Chapter 382 Throne

    Chapter 382 Throne

    Smiling Face smiled, as if he had wanted to say a few words to ease up the tension. However, Fang Xingjian had already made his move.

    As strong gales blew by, scorching heat currents rippled through the air. There even seemed to be the faint burning smell of high temperatures.

    The lady in plaits had already activated her Reduced Force Field the moment the gales started. Simultaneously, she quickly retreated 100 meters away.

    However, she had just managed to stand firm when she saw Fang Xingjian swing his hand across. He was holding onto one of her plaits. Her eyes opened wide as she had not managed to see how Fang Xingjian made his attack.

    Fang Xingjian said nonchalantly, "The fact that I can get your hair means that I'll be able to do the same to your head." Sweeping a glance toward the lady in plaits, he continued, "I don't need a second move to kill a person at your level."

    "You rascal..." Strong killing intent flashed across the lady's face. When had she ever suffered such humiliation before? "I underestimated you earlier. But my usual condition is just one-third of my actual battle prowess. Do you dare to have an all out fight with me?"

    Fang Xingjian looked at her coldly and opened up his palm, then a stone spike emerged from the ground under his feet, turning into a stone sword. Under the enhancement of the specialty 'Swordless Path', the stone sword turned into a level 19 Inferior Divine Weapon.

    He had already synthesized the Thunderbolt Sword Technique, Mountain Shifting Sword, Aquatic Sword Formation, and Lightless Sword to attain the Prodigious Demolition Sword. However, the condensing of the demolition sword light was also achieved through condensing the powers of wind, earth, water, and fire. So, Fang Xingjian could still continue using the respective powers independently.

    Seeing the two of them be at daggers drawn, with their murderous intents surging to extreme heights, Smiling Face scratched his head and said, "Alright, alright. We're here to deal with the Terrene Shrine. Why are we having an internal conflict before the people from the Terrene Shrine are even here?

    "On account of me, let's all complete the mission happily and get our respective rewards. Isn't that good?"

    As a level 26 Conferred Knight, Smiling Face appeared to be the strongest one among them. Although the lady in plaits was infuriated by Fang Xingjian's arrogance, she was not willing to offend Smiling Face. She let out a cold laugh and said, "Some people don't know how big the world is, so they act really arrogantly just because their speed is a little faster. They don't know that in this world, a person won't be unrivalled just because he is a little faster."

    "Alright, alright, let's just stop here." Smiling Face clapped his hands. Then after getting everyone's attention, he said, "Based on the lead provided by our informant, one of the Terrene Shrine's base is over 30 kilometers from here. There are at least two second transition experts. This is why the four of us have been sent here to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

    "But we still have to be careful. Although the second transition jobs passed down secretly within the Terrene Shrine might not be comparable to us, most of them are extremely vicious with extremely strong life forces. Don't be careless and end up failing in this easy task."

    Smiling Face reminded them once again.

    However, he realized that Fang Xingjian was the only one listening. Plaits and Old Man were already rushing forth, so he could not help but let out an awkward laugh.

    The four Conferred Knights advanced at rapid speed, running toward the Terrene Shrine's base. With their strong legs and quick speed, a distance of mere 30 kilometers was far too short. However, in order to not alarm their enemies, they reduced their speed at the final five kilometers, darting through the forest and boulders like ghosts as they headed for the base.

    It was a cave located halfway up a mountain. Standing at the cave's entrance and looking at that seemingly endless cave, Smiling Face said, "This is the place. This should be the only exit in the entire cave. In order to prevent them from escaping, let's leave one person here to guard the entrance."

    Fang Xingjian looked at the structure of the mountain and thought that if it was not for the large amount of resources the Terrene Shrine had, for example, the sunstone he was after, he could just bring down the mountain to kill majority of the Terrene Shrine's followers.

    Old Man said, "Then I'll stay behind. I'm getting on in age and don't like all the fighting and killing."

    Smiling Face smiled and said, "Then we'll trouble Senior to stay here. Aside from the three of us, please kill the rest who come dashing out."

    Therefore, with Old Man left behind the guard the entrance alone, Fang Xingjian and the others gradually headed inside.


    Several kilometers underground, the entire stone wall was covered in layers of gray flesh and blood. The flesh and blood kept on pulsing, as if they were alive.

    In the center of the flesh and blood, layers of stacked gray flesh and blood formed a huge blood throne. The figure on the throne knocked slowly against the handles formed from the flesh and blood, and said, "The Empire's Conferred Knights are here?"

    Before him, there was a flower formed from flesh and blood, transmitting the sounds of the voices of Smiling Face, Old Man, and the others.

    "One level 26 Conferred Knight, two level 25 Conferred Knights, and one level 24 lad. Are you certain that they don't have any other backup?"

    Before the throne, a man's face kept on trembling, his eyes filled with terror. The astonishing thing was that under his head, the rest of his body had completely disappeared. There were only a few strands of tentacles, made of flesh and blood, connected to his neck and supporting his head up as he faced the shadow on the throne.

    His mouth opened and closed, as if he was saying something silently.

    "Kill me...

    "Kill... me..."

    Three huge silhouettes were half-knelt before the throne, exuding a terrifying pressure.

    However, the more astonishing thing was their external appearance. They seemed to be put together from all sorts of animals, including lion, tiger, wolf, and black bear. They looked just like chimeras, or rather, animal zombies.

    One of the monsters with a lion's head lifted his head, looked toward the shadow on the throne, and said, "Lord Bishop, do you need us to go get rid of them right now?"

    The silhouette on the throne let out an "mmm" sound before saying, "Number 1, go deal with the level 26 Knight. Number 9 will deal with the lady, and Number 13 will deal with the old man outside."

    The one called Number 1 was the monster with the lion head, while Number 9 was covered in scales and had five snakes' heads in place of his head. Lastly, Number 13 had the biggest build out of the three of them and was covered in hair and spikes. His face, a combination of that of a wild boar and a bear, was filled with brutality and viciousness.

    Number 9, the man with snake heads, let out hissing sounds, with his tongue darting in and out of his mouth. He asked, "No need to deal with the level 24 kid?"

    "No matter how hard one trains, those who are below level 25 will still only have human bodies. As long as the other three Conferred Knights are dealt with, the level 24 lad can be killed at anytime. It would be a miscalculation if we were to waste our energy dealing with an insignificant person like him and prevent us from defeating the other three Conferred Knights."

    The silhouette on the throne said, "Go, my Gray Knights. Don't disappoint me."


    Swoosh swoosh swoosh sounds rang out, and the three Gray Knights disappeared in a flash.

    However, amidst the quiet hall of flesh and blood, laughter rang out.

    "Hehehehehehe. Not bad, lad. To think that you've gotten three successful products."

    The silhouette on the throne abruptly opened his eyes to discover that there was a slender-figured lady with green hair and eyes suddenly floating before him.
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