth was going to promote the Rebirth Sword Technique on a large-scale basis... how astonished must they be?

    If a Divine level expert was someone who commanded authority on a personal basis, then the Church of Universal Truth, being the strongest influence in the world, was a group whose actions various countries and organizations competed to simulate.

    When everyone in the hall heard the Holy Orison's words, a commotion broke out.

    "Is the Church going to promote the Rebirth Sword Technique too? Since even the Church is going to promote it, then there should be no problems, right? There's no way that the Guardian King would lie... And to think that the Rebirth Sword Technique is useful even for Divine level experts?! "

    "Of course. All 16 Guardian Kings in the Church have exceptional talents and high levels of cultivation. If they feel that there's no problem, then there must be no problems."

    "The Guardian Kings are the ones who are closest to the God of Universal Truth after the Pope. There's no way that they would make a mistake."

    "The people from the Church aren't fools. If there really is a problem with the Rebirth Sword Technique, then how could they possibly disseminate it?"

    "The Rebirth Sword Technique can stimulate 4,000 to 5,000 potential points daily? This is really amazing. I wonder when we'll be able to learn it?"

    Some people started praise the Church of Universal Truth's authority and power. Some others believed in the Guardian Kings' judgements, while there were also people who were just believers of the Church of Universal Truth. There were also people started to covet the effects of the Rebirth Sword Technique.

    Seeing the instantaneous change in the crowd, Sasa got so angry that he clenched his fists tightly. 'These trash only know how to follow the crowd, committing their trust just because the Church of Universal Truth said so. What's all this talk about the Church's authority? Hmph. If the north were to fight their way here, all these people will just betray the country.'

    Sally's countenance grew increasingly cold, but she was helpless in this situation. The testimony of a Divine level expert was not something she could rebut. Even if His Majesty or the Myriad Star Palace's Astral Ancestor were to come, there probably would not be a winner on either side.

    After all, the person was a Guardian King from the Church of Universal Truth. Putting aside the power of the northern country, how many believers of the Church of Universal Truth were there just in the country alone?

    In the end, amongst the six sword arts masters and Sally, Sally was the only one who insisted on voting that there was a problem to the Rebirth Sword Technique.

    Therefore, the arbitration came to an end, and Sally was not able to officially announce that there was a problem to the Rebirth Sword Technique. She could only report the result to the association and wait for further instruction.

    Sally watched with a cold gaze as everyone left. She knew that even if the association were to not let this matter go, it would be useless.

    The moment the Church of Universal Truth started promoting the Rebirth Sword Technique in the north, the Empire could only work to catch up. Otherwise, the difference in powers between both countries would grow even more.

    Moreover, even if the Empire still insisted on banning the technique, looking at the atmosphere in the hall, Sally knew that it was no longer possible.

    In the end, other than Sally, all the other six sword arts masters who participated in the arbitration had given the vote to pass the technique. They did not have any other choice. Before the Holy Orison, they were a few levels weaker both in terms of their seniority as well as their cultivation. So, how could they possibly object to the Holy Orison's judgement?

    So, Sally helplessly announced the results of the arbitration and watched the crowd leave. She gazed at the people from the Regional Academy walking together happily, and then continued watching as countless people spoke in great anticipation about the cultivation of the Rebirth Sword Technique.

    Simultaneously, after having seen the attitude and stand of the Holy Orison and the Church of Universal Truth, Sally subconsciously started to have doubts deep within her heart.

    'Could it be... that there are really no problems with the Rebirth Sword Technique?'

    Lilia and Ferdinand came up to Fang Xingjian, and Lilia grabbed Fang Xingjian's arm excitedly. Fang Xingjian felt something soft pressing against his arm, but Lilia clearly did not take any notice of that. She said excitedly, "Teacher, there's no problem with the Rebirth Sword Technique anymore! I knew that it was fine.

    "Oh, right. Lord Guardian King invited you to participate in the Martial Techniques Grading Plan? What's that? Is it very powerful?"

    "Of course, it is." While Lilia was speaking, James, Hoppes, and the others had already walked toward the door where Fang Xingjian was. Hoppes nodded at Fang Xingjian and said, "Xingjian, thank goodness the Guardian King had helped out. If you were to have the opportunity, you must show him your thanks. Sigh, we've made a mistake this time. We didn't expect that they would be so crazy as to go to this extent just to suppress the Rebirth Sword Technique."

    He then looked at Lilia and said with a smile, "I heard her calling you, 'Teacher'?"

    "Mmm, she's a disciple I accepted back in Kirst."

    James nodded and said to Lilia, "Young lady, the Church's Martial Techniques Grading Plan isn't an ordinary plan. It's one which will change the entire world. Within the Empire, only a few Divine level experts were invited to participate in this plan."

    James then smiled and looked at Fang Xingjian, his gaze filled with admiration and anticipation. "Xingjian, you should be the first non-Divine level expert in the Empire who has been invited. You've really brought great glory to our Great Western Region."

    Just then, everyone suddenly fell silent.It was because Hoult, a disciple under the wings of a Divine level expert, had walked over. He was the one who had submitted a letter from the Myriad Star Palace's Master Laurence. Right now, Hoult was still conducting himself with the same demeanour as when they had first met him. However, there was an additional hint of world weariness in his eyes.

    Sensing everyone's hostility, Hoult let out a bitter laugh and said, "I'm sorry, but my teacher's views aren't a representation of mine." He looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "Xingjian, you're still the rival whom I'd like to surpass and defeat the most. I'm happy that you're fine."

    With that, he left, leaving everyone deep in thought.

    Just then, a teacher suddenly shouted, "Sasa, you're thinking of leaving just like that?"

    Sword Saint Sasa had departed from the entrance very quickly, clearly not wanting to greet the others from the Regional Academy. However, now that someone had called out to him, he had no choice but to stop in his tracks.

    Looking at everyone, he said calmly, "I've only stated the facts. Do you have any problems with that?"

    James squinted, as if trying to conceal his killing intent. "Stating the facts? To think that you would dare to say something like this... Sasa, from this day onward, you can stop all your work in the Great Western Region Regional Academy until we've made the necessary rearrangements."

    Sasa shrugged and said, "I don't mind. I've already completed the analysis of the dragon's scale, and it's just in time for me to get a break and study it in detail." As he had already fallen out with them and it was impossible for him to apologize and reconcile, he decided to maintain a harsh attitude.

    "What? He has already successfully deciphered the ancient artifact?"

    "So, that ancient artifact is called a dragon's scale?"

    "That guy rushed to complete the analysis while Xingjian was held up by the arbitration?"

    "Despicable guy."

    Sasa smiled and said, "I'm sorry, I'll have to excuse myself. I'll need to head back and analyze the sword intent from it."

    A teacher was so infuriated and wanted to take action but he was stopped by James. "We'll talk when we get back." James had already decided that he was going to give Sasa a good punishment once they returned to the Regional Academy.

    They were currently in public and the Knight Association's arbitration team was right behind them. Moreover, they were currently in a government agency. How could they possibly take action here?

    Furthermore, after the shoutings from before, many people had turned to look in their direction. This made it even harder for them to take any action.

    They could only watch as Sasa departed with a relaxed expression. However, after Sasa had only took a few steps, a voice flowed into his ears slowly, causing him to stiffen and stop in his tracks.

    "Marrying Maiden trends toward Innocence, Innocence trends toward Fellowship, and Fellowship trends toward Great Possession. Jia turns to Bing, Bing turns to Geng, and Geng turns to Gui."
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